6 Best FTP Clients For Android of 2022 

In this article we are gonna talk about Top 6 FTP clients for android A File Transfer Protocol Client ( FTP client ) is one of the best file transfer protocols that enables the transfer of files from your android to your computer by establishing a connection between them through the standard internet. 

Files can be transferred in many ways by using USB, Bluetooth, and file sharing apps but do you know you can also transfer your files from android to a computer by using FTP? Yes, you can transfer your file by using FTP and for that, you don’t need to have long wires to connect both devices. All you need is both an android and a computer connected to the same WIFI network. 

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File Transfer Protocol is a server-client protocol where your android is the server and computer is the client. When the client asks for a file server will provide it and then the transfer of the file will begin but to proceed with the transfer of the file you will have to have FTP (client ) on your android. 

File transfer through FTP has two requisites: one is installing the FTP (client ) on your android, another one is connecting both phone and computer with the same wifi connection. Here, we will see the 6 best FTP clients for Android to begin with file transfer. 

  1. Turbo FTP client 
  2. Ftpcafe FTP client 
  3. AndFTP
  4. Admin hands 
  5. Easy FTP client 
  6. Web Tools: FTP, SSH, HTTP 

Best FTP Clients For Android

Turbo FTP client 

Turbo FTP clients For Android

Turbo FTP client is one of the best FTP clients for Android. It is designed to establish a seamless connection between the client and server for file transfer. It is almost similar to a file manager. After logging in to the FTP you will get all the files and folders that are available for downloading, editing, and uploading. 

This tool is available for free with a few ads but if you want to remove the ads then you can opt for the paid version where you can get one more extra feature that is you can experience the tool in split-screen mode. It supports most of the protocols. 


Ftpcafe FTP client 

Ftpcafe FTP clients For Android

Ftpcafe FTP client supports various protocols like FTP, FTPS, SFTP and FTPES. This app lets you transfer multiple files and allows you to resume interrupted downloads of the files. This application has different authentication methods along with regular password authentication. It supports RSA/DSA OpenSSL key. 

This app has an easy-to-use interface. After opening the app, click on the “new” button and enter your FTP account details. If you want to do any changes with port number and default path you can do it by navigating “more properties”.

Now save your profile and go back to the main screen and select the FTP account and click on the “connect” button. Now as you have established the connection you can start transferring your file. You can get this application on the play store for free with ads. To make it ad-free you have to upgrade to the paid version. 



AndFTP Clients For Android

It is one of the simple FTP clients for android which is designed to perform various activities related to file transfer like editing, deleting, downloading, and uploading. Like Ftpcafe FTP Client, AndFTP also supports multiple protocols like FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and FTPES over both explicit and implicit TSL or SSL. Its base app is free but it includes ads .you have to make in-app purchases to remove ads. 

So to begin with the process of the file transfer. You have to add an FTP account first. Fill in all the FTP details and then select your local directory. Now click on the “save” button. After saving the details now click on your FTP Account. Now you can start transferring your file. 


Admin hands 

Admin hands  FTP Clients For Android

“Admin hands” is one of the advanced and must-have FTP clients for the administration of SSH terminals, FTP/SFTP clients, and more. If you are searching for an application where you can get advanced features without downloading too many apps on your phone then admin hands can help you in this. 

This application is available on the Google play store which is an all-in-one application. Its advanced functionalities made it more reliable and convenient for use. You can edit your files within this app. It’s the best app for automated and scheduled tasks on multiple hosts. 


Easy FTP client 

Easy FTP client is an easy-to-use app for its straightforward interface where you can easily derive the desired result. It supports both FTP and SFTP. You can protect this app to prevent someone from accessing your files by using its password feature. Easy FTP client smoothly runs the app to transfer files in the background and resume interrupted downloads. 

You can use this app by simply following these steps: Open the app, click on the “Add” option and enter the FTP details. Click on the “Check” icon. Now your FTP client is ready to start the work. 


Web Tools: FTP, SSH, HTTP

web Tools FTP Clients For Android

The web tool has vast features and tools as compared to other FTP client tools. Like other tools, the Web tool supports FTP, SFTP and FTPS, but it’s not limited to only these 3 tools. The web tools also offer other useful tools like SSH, Internet speed tester, source editor HTTP connection tester, telnet, etc. 

If you are hunting for a tool that offers more than FTP clients then Web tools are one for you. You can get access to a wide variety of things that have been designed to work on multiple tasks. Like most of the tools, this tool is also free but contains ads. You can either ignore those ads or you can buy the paid version of this tool to remove ads from the screen. 


Wrapping up 

FTP client has made file transferring very easy. All you have to have is a dedicated FTP client application for your Android phone and begin your file transfer procedure. If you are looking for some genuine tools for your Android device then these 6 FTP clients might help you with it.

Although the base apps are free you don’t have to pay for using the tool but still, it contains ads. If you are someone who gets annoyed by seeing the ads then you can upgrade these tools to the paid version to avoid spamming your screen with ads. 

Above are some curated applications that have been designed to fulfill your need for reliable tools that help you in transferring your files from android to your computer system. If you know any other FTP tools then do mention them in the comment box.

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