6 Best Instagram Hashtags Apps for Android & iOS (2022)

If you’ve spent much time on social media, you’ll know that when it comes to hashtags, you need to have a good strategy in place.

While hashtags were initially only used on Twitter, the fad has now spread to most other social networking platforms, including LinkedIn and Instagram.

This means that you may use hashtags to connect the appropriate people to your material, but you can also connect the wrong people if you’re not careful. Hashtags can help boost a post’s popularity, views, and visibility.

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When uploading a post to practically any social media network, you can include hashtags. Most people, for example, utilize popular and trendy Instagram hashtags to increase the engagement of their posts. Here is a list of the best Instagram applications for copying and pasting hashtags. 


Best Instagram Hashtags Apps

Hashtagify is a basic Instagram hashtag selection tool. Artificial intelligence is used in this programme to generate hashtags automatically. So, if you’re not sure or don’t know which hashtag to use while publishing a photo, you can utilise this app.

Simply start the app and upload a photo from your gallery; hashtags linked to the image will appear within seconds. So, if you don’t want to waste time manually searching hashtags, try utilising this app.

Apart from that, the app’s only drawback is that it only offers five free trials. After the five trials are completed, you have the option of waiting 66 days for new trials or purchasing the premium account. 

Download: Android/ IOS


Best Instagram Hashtags Apps

The greatest hashtag app for iPhone and Android users is Tagomatic. You must first type in the term, after which the hashtags associated with that word will be displayed. Pick the tags you want to use and paste them into the caption when you share the photo on Instagram.

The best thing about this programme is that it doesn’t keep pre-defined hashtags; instead, it displays all hashtags in real time. As a result, the likelihood of finding hot hashtags with this app is higher. 

Download: Android/ IOS


Best Instagram Hashtags Apps

This hashtag app is available for both iPhone and Android devices. With the Leetags app, you can get more likes on your photos. This app has the most number of ratings on Google Play Store compared to the other best Instagram hashtag applications on the list.

You can search for hashtags online in addition to picking tags from popular categories. However, when compared to the #1 app on our list, this app’s search feature is not as good. Not all of the subcategory hashtags are available for free in the category area; you must make a payment to unlock them.

You can change the number of hashtags to be selected by default when accessing a category in the app’s Options area, and you can also mix the hashtags when copying them.

Download: Android/ IOS


Best Instagram Hashtags Apps

Autohash is a clever and one-of-a-kind hashtag app. You must input a photo, and an algorithm will automatically display all hashtags associated with that photo. I uploaded the image that you see below. You can see the hashtags that it has suggested.

With the Autohash software, you may save any hashtag as a favourite for subsequent use. It also allows you to instantly upload the photograph to the Instagram app. A location-based feature is also included in the app. You must turn on your GPS in order to receive hashtags that are relevant to your location. 

Download: Android/ IOS

Hashtag Inspector

Best Instagram Hashtags Apps

The Hashtag Inspector app gives you access to features that allow you to choose unique hashtags. It’s also compatible with Instagram and other social networking networks. This software will locate all of the trending hashtags. This software has a fantastic user interface.

Aside from all of the qualities, there is one that stands out. A special area of popular Instagram challenges may be found in the app. As a result, you can monitor what’s trending and use that hashtag to make your post popular. You can also find out who started the challenge and who completed it.

Download: Android/ IOS

Hashme Hashtag Generator 

Best Instagram Hashtags Apps

Hashme Hashtag Generator – Hashtags for Instagram is an application that displays the most recent hashtags. They will booster your account’s number of subscribers and likes. This free programme can assist you in increasing the popularity of your account. Only the most crucial functions are available here.

Furthermore, there are no bothersome advertisements. It helps in identifying relevant content using your hashtag, which is available in apps on any platform. The app provide you tonality analysis is used to separate positive and negative references.

Download: Android/ IOS

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