7 Best Book recommendation apps and websites to find your next read

Book recommendation apps and websites are some of the coolest things available on the internet, book reading is the best hobby that any person can possess. Along with being a great activity for entertainment, book reading has numerous other benefits associated with it. Book reading helps in rejuvenating oneself after a long tiring day. It gives an opportunity to cut off oneself from the outside world and spend some quality time in peace.

It is also a good form of meditation as it helps the reader to suppress numerous thoughts that cross his mind and exhaust his energy big time! For some, it is just an activity to learn something new or to explore different opinions. For some book reading itself is a mental exercise that increases the ability to concentrate and focus.

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It also helps in personality development as when a person reads about unknown things he is opening a dimension of his thought process which he may have never discovered. It is a great past-time during a long journey. It is also a great activity to increase creativity in thoughts. The benefits of book reading are unlimited. Some bookworms are quite aware of the benefits and some are still exploring. 

If you are one book nerd but you don’t know what to read next, this article is for you.
In this article, we are going to discuss the 7 best book recommendation apps and websites to find your next read. This will help you to explore the infinite world of books and stories.  

7 Best Book Recommendation Apps and Websites


Litsy Best Book Recommendation Apps

It is one of those book recommendation apps that are more like Facebook and Instagram, for book readers. The users can start using the platform by signing up for a free profile. The users can search books, read book reviews, and based on the suggestions, find their next ‘Read’. 

The platform doesn’t have any algorithm so it uses completely user-generated information to recommend books for the new users. When a new user joins, the platform gives a list of recommended users to follow. The users can also find profiles to follow based on their favorite books.

The users can find their next read by looking at the preferences of other Litsy users. The users can also post about the books they are reading and write a short review about it in their profiles. The app is available for both iOS and Android users. 



Whichbook Best Book Recommendation Apps

This book recommendation website offers very personalized results to the people searching for a new book to read. The result can be made more specific results altered through sliders given in the side. The sliders can be moved left to right on different parameters like, happy and sad, funny and serious, expected and unexpected and so on.

The users can also alter the results based on the character, mood and plot. The platform offers a long list of recommendations based on the information fed-in using the sliders. With each move of the slider on different parameters there is a new set of book recommendations.      



bookbub Best Book Recommendation Apps

This is a platform created for users to discover new books and authors. The users can create a free profile. When a user signs up the platform asks questions regarding the kind of recommendations they want. The options include authors, genres or discounts.

Based on the settings in your profile, BookBub gives suggestions like free and discounted e-books, book recommendations for your next read, updates related to new authors, and articles related to books, based on the selections made by their editorial team.

You can avail of heavy discounts that will ease your hunger for books without taking a toll on your pocket. The platform provides users with free personalized email newsletters.  It also gives updates about when your favorite book goes for sale. 



Tor Best Book Recommendation Apps

Tor is a website that is a go-to destination for all the lovers of science fiction, fantasy and other related subjects. Tor has a long list of published books that are related to SFF genre. The website publishes short fiction from new as well as already established authors.

It also publishes daily commentaries on science fiction and speculative fiction genre. The website also contains fare book reviews, analysis of authors, list of books, essays and news articles and other media related to science fiction.    



The platform features a search engine on its home page. The users can feed in the name of their favorite book or author in the search space based on which the search engines show book recommendations. The search results are based on the information of books being read by real readers.

The site also has some popular subjects like science fiction, young adult fiction, love stories, romance, etc. that are featured on the home page  The website also contains quotes from various personalities and authors. The blog section of the website features interviews of authors. Also, there is a live QnA session that is held every month for the users to understand the work of their favorite authors more closely.     



Rifflebooks Best Book Recommendation Apps

Riffle is also a social networking site for book readers. The platform needs the user to sign up for a free account. After which the platform asks about the user’s reading preferences like authors and genres. Based on this information the platform suggests profiles that can be followed.

There are some accounts that are already followed by your Riffle profile based on the selections user has made. The followed profiles also include the accounts of the editors of the favorite genres chosen by the user.    


goodreads Best Book Recommendation Apps

Goodreads is a subsidiary of Amazon which itself was a bookselling platform before becoming an eCommerce giant. Goodreads offers the users to find their next read based on the books or titles they have already read. The search engine is present on the website that offers the user to search books in different genres like horror, historical fiction, psychology, poetry, and so on.

The blog is available on the website of Goodreads that tells about new books that are published, trending books in different genres, news, and interviews of authors. The platform has its own iOS and Android app available for users.

The users can also see what their friends are reading and the books that are discovered by their friends. The users can also share updates about the current book they are reading and take part in the annual reading challenge.   


So these were the best Book recommendation apps and websites We hope that your hunger for stories and books never ends and may you enjoy every word you read. If you liked any of these Book recommendation apps then let us know in the comment section.

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