7 Best Free Fonts Download Websites in 2022

Written language is one of the best ways to communicate and influence the way people see information on a large scale. If the texts have a good font style, structure, and appearance then within a glance any reader would find them attractive to give it a read.

It’s an art to pick a striking font for the text to be written for presentations, projects, website designing, social media posts, web content writing and much more stuff, To fulfil such purposes, you can use different Fonts to create artistic letterings for making the written language appealing and legible for readers.

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Thanks to Free Fonts Download Websites that extended the help to designers and writers with numerous font styles to pick the perfect one from the given font library. Now, it’s time to learn some best websites to download fonts for free.

7 Best Free Fonts Download Websites in 2022

Google Fonts

Best Free Fonts Download Websites

Google Fonts is one of the finest products of Google that contributes to making your text artistic and readable. The Google font website is the first choice of many designers to download the free sources and start using them in their texts.

It has a huge collection of fonts that is around 800 in number with different types and styles of fonts. The best thing about it is they are open source and completely free of cost.

Verdict: if you trust the product of Google then Google fonts should be given a chance to accompany you in making your texts attractive. It allows you to adjust its properties and choose font categories and languages without charging any cost.

 Download: Google Fonts


Best Free Fonts Download Websites

DaFont is another best platform from the category of font websites that allows downloading free fonts. You can download fonts for personal and commercial use based on your requirement.

You can browse the fonts by alphabetical listing, by author, by style, or by popularity for locating the variety of fonts easily on the website, also preview the fonts by sorting them into Name, popularity or newer to seek an idea about which font will be a good choice for you.

Verdict: if you are looking for fonts that are available for both personal and commercial use and can be browsed easily on the same website then DaFont is one of the platforms you can try.

Download: DaFont

Urban Fonts

Best Free Fonts Download Websites

Urban Fonts is a great pick for browsing free fonts. It has a massive collection of premium and free fonts with around 8000 freeware fonts.

Most of the fonts on this website are freeware, some are shareware or linkware. Although its free fonts are enough to help you with your writing. If you want to use some of its premium fonts then you have to purchase its commercial license to avoid the limited character set and avail of other features.

Verdict: This platform offers a good number of font styles but few of the fonts are not free, that is, you have to purchase premium fonts after their trial period expires. If you don’t want to purchase them then there are also great free fonts available that you can try without any hassle.

Download: Urban Fonts

1001 Fonts

1001 Fonts is a very distinctive platform for downloading free fonts from a collection of about 19000 fonts. It has availability of some fonts for commercial use for free.

You can preview the fonts by entering the custom sample text in the preview box according to their style, size and thickness to help you pick the perfect font. The best part of the website is it provides a “permalink”.

Verdict: If you have been searching for a website that has attractive fonts to download for commercial use without any hassle of paying for it then 1001 fonts is the right choice for you. With its vast collection of fonts, you can make your design projects eye-catching.



FontStruct is the best website with font building tools that allow the manufacture of fonts with geometric shapes, with this tool it becomes easy to create and customize fonts by yourself. Once your font is ready, Fontstruct will generate TrueType fonts which can be downloaded and used in any application.

It offers a huge variety of fonts that are used by many FontStruct users, you can download their fonts and make changes to them for generating your version of fonts.

Verdict: FontStruct can be a good fit for you if you like to create fonts on your own and use them on different applications for free.

Download: FontStruct


Font Space has a very attractive interface with a wide range of features to enhance your design projects and creative writing. It has a wide collection of legally licensed fonts of around 91000 for free.

The website has a Font Generator that lets you type manually aur paste your text in the preview box to find the best font. In addition, it lets you copy the text from here and paste it on your social media or any other platform.

Verdict: This website has abundant features to comply with your writing but the best part is you can directly paste the text into the font generator to find the perfect font. 

Download: FontSpace

Font Squirrel

Best Free Fonts Download Websites

Font Squirrel is one of the best font websites that offers a vast collection of free fonts. It’s quite hard to find a website that not only offers various types of fonts but also ensures the fonts are of high quality, but this website fulfils both of these aspects without charging anything.

It offers a simple format that is compatible with various designs. You can have different categories of fonts: classic, modern, simple and complex to choose the best font that matches your requirements.

Verdict: If you have been looking for a font website that lets you download incredible sets of fonts for commercial use for free then it is the one. However, the site will force you to go through the license before collecting the fonts to avoid problems related to them. 

Download: Font Squirrel

Wrapping Up

In this article, we got to know about the 7 best websites for fonts where you can download them without paying for them. All these websites have an amazing library of fonts but FontSpace stands out because of its stunning interface and freedom to directly paste the text and check which font is more appealing and readable.

Let us know in the comments if you found this article helpful to download the latest and amazing set of fonts to take your designs to a new level.

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