7 Best Measurement Apps for Android and iOS

What if you need a measurement tape to measure something or a ruler? These things seem to vanish at times we need them. Well in a time that almost everything can be done on smartphones why leave the measurement tools behind. For that reason, this is the list of the 7 Best Measurement Apps for Android and iOS. 

In this list, we are going to talk about measurement apps for android and ios that will make the job of taking measurements easy for you. From measuring the distance to length or width of an object these apps will do all of it. Surely some of you don’t need these types of Measurement Apps for Android everyday. But you never know when they might come handy. 

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However, just to remind you that these Measurement Apps for Android are very good option if you want to get a rough idea of distance, length, width etc. But no question that they will not take the place of your physical tools. They will be there to assist immediately if you are in a hurry. 

So now we are done with the intro let start our list of 7 Best Measurement Apps for Android and iOS

7 Best Measurement Apps for Android and iOS

GPS Field Area Measure

Measurement Apps for Android

GPS Field Area Measure is a free measurement app. It is easy to use and fast in measuring area, distance, and perimeter management. 

The process to measure the land is very simple. Just open the app, click on the map and pin on the point on the edges of the land you want to measure and done. The app will automatically measure the area and show you the measurements. 

You can save the measurements in the app or in your phone’s gallery. It has options of manual measurement or to use GPS. It has other features like name, save, group, edit measurements, and an undo button. 

Its smart marker mode gives you accurate pin placement. GPS Field Area Measure is perfect for Farmers, Town planners, Landscape artists 

It is a nice app however you’ve to bear with the ads while using it. You can also get its pro version and ad free version too. 

Download – Android / iOS 


Measurement Apps for Android

AR Rules App is one of the coolest Measurement Apps for Android and ios which uses augmented reality which helps you in measuring things both indoor and outdoor with your camera. First to use this app you’ve to install the ARCore library installed in your device. 

It has features such as AR Ruler app Distance meter, Angle Area and Perimeter, Volume, Height, Path, Plan, On-screen Ruler app. 

AR Ruler measures distance in, yards, centimeters, feet, meters, inches and millimeters. Just point the camera towards the surface and tap and it will start to measure it and give you precise measurement. 

AR Ruler tape measures the distance and allows you to measure corners on a 3d plane. It creates plan projections and exports them in PDF format. 

With its On-screen Ruler feature, you can measure small objects directly on the smartphone’s screen. 

With all the nice features which give us accurate results, it still has drawbacks you’ve to face ads while using it and it offers costly subscriptions. 

Download – Android / iOS 

Google Maps 

Measurement Apps for Android

Google Maps is not particularly a measurement app. But measuring distance is one of its prime features. It’s simple and free to use. All of us have used this app at least once while traveling on the road. 

In Google Maps you can easily measure the distance by selecting the location. You just have to choose your destination or any place you want and search. Then you’ll see the directions options click on that and after you can select the starting point and that’s it. 

The app will measure the distance and give you accurate results in kilometers, miles or yards. Other than that it shows you the nearest restaurants, public places, petrol pumps etc, of the place you’re visiting. Google Maps can be only used to measure the distance and not for measuring anything else. 

Download : Android / iOS 


Measurement Apps for Android

Ruler App is a pretty straightforward app. Which provides you a ruler on your phone’s screen. It helps you to draw accurate lines by using your phone. 

On the home screen the app shows a simple ruler. The ruler size depends on the size of your phone. The app will adjust according to your phone and give you a precise result. Ruler allows you to convert mm to inches, cm to inches. 

Ruler has features like the accuracy of measurement, easy to use, stylish design, simple calibration, set the units: cm, mm, inch, measurement of the length (withhold function) either side of the device, graph paper, vertical and horizontal line, measurement in 4 modes: point, line, plane, level and it is translated into  15 Languages and a dark mode. 

It is a free version that contains ads and a pro version which comes with additional features, but you’ve to pay to install it. 

Download: Android / iOS 

Angle Meter 360 

Measurement Apps for Android

Angle Meter 360 is an app used for measuring angles. It is a great app for iOS with an intuitive interface. This app contains a limited but useful set of features. 

With Angle Meter 360 you can either measure the angles by capturing photos and by images in your gallery or even measure the angels with your camera in real time. You can even measure multiple angles at the same time. You can present the measurements to others with its drawing board feature. 

In Angle Meter 360 to measure any object by scaling and moving them. The tool’s color can also be changed as per your need. For better results you can compare the results from several angles at same time. The downside is that you can’t measure length, width or height and it is only available for iOS users. 

Download: iOS 

Easy Measure – Camera Distance Measurement App

Measurement Apps for Android

Easy Measure is used for measuring height, width and length of an object. Justifying its name, it measures the distance of the object easily with its camera lens. 

For measuring all you have to do is install the app, open the camera and point toward the image you want to measure and it will automatically show you the distance, height and width. It overlays a grid on camera with its 3d augmented reality. 

Easy Measure allows you to share your measurement results directly on Facebook and Twitter or by email. You can calibrate your phone to get better results. It measures in meters, inches, foot, yards. 

If you find it hard to use, then there is an animated tutorial available to understand it completely. However you can only get a rough idea of measurements and not completely accurate results. 

Download: Android / iOS 

Moasure – the smart tape measure

Measurement Apps for Android

Moasure is an easy and suitable app for your measurement purpose. It has a 300m/1000ft tape measure, ruler, protractor and a goniometer (angle measurer) . You can call it an all in one measurement app. It has a user-friendly and morden interface. It is best for the measurement of room dimensions. 

To start measuring download and open the app. Click start measurement and move your phone from one to another point. The app will show you the distance, height difference or angle between two points. 

It uses the phone’s accelerometers and gyroscopes to calculate the movements of the phone. It uses no tape, no string, no laser beam or camera images; it has the same technology used in rocket science guidance systems. 

With Moasure measurement of the length, width, and height of objects of the internal room and inter-room is possible. It consists of 5 modes for measuring spaces, objects, height difference and angles. The measurements can be saved. 

The measurements accuracy depends on the phone model. Moasure is convenient, easy to use, flexible, reliably accurate, preferred by professionals.

Download: Android / iOS 


So that was our list for the 7 Best Measurement Apps for Android and iOS. Remember that the list is not arranged on the basis of which app is best but arranged randomly. 

Each of these measurement apps for android and ios are unique in their own way. You’ve to find which is best suitable for your needs and works well with your device. However, as said, they can’t completely replace real tools. If you know any other apps that should be on this list let us know. 

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