7 Best Minecraft Trident Enchantments You Can Use

Minecraft is not just a sandbox video game, it’s so much more than that. Minecraft is one of the games which are worshipped by the gamer community. Believe me when I say that it can be addictive. One of the reasons why it can be is that in Minecraft there are unceasing possibilities.

It is the only game that has no vulgarity or bloodshed and is still as famous as GTA or Pubg. As Minecraft does not contend vulgarities or bloodshed it has no age limit. Not just for kids but for grown-ups too, Minecraft is like an escape from reality. It gives you a dream that comes true kinda feels. The range of delving into the world we have in Minecraft is sky-high.

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Nowadays gadgets or applications or games which have virtual realities different from ours are trending. Hence the craze for Minecraft. The best part about Minecraft is that it supports many and more platforms like Android, Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, etc and is also available for those who can’t buy it, you just have to know some tricks for that. 

 Now that we are clear and familiar with the fad for Minecraft, let’s dive into the introduction of Minecraft Trident Enchantments. Trident is one of the in-game gadgets in Minecraft. You can’t craft Trident but need to obtain it in the game. If you are aware of the deity Lord Shiva in Hindu culture of India, Trident looks like his weapon called Trishul.

The Trishul too has some powers like Thor’s Hammer and these kinda powers are called Enchantments in the world of Minecraft. Enchantments are the things this article is all about. So without further ado let us begin. 

Best Minecraft Trident Enchantments


 Best Minecraft Trident Enchantments

This Enchantment does the exact thing it’s title suggests. Loyalty Enchantment makes your Trident loyal towards you. This Enchantment gives your Trident a power by which it would come back to you from wherever you throw it. Yeah, it reminds us about something.

Thor, the Greek God from another virtual reality or another universe has a weapon with the similar quality, the Hammer and it might be the inspiration behind this Enchantment. Also the weapon of lord Shiva I mentioned above has the same quality of returning back to its owner. 

Now keeping aside how this Enchantment came into existence, the key point about this Enchantment is that it’s exclusive for only Trident in Minecraft. This Enchantment can be applied to your Trident by Enchanted book or by using Enchanted table. Loyalty has three levels to it. These levels decide the speed in which your Trident will return back to you. As much as the pros there are limitations too for this Enchantment. That is it would not return back to you if you threw it in the lava.


 Best Minecraft Trident Enchantments

Unbreaking is an Enchantment for your Trident in Minecraft which keeps your Trident from breaking easily. It does increase the durability, but factually the breaking point of your Trident is increased. This Enchantment does not have the point of exclusivity like Loyalty above. Unbreaking is a common and for all tools Enchantment. But this Enchantment is like the medicines which are low-cost and common still are proven to be life savers. 

 At any rate, this Enchantment makes your Trident last longer. There are three levels of Unbreaking Enchantment for your Trident in Minecraft. You can find Unbreaking Enchantment in Enchanted books very easily or you can apply it from the Enchanting table. 


Another Enchantment concerning resilience of your Trident in Minecraft. Mending like Unbreaking is another Enchantment which protects your Trident from falling apart. This Enchantment focuses on restoring the damage happening on the Trident, as soon as the attack is made and your Trident is damaged. It basically makes your Trident immortal like werewolves, makes it heal at unnatural speed, as if there was no damage. 

 As there is boon, there is bane. Mending Enchantment cannot be applied by the Enchanting table. For getting this Enchantment you have to have an Enchanted book. Mending does not have levels like Unbreaking or Loyalty. Your in-game experience determines the sum of recovered durability of your Trident. You can gain this experience from doing many experience based activities like cooking, killing, etc. So it’s not factually free.


 As the name suggests, this Enchantment turns your Trident into a channeling tool. This Enchantment channels only natural lightning though. If you are obsessed with Thor, God of lighting from Marvel’s Universe, this is your chance to experience what it feels like to be him. It is claimed to be one of the most powerful enchantments in Minecraft. This Enchantment has only one level which is more than enough. Not just for channeling lighting and doing damage, Channeling is useful for many other things like converting pigs into zombified piglins, setting mobs on fire, lighting places on fire, turning creepers into charged creepers, etc. This Enchantment is obtained by Enchanted book as well as Enchanting table. 

 To keep it fair, there are some limitations to Channeling Enchantment. The mob which you aim to attack must be under an open sky. Use of the Trident with this Enchantment is prohibited in underground or any other dimensions. A thunderstorm is needed if you want to use Channeling Enchantment with a thrown Trident in Minecraft.


 I am sure you have seen Thor fly high by using his Hammer. Similar to this quality, Riptide Enchantment makes your Trident an object which would let you fly. Your fantasies of seeing from up above the world can come true with this Trident Enchantment. Riptide is an Enchantment by application of which the Trident pulls the player along whenever and wherever it’s thrown. This Enchantment has three levels and 6 increased block distance is covered with each upgrade of the level. Riptide can be applied to your Trident through an Enchanted book or Enchanting table.

The only and huge limitation of this Enchantment is that the player has to be in contact with water somehow for the enchantment to work. This Enchantment can’t be used along with other enchantments like Loyalty or Channeling as it’s of no use or can hurt the player more respectively.


Impaling Enchantment is claimed to be one of the most dangerous enchantments in Minecraft. Why? You can guess from the name of this Trident Enchantment. Impaling Enchantment increases the level of damage caused by your Trident. In case your opponent is using it against you, your only option or smart move  from your side would be running. The use of this Trident Enchantment at its full capacity can easily kill your opponent. 

This Enchantment can be obtained by an Enchanting table or Enchanted book. Impaling Enchantment has five levels to it and each upgrade of the level increases further 2.5 hearts worth damage rate of your Trident. To keep it fair, in Bedrock edition the mob must be in contact with water for the effects if this Enchantment to take place and in Java edition the additional damage is applied to the aquatic mobs only. 

Curse of Vanishing

Curse of Vanishing Enchantment is one of the most popular Minecraft Trident Enchantments in-game curse. Whereas Loyalty Enchantment helps you find your Trident after you die at the exact place you died. Unlike it, the Curse of Vanishing Enchantment makes your Trident disappear from that place after you die. It is one of the two Enchantments in Minecraft which is irremovable even with a grindstone.

As this is a curse, this Enchantment can only be obtained by an Enchanted book. It’s good that it makes your Trident disappear as no one else can get it but the only big downfall here is that you also can’t get it. For other weapons or tools in Minecraft this Enchantment would be considered a blessing but seeing the uncommonness of Tridents, if you lose it in some life risking battle there will be no Trident awaiting you after you wake up. 


Here you have 7 best Minecraft Trident Enchantments which you can use and enjoy your playing time at its fullest. If you think we have missed any of your favourite Best Minecraft Trident Enchantments then please let us know in the comment section.

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