7 Best Quotes Apps for Android

If you are looking for Best Quotes apps for android then you are at the right place, What are the two most important things needed to become successful? The two things are determination and motivation. Reaching a goal needs constant hard work and an ability to keep going even when the winds are blowing against you.

Determination and motivation comes from within but sometimes even the strongest trees fall. When you are at your weak moment you need something to cheer you up or to make you come out of your sad place. This is when motivation comes into the act.

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Some of us get motivated by listening to speeches of famous personalities, some get it from songs and some get it from reading books or quotes. These writings not only motivate us but also soothe us when we are surrounded by negativity.

When we are not able to think in the right direction, when we are not able to cope up with pain and the reality seems quite blurry these quotes and stories inject into us the life-saving drug called motivation. They help us in suppressing unnecessary noises and inspire us to fix our problems by action.  

Quotes can be small statements from a famous person; it can be an excerpt from a great book, a dialogue from a movie, a small part of an interview, a poem or just a philosophical thought. 

You can read these quotes from several Quote apps and websites available that contain thousands of such motivational quotes. Today we will look into 7 best Quotes apps for Android to help you get your daily dose of motivation.

7 Best Quotes Apps for Android

Motivational Quotes 

Quotes Apps for Android

This app claims to have the largest collection of motivational quotes. It has two tabs; the first tab shows motivational quotes and the second tab shows different categories in which you can find numerous quotes. The app has a collection of 50000+ inspirational and motivational quotes for you to have a push towards your goal. That is why it is on our list of Best Quotes Apps for Android.

Along with motivational quotes there are quotes available in 50 different categories like sad, hurt, fitness and many others. The users can customize their favorite quotes with their choice of the background image, color, texts and stylish fonts.

The users can also download and share the quotes. The users can also maintain a list of their favorite quotes by bookmarking them. The users can also make their own quote images by using the proverbs shared by the other users. 


Motivational – Daily Quotes

Motivational – Daily Quotes Apps for Android

 The app has a userbase of around a million people.  This is one of the coolest quotes apps for android as users can use the app as a quote maker to create their own quote images. There is an option to share their favorite quotes to their social media handles. The app gives the user a chance to choose quotes related to different categories like self improvement, wellness and living, exercise, self care, boosting self esteem, spirituality and many others.

The users can choose their favorite categories based on the areas in which they want to improve. You can also set reminders for the time of your choice to receive your shot in the arm. The users can also put reminders for daily workout. The users can swipe left and right to explore new quotes and they can save their favorite quotes. 


Motivational Quotes: Daily Inspirational Words

Daily Inspirational Words Quotes Apps for Android

The app contains thousands of quotes from various writers. The app also facilitates the users to select different times of day as per their choice to receive inspirational quotes. Users can choose to see quotes from different categories like motivation, success, education, leadership skills and self-discipline and so on.

The app also features written works of authors and writers that with inspirational life stories. The users can choose the number of quotes they want to see in a day, the time they want to see them based on the preferences they have made from the given categories.

The app also has a feature of quotes from a single author sorted in a single place. The users can also customize the themes, backgrounds, and font styles of their favorite quotes.  


The Stoic

 Stoic Quotes Apps for Android

Stoic is a person who faces all hardships without making any complaint. He remains unaffected by the adversaries life brings to him. Being stoic means behaving similarly in every situation of joy or of sorrow. Stoicism is a school of philosophy that originated from Cypriot philosopher, Zeno of Citium. 

The Stoic app features quotes from various Stoic writers including Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Epictetus and Zeno. The users can read quotes and know more about the Stoic Philosophers.  The app also gives book recommendations for the user to learn more about Stoicism.

Users can also share their favorite quotes and read poems on the app. It also allows the user to view quotes offline when internet connection is absent. The users can share their favorite quotes with their buddies to help them be stoic. 

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Your Quote

Your Quote Apps for Android

If you’re someone who likes writing, if you are one of those people who like sharing their valuable experiences and lessons with others, if you are the one who likes to inspire and influence people by his words ‘Your Quote’ is one of those quotes apps for android that are made for you. This is the only app listed in this article that is for the people who like reading as well as writing quotes.

The app is used by around 5 million plus writers and has around 100 billion original works 12 different languages. This app is great for budding writers to create their quotes and share on this platform. The writers can learn to write daily and become better in the course creative journey. The writers can learn and explore different form of writings.

They can learn new techniques to polish their writing skills and also explore different types of writing like novels, stories or poems. It also allows the writers to have subscribers to their works and earn money out of their writings.

The writers can also publish their writings through a physical copy once they reach the mark of 48 posts. They can also earn royalty whenever a copy of their book is sold. There are different design tools available for you to have the choicest of backgrounds, colors and styled fonts for Your Quotes..                      


Lessons in Life Quotes

Life Quotes Apps for Android

Life is like an exam paper in which the syllabus is unknown. We learn after we solve the questions put forth by life. It is a riddle full of uncertainties. We move through pain, tragedies, happy moments and awful experiences to become a better version of ourselves.

But, sometimes learning from others’ experiences is something that empowers us as a person. Life Quotes app is one such platform where you can explore the infinite possibilities of life. The app features quotes in categories like failure, not giving up, attitude, goals, power, so on and so forth.

These quotes will help you to face every challenge life throws at you. You can also share these quotes on different social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The app also works offline without internet.       

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Hidden Feeling Quotes – Heart Touching Quotes

uotes - Heart Touching Quotes Apps for Android

If you are an introvert, if you fail to express how you feel, if you are always short of words that express your inner self then this app is for you. This app will make way for you to bring out thoughts and feelings boiling in your heart with ease.

Be it expressing your feelings to your love, be it flushing your pain out, or to express your hidden feelings for your crush this app got all of these covered. The app also features quotes related to motivation and inspiration thus touching every aspect of your life. 


So these were the best quotes apps for android that you can use every day to stay focused Give you thoughts in the comment section. Share with your friends and loved ones to give them a way towards a world of thoughts and expressions and if you have any specific quotes apps for android that you love then do let us know.

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