7 Best Teleprompter Apps for iPad of 2022

A teleprompter app is a lifesaver for people who have speech or stage fear. Teleprompter Apps for Ipad help to display pre-written texts or speeches, which makes it easy for the lecturer or performer. Rather than memorizing, the prepared text can be read out and a successful speech or presentation can be given. Those who want to record videos can read them from the glass screen. 

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 Every teleprompter system uses a glass screen that has two sides, one is its reflective side where the prewritten script is displayed for the speaker to read. Then on the other side of the glass screen camera is placed, so that the speaker can read the script out while looking straight at the camera. Teleprompter apps for Ipad are a must if you don’t want to mess up your most important presentation, your guest lecture or your video. 

7 Best Teleprompter Apps for iPad

Before we go to these best of seven teleprompter apps, you need to know that a hidden teleprompter is there in every Apple iPad. The inbuilt app called Pages has a teleprompter mode named as the ‘Presenter Mode’. It’s not as advanced as other teleprompter apps, hence cannot be treated as a replacement but you can still make use of it in case of emergency. 


PromptSmart Teleprompter Apps for iPad

PromptSmart is claimed to be the only smart teleprompter app. It is the most frequently and highly rated teleprompter app. The VoiceTrack voice recognition system is PromptSmart’s patent and is the real game changer. This system recognizes the speaker’s voice and follows it throughout the speech.

It scrolls down the text automatically as the speaker goes on and pauses whenever the speaker goes out of the script, waiting for he/she to get back on track. This allows the speaker to focus on other production skills without worrying about scrolling through the text while reading. 

  • PromptSmart Pro –

A month trial period is offered at the beginning for all the users aiming to use PromptSmart Pro. After that an extended paid service is provided with features such as VoiceTrack, Remote Control, File Sync, Selfie Mode and many more.

As there are many advancements, there are limitations too. The VoiceTrack system only supports English language and has a 30 min maximum time limit for continuous scrolling down the text, also an external wired microphone is recommended to do the same. Another thing is the maximum word count for the prewritten script is 5000.


  • PromptSmart Lite – 

PromptSmart Lite is the trial version of PromptSmart Pro with features like VoiceTrack, Digital Notecards, ten different Font sizes, importing files from the cloud, recording audio while presenting, etc.

PromptSmart Lite too has VoiceTrack as the main feature and allows you to try the same without any risk, also upgrading to the paid products by PromptSmart.The limitations applied to PromptSmart Pro is also applied here. 



Teleprompter Teleprompter Apps for iPad

Teleprompter is the most versatile and professional teleprompter app out there. 

  • Teleprompter Premium –

Teleprompter Premium is the most demanded teleprompter app by the industry. Various TV channels and movie studios utilise Teleprompter Premium. It has great features like importing PDF, Word docs, PPT, etc also controlling speed of the Teleprompter and scrolling the script with a keyboard, remote or gaming controller.

It generates captions and subtitles automatically for your videos. It allows you to export your speech as Rich Texts files (.rtf) and makes it editable for any computer or Apple device. 

  • Teleprompter Lite –

Teleprompter Lite is the light version of Teleprompter Premium. It smoothly displays the script and let’s you control the scrolling in two different modes, ‘Continuous’ and ‘Page Scroll’ mode. Also there is countdown timing which you can set before starting the scrolling by using the auto scroll option.

The key feature of Teleprompter is that there is no limit for the length and number of scripts like other teleprompter apps.


BIGVU Teleprompter & Captions

BIGVU Teleprompter & Captions Teleprompter Apps for iPad

BIGVU Teleprompter and Video Captions app is claimed to be the fastest and easiest teleprompter app for ipad which helps in creating authentic and attractive videos. In the world of making videos for social media, education, content marketing, and corporate communication BIGVU Teleprompter & Captions app are really essential.

You can read texts and record videos at the same time, also the text scrolling speed can be set and changed according to the speaker’s convenience. BIGVU Teleprompter and Captions app has various features for editing the recorded video and making it captivating for the audience.


Video Teleprompter 

Video Teleprompter  Teleprompter Apps for iPad

Video Teleprompter is claimed to be the perfect app for vlogging, video presentations, product review or explainer videos, video resumes, online lectures and many more activities. You just have to look at the camera and with your side eye read the script displayed on the screen.

Video Teleprompter is said to be the first and original video recording teleprompter app which adjusts the script according to the orientation in which the device is placed or the video is being recorded.

  • Video Teleprompter Upgraded

Many features like countdown timer for preparing before recording and green screen feature which lets you add your own background to the video. Also there is no word or character limit as such to the script you’ll display on the screen.

It allows you to control the scrolling speed and movement through an extended wireless keyboard, remote control or gaming controller or your Apple watch. 

  • Video Teleprompter Lite

Almost all the key features of the Video Teleprompter Upgraded version are the same as the Lite version of it. So if you are on a budget or don’t want to spend a lot of money on just a teleprompter app then go for this version. 


Teleprompter for Video

Teleprompter for Video Teleprompter Apps for iPad

Another one of the best teleprompter apps to make it for you, to record professional looking videos is Teleprompter for Video app. This app is claimed to be perfect for those who are to record a vlog, give a business presentation or practice a speech.

Through the Teleprompter for Video app you can record professional videos without expensive equipment or expenses. It has a voice assisted scrolling feature which makes everything much easier. If not wanting to use this feature there are options to control the scrolling speed and activity by using a remote control.

This teleprompter app can be controlled with Bluetooth remote control, wireless keyboard, foot pedal or Apple watch. Font size of the script to be displayed can also be adjusted. Editing your videos after recording is also made really easy through the Teleprompter for Video app.


NetRoadshow Teleprompter

NetRoadshow Teleprompter

NetRoadshow Teleprompter app is another one of the best Teleprompter apps for iPad out there. It’s different from the other apps mentioned above. NetRoadshow Teleprompter app is something which transforms your iPad into a customisable teleprompter. It allows you to contribute with remote control.

There is an import tool and a text editor column for importing the pre-written script of yours. The text size, orientation, scroll speed, line gaping and much more setting is allowed to be done by a control panel. On Screen gestures also control many things. It’s not much but it’s satisfactory.



 QuotTeleprompter app is claimed to be a modern teleprompter that is used by YouTubers, broadcasters, filmmakers, musicians. A fluent and successful speech can be achieved by using the QuotTeleprompter app. The remote control for controlling the text displayed on the screen is to be installed on other devices which makes it easy to use.

Using Bluetooth, files can be transferred to the connected device by the remote device. QuotTeleprompter makes it as easy as it can be with all the needed features.

Background or foreground colours, scrolling speed, text size and many more can be controlled by the speaker. The only downfall of this app is that the free version of it goes on only for 2 minutes in a row before the pop up for subscribing shows up.



Now whether you are a politician, YouTuber, vlogger, business entity, religious person, professor or any other kind of speaker with an audience these finest teleprompter apps are going to make your life luxurious and easy. If youLike any of the teleprompter app for ipad from the list then do let us know in the comment section.

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