7 Best Text Expander Apps for Windows (Free and Paid)

In this article we have discussed 7 best text expander apps for windows, Text Expander is the most convenient tool for those who do a lot of writing on a computer. It prevents typing the repeated words manually by using keyboard commands. 

Anybody who uses a mobile phone is well versed with the mobile keyboard and knows it well that whenever we type a word on mobile its auto-suggestion feature gives a predictive text and saves the extra effort of typing the whole word but to avail this feature we have to enable the auto-suggestion feature on mobile.

In the same way, Text Expander is designed for windows that eradicate the time-consuming task of typing the big words, phrases, sentences, certain email responses, signatures, etc. Manually and this feature can be availed with the help of various Text Expander apps for Windows. 

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Content writing, sales messages and other professional emails are some instances where a lot of writing is done and it needs a tool that can make the work easy and save time. In such situations, the Text Expander comes to the rescue. 

On the internet, you will get both paid and free Text Expansion apps for windows. So, below are some text expander apps for Windows to help you pick the best Text Expander apps for windows according to your needs. 

  • PhraseExpress 
  • aText 
  • Phrase Expander 
  • Breezy 
  • Fastfox 
  • Auto text expander for Google chrome 
  • Text blaze 

Text Expander Apps for windows ( Paid) 


Best Text Expander Apps for Windows

PhraseExpress is an advanced auto text expander app for windows that is available in both paid and free versions. You can use the free version of PhaseExpress with limited features but if you want to use the advanced features then PhaseExpress has three different plans at different prices.

You can pick one plan from standard, professional and enterprise license to get access to some advanced features like Desktop menus, clip collections, sharing, etc.

It is designed to increase the efficiency and productivity of writing by abolishing repetitive typing. It is not just a simple Text Expander it is more than that as its advanced features cover everything that you need for an improvised writing experience. 



Best Text Expander Apps for Windows

aText is a powerful Text Expander for windows. It allows you to manage your work in an organised way. Everyone does two types of writing .one is work-related and another one is for personal use. aText has a feature that will solve your issue to manage both works related and personal writing by sorting them into groups.

It has two groups:Work and personal groups. In a workgroup, you can see your work-related queries and in a personal group, you will have casual typing. 

You can add multimedia, text and images as well so that you don’t have to put your extra efforts and time into writing the repeatedly used phrases. Its dictionary features help you to rectify spelling errors. 


Phrase Expander 

Best Text Expander Apps for Windows

Phrase expander is another powerful Text Expander app for windows that comes with a lot of features to support your writing. Every writer looks for something that can improve the productivity of their work and the phrase Expander is here to help you improve your work. 

Like any other Text Expander phrase also provides features like auto text suggestion, auto-correction and spell checking and multi-level groupings. This app is highly customizable even if you are new to it you can work smoothly on it. You can avail many other features of this application by choosing a plan between standard and professional license. Both the plans have different prices. 



Best Text Expander Apps for Windows

Breevy is one of the simplest text expanders that has a simple and easy interface to make your typing work easy. Even if you have minimal knowledge of Text expander you can still work on it effortlessly. Breevy is a paid version of Text expander .you have to pay only once on per user basis. After paying the one-time fee you don’t have to pay any more to use its features. 

It allows you to use snippets, auto text suggestions, abbreviations of words and many other features to provide a great writing experience. 



Best Text Expander Apps for Windows

Fast fox is yet another simple text expander software for windows.it uses text shortcuts to make your writing easy. You don’t have to type your most commonly used phrases manually anymore. Surely this software will improve your speed to a great extent.

You can use this software to give replies to your emails and to find abbreviations for the most commonly used phrases. Using this software is very simple just create a text shortcut by using the keyboard and you will have your phrases ready to be used in your writing works. 


Text Expander app for windows (free) 

Auto text expander for Google chrome 

Auto text expander for Google chrome is the best option for those who don’t want to install any third-party application for text expansion on their windows system and directly want to use the text expansion within the browser. 

Google chrome is one of the most used browsers in the world but this browser doesn’t only work as a search engine but also has many other features too. If you are looking for a text expansion that doesn’t require installing a dedicated application then you can go with Google chrome where you have to just install a Google Chrome extension called Auto Text Expander which is free of cost. In this extension, you will get the same features as other dedicated applications. 


Text blaze 

Text blaze is another best google extension designed for text expansion works. you can work on text blaze on Google browser itself. It is a very convenient way to perform all your works related to your writing. You can create a form field to insert data and its dynamic formula feature will let you calculate the values. 

You can use Text blaze for free which means you don’t have to pay even a penny to enjoy its amazing features. You can use It on Gmail, LinkedIn, Google docs, etc to carry forward your writing work in a productive way. 


Wrapping up 

Text expander apps for windows has become a popular tool among everyone because of there features. We all want something that can reduce our hustle of writing repeated phrases manually and text expander has solved that issue incredibly. There are both paid and free versions available in the market. you can pick any version as per your requirements 

I have mentioned some great tools to assist you in improving your work. Do try it and give your valuable opinion on these tools .it might help others to pick the correct tool for TExt expansion.

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