8 Best Notion Schedule Templates of 2022

In this list we are going to suggest you 8 Best Notion Schedule Templates. These templates will help you to maintain and even increase your productivity in your studies and even in office work. Before starting, let’s talk a bit about what Notion is. Notion is basically productivity software that can do things like note taking and project management software.

It is an all in one workplace that is preferred by many people to boost their and their teams productivity. After you download Notion you’ll be given a blank slate to create your own template. Something like that sure sounds boring and takes a lot of time. 

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That’s when the ready made templates are available there will be a time saver for you. We’ve selected some templates that are useful for maintaining the schedule. However we’ve only mentioned a handful of templates. There are more out there that might suit you better. 

Make sure you check out the template before using them. Just open the link and duplicate that template on the page on the workspace you’d like. Sign up on Notion website or get the Notion app to use them. 

And remember that templates are just tools that won’t miraculously boost your productivity, that’s something you’ve to do for yourselves. But if you use these tools carefully nothing can stop you from completing your goals. 

That’s it with the introduction. Let’s start with our list of 8 Best Notion Schedule Templates

Best Notion Schedule Templates of 2022

Resonance Calendar by Ali Abdaal

esonance Calendar by Ali Abdaal Notion Schedule Templates

Resonance Calendar is brought to us by Ali Abdaal who is a popular productivity YouTuber, who has subscribers over 2 million. Resonance Calendar is basically something that will help you to keep track of everything that you come across on the internet that resonates with you.

If you see anything like that, such as articles and books you’ve read, YouTube videos that you’ve watched, any podcasts you’re listening to, news, or similar things like this. Things that you do online motivate and inspire you. 

You can organize them on a single template and keep track of them. This is a great method to get ideas and organize them, a great option for students. 

Download – Resonance Calendar 

Habit Tracker

Habit Tracker Notion Schedule Templates

With the name you can get an idea of what this template does, it basically keeps track of your habits. Habit Tracker will help you if you’re trying to create or maintain a healthy schedule. Or if you’re someone like me trying to adopt new habits due to new year resolutions, then this template is all you need. 

In Habit Tracker you can add rows to do different activities like meditation, exercise, study, sleep time, screen time limit etc. All the habits that you want to maintain for you to achieve your goal. 

Add as many rows in front of the day and dates and check the boxes everyday if you complete an activity. And track how many days you continue to do these things and make yourself accountable for them. 

Download – Habit Tracker 

Weekly Agenda

Weekly Agenda Notion Schedule Templates

Weekly Agenda is a tracker for your weekly schedule. It was created by Marie Poulin. It is helpful if you’ve your hands full and keep forgetting things. With a Weekly Agenda you get to keep track of your schedule on a weekly basis. 

In this way you can organize your activities on a minimal level by tackling everything you have to do in a week. You can highlight important things and check the boxes as you get the task done. It is really useful to know what you’ve to do today and get it done on time.

Download – Weekly Agenda 

Lightweights To Do List

Lightweights To Do List Notion Schedule Templates

Lightweights To Do List template is an easy to understand and use notion template. With this template you can create a list of things you’ve to do throughout the day. And as you start doing these things the option will divide in two parts one with the things you’ve to do and things you’ve done. 

It has an archive option where you can drag and drop the tasks which you’ve done and want to keep them for future reference. It is a simple task manager template that will be useful for you to maintain your daily schedule and complete everyday chores without forgetting and doing them in an organized way. 

Download – Lightweights To Do List

Kanban Board 

Kanban Board Notion Schedule Templates

Kanban Board is basically a tool that can be used to manage and organize personal and professional work. Kanban is a Japanese word which simply means a signboard and billboard. It is a method used for balancing and maintaining the workflow. 

The Kanban Board template will help you to organize your tasks visually. You can make the columns of the process of work in the sequence of not started, in progress, completed. Now you’ve to create your work cards. After creating the cards of the work you have to do. Just drag and drop the cards under the column in which state the task is currently in.

Doing this you can keep track of your activity and help you to boost your productivity. The method is proven to keep things sorted which will benefit you even to see the workflow of your personal task and also of your team members. 

Download – Kanban Board 

Eisenhower Matrix Notion 

senhower Matrix Notion Schedule Templates

Eisenhower Matrix is brought to us by Alex Sherwood. It is based on the Eisenhower Matrix management method by Dwight David Eisenhower – an American army general and statesman. This method helps you to divide your tasks into four parts: those are important, not important, urgent, and not urgent. 

By distributing your daily tasks into these four parts you’ll be able to complete the tasks in the manner of their importance and urgency. The Eisenhower Matrix notion allows you to drag and drop your tasks into these different parts of the matrix. 

This template gives you a bird eye view of all the tasks at the same time so you can understand what tasks are left and how to prioritize them. This is the best template for you if you have too many things in your mind and don’t know in which order to do them. 

Download – Eisenhower Matrix Notion 

Content Calendar 

Content Calendar  Notion Schedule Templates

Content Calendar is a good option for those who are working in the field that is related to content creation. It allows you to manage your schedule on the weekly basis. Content Calendar also helps you to manage Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and Twitter in an effortless way. With this template you can even plan ahead for next month or even forward. 

Along with its two major options Brainstorm and Refine Ideas you can use them to dump your ideas as they come to you and see them in an organized way. Sharing the notion page with your colleagues and team members will prove to be on track with each other. The template can also be a place to keep all your articles, notes and research in one place. 

Use of this template will be effective to keep transparency among various departments included in the project and to maintain consistency. Creating and planning a content calendar can be a tough job but this template can definitely take some weight off your shoulders. 

Download – Content Calendar 

Campus Life Organizer 

Campus Life Organizer  Notion Schedule Templates

Living a well organized life is a very important thing. But if you’re a college student then being organized on your own can be tough for you. For that we have this template called Campus Life Organizer, sounds exciting right. Created by Will Ma, this schedule template can do many things for you. 

Campus Life Organizer fits in several roles for you such as Budget Tracker to keep you in check with your finances and make sure that don’t suck out all your bank account, a Planner with this you can keep track of your classes, seminars etc, What 

To Bring to Campus this to keep a list of important things to bring on campus. With the Job Application column you can keep track of the number of internships, jobs you’ve applied for, a Habit Tracker to help you to stick with the schedule and get some exercise and sleep. 

Lastly, the networking and Goal option that will assist you to keep touch with the people you’ve met in school and the goals you’re committed to. This template is an all in one tool to get a fun and productive campus life. Read all the recommended step guides to use the template. 

Download – Campus Life Organizer 

Final Words 

That’s all with oye list of 8 Best Notion Schedule Templates. We’ve tried to list a variety of schedule templates that we hope will prove to be useful for each one of you. So far we’ve mentioned schedule templates for working professionals, students, and content creators simply for those who are trying to improve themselves. 

With these templates you can give a shape to your time and plan your day, week if possible a month in advance. Doing so you’ll be giving time to every important thing and you’ll be surprised how much time will you get free in your hand. Choose a template suiting your need or if you’re using any other one let us know how it helped you. 

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