9 Best Family Locator Apps for Android and iOS

We have filtered the 9 best family locator apps for android and iOS. These apps are easily available on the Play Store. We have filtered apps that are easy and handy to use. Every app has its unique feature and has a good interface.

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Family locators or GPS trackers are a need now. If family members are on vacation or kids are on trips, or even in day-to-day life, tracking kids are a way to protect them from danger.

Why do we need family locator apps?

Have you ever been worried about your family members if they are far or have reached their destination safely? We all worry about that but not anymore. In this new era of technology, we can’t be bothered by small issues. These apps will help you track and share your real-time location with your family.

Family Locator Apps will help you track or share location and help you keep an eye on your kid’s screen time, or app uses with a good content suggestion. These Family Locator Apps will run in the background and will drain less battery.

Best Family Locator Apps for Android and iOS

Life360: Family Locator

Life360 Best Family Locator Apps for Android

Life360 makes your life easy by helping you in locating your family easily. Life36o is easy to use, and it has many features. Once you and your family download Life360 and register, each member appears as a unique icon on the map.

We can create our private groups called ‘Circle.’ We can chat with them through this app free. It shows the real-time location, and when they reach or leave their destination, you will get a real-time notification. Real-time help us to stay connected and in sync with our family.

This app can even help you locate your stolen or lost phone location. It works as its name Life360, it encourages safer driving, and Its live representative assists in the roadside situation. It also offers a quick emergency response in the case of a vehicular collision.



Glympse Best Family Locator Apps for Android

Glympse is a fast and safe way to share your location using GPS tracking with friends and family. And it is a free app. It shares the real-time location using GPS tracking. For Glympse, you don’t require any sign-up. Your Glympse will automatically expire after 12 hrs, so it is safe to use.

To use it again, you need to log in again. The best thing is even they don’t have the app still you can share the location with them; they need a web-enabled device. It runs in the background. It encourages the driver to drive safely.


Foursquare swarm

Foursquare swarm Best Family Locator Apps for Android

Foursquare swarm is a location-sharing and tracking app. You need to check in after reaching your destination, and it will add a pin to each of your destinations, so if you forget your favorite place or track your memory, it will help you in it. Swarm runs in the background.

You can keep notes with photos, videos, and text as memory. We need to sing-up into the app to use it. Swarm is available in 12 languages. By checking -in, you can earn points and stickers. It tracks people in real-time.


Find My Kids

Find My Kids Best Family Locator Apps for Android

Find My Kids is a family GPS locator that helps us keep an eye on our kids. It has sound around, loud signal, application control, and more. If you feel uncertain about your kid, you can listen to their surrounding with the help of sound around.

If their phones are in silent mode with a loud signal, you can make them notice their phone. You can even control their application uses. It sends a notification if the kid’s phone battery is low or has reached their destination. You can chat on Find my kids. No sign-up is needed in Find My Kids.


Google maps

Google maps Best Family Locator Apps for Android

Google Maps is a well-known app to everyone. Google Maps updates real-time traffic and navigation, and you can get suggestions of food and event on it. It is a pre-installed app, and you can sign-up by Gmail. We can share locations and keep track of each other.

It helps us in exploring the area, traffic, and routes. Once you share your location, it will go as long as you want, so you don’t have to worry about sharing your location with the same person.


link for parents Best Family Locator Apps for Android

Google Family Link for parents is not only a location tracking and sharing app, but it will also help you in controlling your kid’s screen time.

You can guide good content and manage the app they can use by this app. Parents can lock their kid’s devices. You need to log in to the app by Gmail, and after some basic settings, you can keep an eye on your kid.


Family locator

family locator Best Family Locator Apps for Android

Family locator is tracking and shares locating app that is easy to use. You need to download the app and choose whether you want to be a locater or get located. You don’t need to sign in to the app. It shares the real-time location. So it makes it easy to track people.

It has a map so you can see the routes there. It has an SOS notification so parents can reach to rescue their kids. The characters on the first page are cartoons. 



WheresNow Best Family Locator Apps for Android

WheresNow is a live sharing app for parental monitoring or enterprise management. It shows the real-time location. We can track our last 30 days’ travel history. We can create groups with our family and friend. There is a private chat group feature to be in touch with our family.

We don’t need to register. In case of emergency, click on the SOS button to notify. This app can help us in finding stolen or lost phones. You can check their battery, sound mode, or wifi connection. It is available in multiple languages.



Connected Best Family Locator Apps for Android

Connected is a GPS tracker and a family locator app. Connected helps us to be in touch with our family. It helps us to track our family members in real-time location. You can track your and your circle’s 30 days travel history. We can personalize our notification. In case of an emergency, our family members will be alerted. We can ring our device even it’s in silent mode.

We will get a notification if circle members do speed driving. We can add external contacts who will be notified about your alerts even if they don’t have the app. This app tries as little battery resource as possible to prevent battery draining while keeping us up-to-date with our circle members.



Each app has something different. None can be installed without the consent of family members. All the Family Locator Apps are free, so you don’t have to worry about that. These have the SOS feature to send help to them.

I have downloaded these Family Locator Apps and checked how well they work. Some do not need sign-in, but some have a few processes. You need to give them your basic permission to work.

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