9 Best Wireshark Alternatives for Android of 2022

9 Best Wireshark Alternatives for Android

Wireshark is an in-demand open-source packet analyzer and that is why we have introduced 9 best wireshark alternatives for android in this aricle. It is free to use and is mostly related to network communication. The main function of a Wireshark is reading what goes in and out of the network system.

If your network is not encrypted then it will read the networking system completely. It is useful to understand the present situation of the existing network and how to improve the network in the future for advanced development.

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Yet a thought crosses our mind about needing alternatives for Wireshark…

The direct answer you find on the internet is that it is unavailable for Android systems. 

That makes me come on our topic about needing alternatives for Wireshark for android systems. Here are the 9 finest Wireshark alternatives for monitoring, capturing, and tracking traffic on Android systems.

Best Wireshark Alternatives for Android

Packet Capture

Packet Capture Wireshark Alternatives for Android

Packet Capture is a dedicated app that works much differently than the other wireshark alternatives for android to capture and record network packets. It basically means if you want to capture and record all your traffic, you should be going for packet capture as it uses VPN to do its job.

Local VPN is cost-efficient and the entire procedure is based on local VPN. It also has function of decrypting SSl communications using the Man In The Middle attack. As the usage of local VPN is done the capturing and recording of traffic is done without any root permissions.

If you are in search of a simple and effortless app then Packet Capture is a must app to try. For working of app installation, SSL certificate is compulsory from the settings panel for recording and capturing HTTPS traffic. Connection issues may occur if the installation of an SSL certificate is not done.

The Play icon is available in the upper right corner on the Home Screen. The local VPN will start by pressing on the Play button and it will start monitoring and recording traffic automatically.

Too much of advertisement does cause chaos and demands a lot of time but it also assures accuracy as the usage of local VPN is done while decrypting SSL communications.

Download Packet Capture

Net Monster

Net Monster is made with the purpose of analyzing nearby networks and cell towers to detect illegal signals received by you. It is free of cost. It collects RSSI, CQI, TAC, CI, EARFCN, PCI, SNR, TA, CID, eNB,RSRP Band+ information and will show it on your phone screen.

If in a network an illegal thing is going around it would detect it straight away so that you can reach the root cause and get rid of it. The band+ information is usable while penetration attacks and network testing. 

The collection of data done by Net Monster will not get disclosed to the networks themselves from which the data is extracted. The prime focus of Net Monsters to get rid of illegal activities happening in networks, It does cause lags due to a lot of data being taken out from the system. It also does not support all android versions.

Download Packet Capture



cSploit is an absolute penetration testing tool and one of the finest wireshark alternatives for android out there that uses host system fingerprints and is network problem free to use. It is used to make a great map for the entire network and informs you when changes are required in the network.

If a real time error occurs due to traffic in a network,the access restriction would be done by cSploit. A host owner will find it much easier to access the network and the whole process would be much simpler and faster. It also provides the option of making your own host.

There are very few limitations to cSploit when it comes to detect the changes required in a network. It understands whether the changes are necessary to be done or not. It also keeps eye on network traffic time and allows real for-time traffic manipulation.

The hijacking of network sessions would be allowed by cSploit. The system is impenetrable though as it exhausts all resources out of android as well as it is time consuming but real time traffic manipulation is allowed with entire network mapping.

Download cSploit


zAnti is also like cSploit, which functions as a full penetration testing tool. In a single click of a button a whole bunch of tests are executed with complete network tests.

Hijacking HTTP sessions, exploiting routers, checking target devices for vulnerabilities are some of the tasks done by zAnti. Modification of the requests and responses regarding HTTP are allowed by zAnti.

The gap in the network can be removed as well as zAnti will suggest how the gap can be decreased or removed completely. It works only on rooted devices and some results can be baseless, though it is simple to use and is not very time consuming.

Download zAnti


Wifinspect is a combination of a branded network sniffer and powerful packet capture.

It has various features like host discovery, ping, port scanner, etc. With a great root cause Wifinspect will solve any given networking problem. You should have knowledge about both internal and external network vulnerabilities to use Wifinspect.

It has the ability to inspect root causes. You would require rooting each of the applications and even it doesn’t work on all android systems,though the inspection is done smoothly and properly by taking every app available on the android device available.

Download Wifiinspect



tPacketCapture will help you to capture data in pcap file format. Transferring of the pcap file to the computer and using a packet capturing application like wireshark is necessary to read the captured data. There is both a paid and a free version of this app.

The requirement of paying some amount for using the advanced feature is the only drawback. Apart from that it faces problems fastly and even gets rid of them and is user friendly and easy to understand and use.

Download tPacketCapture

Debug Proxy

Debug Proxy

Debug Proxy is another one of Wireshark alternatives for Android system that’s a dedicated traffic sniffer. It also has multifunctions such as view live traffic, Monitoring HTTP and HTTPS traffic, Capturing traffic, decrypt SSL traffic using MITM technique etc. It has a good user interface and capturing of packets is done in native codes.

It is fast and responsive unlike other alternatives.You can access throttle bandwidth, HTTP response and test latency, MITM attack vulnerabilities, SSL monitoring,etc. It is simpler to use in terms of finding out the entire network and SSL certificate is required compulsorily and even it is cost efficient.

Download Debug Proxy


Nmap is a network scanning app for android system as well as desktop that is popular and is an open source network. It also works on rooted and non rooted stage. The use of this app consists of compiling some commands via a third-party terminal emulator like Su/Root command.

You need to have the entire dictionary of Nmap permission to get access to Nmap. It is free to use but it’s a little complex and is not available on playstore. It is fastworking and gets rid of network problems. It doesn’t require rooting of the device either.

Download Nmap



CloudShark is a web-based platform that is of huge use to you while solving network problems. It is like a dropbox that is made for files you create in a particular period of time. It has a special device access feature which you can use without downloading any type of software.

It is very simple to use comparatively from other apps as well as it helps you solve the maximum number of network problems. It has some inaccurate results though, and even the solving is not done completely sometimes because there are a limited number of layers to solve network problems.

Download CloudShark


Mentioned above are some of the best Wireshark alternatives for Android. However, zAnti and cSploit are closest when it comes to packet capturing and man in the middle attack.

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