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In 2019, Augmented reality made a tremendous growth record. Big tech giants like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Google are putting in a lot of research for AR technology. As per the reports in May 2019, the number of AR-supporting mobile devices has reached 1.5 billion.

Talking about the past technologies, In 2015 Microsoft announced the  Windows Holographic and the HoloLens augmented reality headset. This headset utilizes various sensors and a processing unit to blend high definition “holograms” with the real world. Presently, AR is being used in several mobile apps and games and everyone is aware about the release of Pokémon Go for iOS and Android in July 2016. This game became insanely popular quickly and was one of the most popular smartphone applications and this speaks about the popularity of augmented reality games. In 2019, Microsoft came up with HoloLens-2 that had some significant improvements related to the field of view and design efficiency.

With every tech giant competing with each other to produce the best product hosting AR technology, rumors of Apple launching its AR glasses are all around.  There is a lot of confusion regarding the actual launch of the product.

But one thing is pretty sure, that the work with AR technology is still on, and with Apple AR glasses coming in the market, it will revolutionize the whole tech industry and the world of wearable tech. This will certainly redefine wearable computing.

Apple AR Glasses, what is it? A new futuristic Apple wearable, just a pair of glasses working on augmented reality technology

Apple is serious about AR glasses

Apple AR Glasses

For at least 5 years, Apple has been working on augmented reality and virtual reality technologies. News and statements from Apple, predictions from analysts, numerous patent filings, and Apple’s interest in growing its AR Kit platform for AR apps and games, it is very evident AR glass is actually the future AR product from Apple. Recently, the company has also hired a large number of AR/VR experts, and it’s acquired multiple AR/VR companies. Summing it all, Apple might be developing a headset that supports AR and possibly even VR. It supposedly has a secret research unit comprised of hundreds of employees who are working on multiple virtual and augmented reality headset prototypes. Here’s some information you need to know about this amazing product.

Apple Glass features

apple ar glasses

As per the Bloomberg reports, the Apple AR Glasses will be able to bring some of the information from the mobile phone in front of your face. Speaking about this feature, the glasses are expected to synchronize with the user’s iPhone to display information such as texts, emails, maps, etc. over the user’s field of vision. There may also be prescription lenses but they will be optional and that too with an extra cost of course. The glasses, which will be paired to the iPhone, are expected to feature a display in each lens that you can interact with using a series of gestures.

Apple Glass specifications

There’s not much known about the specs of Apple Glass yet, but as per the knowledge of our current tech for example Hololens-2 by Microsoft, the Apple glasses are expected to have at least the same field of view and resolution. The field of view in Hololens-2 is 52 degrees and the resolution are 47 PPI i.e. (pixels per inch)

Talking about the battery life, we should also expect a minimum of three hours. Apple may provide the product with some kind of wireless charging case that like with the Apple Air pods.

Unexpected Lower cost?

As per reports from Jon Prosser, Apple Glass will start at $499+. As HoloLens and Magic Leap cost more than a thousand dollars, they’re not targeted at regular consumers at all. VR headsets cost from $200 to $1,000, and so the $400-to-$500 price range will be actually good. The iPad started at $500. The Apple Watch had also the same range price.  If the glasses are an additional accessory and will be operated with an Apple Watch, Air Pods or an iPhone, Apple won’t make them too expensive.

Launch date: Still a long waiting time

iPhone 12 may be released in September or October – 2020. But for the Apple glasses, the company would surely want media present at the announcement, and that may not be possible because of the COVID-19 scenario, so it will definitely delay the announcement of AR glasses to 2021. Some analysts say Apple Glass could come as soon as next year, while some are of the view that long-time source for Apple AR glasses won’t release till 2022.

What people expect with Apple glasses!

AR in 3D : Some people might agree with just a heads-up display, but we all know that the actual experience of AR comes with 3D integration. For Apple Glasses to be successful with this product, the glasses should be able to run any iOS AR app that currently works on the iPhone through the wearable device.

Glasses that should look like glasses:  We all would like some natural looking glasses, page. I’m sure that the company would also want the same thing. Nobody will not admire the Apple Glass if it does not go well with their face.

At least 5-6 hours of battery life: Assume that you are not actually using the glasses heavily, but only looking at the notifications and 2D apps in between, thus Apple glasses should be able to make through at least 5-6 hours a day.

Developers will actually need a long research and time developing Apple’s glasses, and apps. they may not be arriving so soon as you would expect them to be.