Apple Iphone SE 3 Review 

The iPhone SE 3 was just released with a number of changes that make it a tempting alternative for first-time iPhone users or those on a tight budget. Although it costs somewhat more than its immediate predecessor, it is Apple’s most cost-effective brand new iPhone model.

If you’re feeling charitable, the iPhone SE 3’s design may be described as nostalgic, if not iconic. But, to be honest, the hardware looks antiquated because it is archaic: those massive bezels sandwiching the 4.7-inch display; the solitary back camera with a jarringly tiny lens; and an actual physical clicky home button. This is essentially the same exterior shell as the iPhone 8, which was introduced in 2017.

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Apple Iphone SE 3 – Camera 

Apple Iphone SE 3 Review 

The camera hardware on the iPhone SE 3 (2022) is the same as that on the iPhone 8 from 2017: a single 12MP, f/1.8 primary camera and a 7MP, f/2.2 selfie camera, both with image sensor sizes that are incredibly minuscule by 2022 standards.

In 2022, the 7MP selfie camera is clearly showing its age. Shots in perfect lighting situations can still be fairly attractive, but photograph in low light or in difficult contrasty scenarios, and the selfies have poor dynamic range and clarity.

Strong video performance has been consistent in iPhones, and this trend continues here: the iPhone SE can capture films at up to 4K/60fps (which most phones in this price range cannot), and stabilisation is excellent, nearly on level with the iPhone 13 series. This indicates that the iPhone SE 3 comfortably outperforms any non-flagship level Android smartphone in terms of video camera performance.

Apple iPhone SE 3-Software

Apple iPhone SE 3-Software

The iPhone SE 3 runs iOS 15.4, and it functions largely in the same way as any other recent iPhone, with the same handy widgets, security features, and so on. One significant difference in the user experience is that there is no gesture navigation because the iPhone SE 3 retains the traditional home button iPhone design.

In a rare occurrence, I discovered Instagram had slight scaling difficulties on the iPhone SE 3’s display due to its old 16:9 aspect ratio (Instagram usually works much better on iOS than on Android). It’s not a significant problem – the app’s top edge cuts into the status bar — and I’m sure it’ll be remedied within a week of the iPhone SE’s retail release.

The software update commitment distinguishes the iPhone SE 3 from the competition. Apple has the finest track record for software upgrades, with nearly all devices in its portfolio receiving around 5 years of software updates, which are often supplied on the first day of the public launch.

The only phones that come close to fulfilling this promise are the latest Samsung Galaxy S22 series smartphones, which are likewise limited to four years of Android upgrades (plus another year of security updates). Apple’s upgrades tend to introduce new features to its devices as well, generally as long as the hardware can support it, and the A15 chip assures you won’t be short on performance any time soon.

As a result, the iPhone SE 3 is the ideal phone to suggest if you worry about always having the most recent software update.

Apple iPhone SE 3 –Battery life and Overall Performance

Apple iPhone SE 3 -Battery life and Overall Performance
  • The battery life is inadequate.
  • Because of its small size, it is incredibly easy to operate one-handed amid crowds.
  • The screen is too tiny to watch videos on.

Because the iPhone SE 3 is so compact and thin, the battery within is rather little. Consequently, despite the A15 Bionic’s excellent efficiency, battery life will be a concern for heavy users. For me (a heavy user), the phone can only last around 10 hours without being charged, which isn’t nearly enough for a whole Saturday out. To make matters worse, the phone charges at only 18W, which is frustratingly sluggish in comparison to newer Android phones. I’m sure this won’t be a problem for casual users.

The overall performance is satisfactory. The phone definitely doesn’t move as quickly or as smoothly as an iPhone 13 Pro, because the 4GB of RAM means that apps that have been running in the background for a long time will normally take a second or two to load up again. Furthermore, because the screen is so little, I don’t enjoy viewing movies or gaming on it.

I’ve read enough articles, online forum postings, and spoken to enough individuals in person to know that these organisations exist, especially in North America, where “iMessage lock-in” is a thing. There is however a set of people who are completely accustomed to the physical home button on an iPhone and will fight change for as long as they have choices. Even if they have a limited budget, some consumers will never consider an Android device. An iPhone for $430 is highly enticing to them. And the iPhone SE 3 makes sense to them.

Apple made several internal and cosmetic improvements as it transitioned from the first-generation iPhone SE to the second-generation iPhone SE. When you compare them, you may readily perceive considerable quality-of-life changes.

You know precisely what you’re going to get with the third generation. Everything is a knock-off, whether it’s the geriatric iPhone 8 design or the A15 Bionic from the high-end versions.

You also know what you aren’t going to receive. There will be no new ultra-wide or telephoto camera lenses, mmWave 5G, or MagSafe.

The iPhone SE isn’t designed for tech aficionados. It’s the iPhone for people who don’t want to be tied to an ecosystem but yet want a new iPhone.

So, This is my personal opinion. If you want you can search for it’s features and user experience   I’ll rate it 4 out of 5. So, my recommendation is only people who are looking for a new 5G iPhone at the lowest feasible price and compact phone yet finding the iPhone 13 Mini prohibitively pricey or unconcerned with appearances and want a simple, low-cost phone. Those who are adamant on having a tactile home button,Those who wish to stay on the most recent software update for the longest period feasible without spending more than $500 should buy this phone.

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