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5 best email services (2020): which email service is best?


In this era of technology, email services have made communication more trouble-free for the users. Email services are used for various purposes like applying for jobs, business correspondence, personal use, blogging, and so on.

An email service provider (ESP) proffers services to receive and send emails. Good ESP supports users to build email templates, send, and track campaigns on a large scale and manage the contact list. Email services are generally free but some of the premium features may charge the users. Recently, email services providers like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo are dearest among users.

But may the choice of clients vary and he/she like to switch from one to another. And while switching, there is a lot to consider. How easily can one keep the inbox organized? What kind of spam filters are? Can anyone access the account from the email clients?

If you are looking for the email services for business use, then some features you should look for are- maximum attachment size, storage provided, archiving capabilities, security options provided, and some advanced features like cost, task, and schedule.

If you are looking for email services for personal use, then some features you should look for are- good spam blocking capabilities, storage, ease of use, and virus protection. 

In the case, if you are looking for premium email service providers, you should look for the traits like storage, huge attachment, file recovery options, task management, collaboration options, custom domains, and multi-user support.

In general, the cost of premium services ranges from $6 to $30. Prices may vary depending upon the features offered. 

Now, let us discuss about the various email services providers along with their pros and cons. I hope this article will help you to choose the best email services, providers. 


Gmail15GB71YesIt is based as an overall email provider.
Yahoo mail1TB27Spam blocking.
Outlook15GB106YesMultiple app integrations.
Zoho mailLite: 5GBStandard: 30GBProfessional: 100GB16YesHome businesses.
Proton mail5GB13YesEnd-to-end encrypted.



All over the world, Gmail is the most esteemed and widespread email service provider. It is provided by Google. It proffers alot of features and at the same time, it is also very easy to use. 

The web interface of Gmail is a highlight. It displays the inbox on most of the screen and toolbars on the minimum. Even if you are using Gmail for the very first time, you won’t face any problems while reading or replying to the messages. Everything is clear and hence is convenient for the users to use. Isn’t that amazing?

The messages get automatically filtered into three categories like social, promotions, and primary. So, it also helps the user to focus on the important content according to their priorities.

 Another thing that is great that spam blocking keeps the inbox away from junk and provides 15GB storage for storing the content. Through emails, the user can share up to 25MB and in the case, the file is greater than 25MB it can be shared through Google drive.  

It is approachable through the web and through third party programs. iOS and Android mobile devices are helpful to access Gmail services.

Both personal and business communications can be performed through Gmail without any sufferings and insecurities.


  • You can snooze messages, open attachments, and view attachments without opening emails.
  • It automatically blocks phishing emails.
  • It supports nudges, it helps users to respond and follow up messages.
  • Users can join Hangouts to meet, chat, or video calls with others from the inbox.
PROS It can be easily accessed from any device.
Email forwarding.
Undo send for emails.
Provides security with two-step verification.
Powerful reach. You can use Gmail even in offline mode.
It supports many keyboard shortcuts. 
CONS At times, it loads slowly.
It’s a little bit confusing to manage different folders and labels.
Advertising Unclear user data policy.

Price: Free



YAHOO, the American parent company provides yahoo mail and is one of the most successful email services among internet users. Today, yahoo mail is facing stiff competition with the leader Gmail. It is easy to sing up and the biggest fascinating feature is the capacity of its free mailbox – 1TB.


  • It is good at spam blocking and automatically puts junk mails into the trash bin.
  • Yahoo mail enables to customize the inbox by changing themes.
  • It also allows the use of animated GIFs so that one feeling can be expressed in better form.
  • Users can search for email by contact, keyword, or date.
  • Users can easily manage emails while traveling.
PROSDesktop web and app.
Vast storage capacity.
Good spam filters.
It allows users to search for key information from the inbox.
It enables us to connect external email accounts with the Yahoo mail.
Yahoo calendar is also easy to use.
CONSToo many ads (Pro to go ad-free).
In comparison with others, it has fewer filters or rules.
The attachment of online files is not supported.
It is not able to set folders.

Price: Free.  



Microsoft is the email service provider that is browser-based. It enables users to connect with numerous social networks easily from the user’s email account, including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files. 

Outlook’s web interface is very clear and simple, it is desktop incarnation. Folders and tools are found on left, the current folder’s content is generally in the center, and on right there is a simple preview pane. 

Speedy access to general features is provided by the toolbar. Have u ever used any other email client? If not, you will relate to the key details in seconds. 


  • Enterprise-grade security is offered.
  • It’s easy to find the documents, people, and messages in email.
  • Users can manage events or meetings with the help of an inbuilt calendar.
  • By hovering over the contact name user can easily see all information.
Pros: Data encryption
merged with Hotmail
Good collaboration with Microsoft apps. 
Allows recovery of messages
supports add-in
Allows using different aliases to hide the real email.
Automatic organization of emails.Mobile app for iOS and Android devices.
Cons: Poor spam handling
low speed and crashes
sometimes it may take time for loading.

Price: It is free. There is also a premium facility that has two plans. First is office 365 home, available at $99.99 per year. Second is office 365 personal, available at $69.99 per year.



Zoho mail is the email service provider that manages the multiple domains. It is suitable for home-based businesses and small businesses.

It can also be used for both business and personal communications. With the help of the Zoho migration tool, we can easily transfer from office 365 and G suite to Zoho mail. Connecting with other Zoho apps is also easy.

It has a task manager, calendar, and constant chat. What’s good is that it does not display any ads protecting the client’s privacy. Now, it also supports offline working by the means of Google gears. 


  • Offers protection against fake emails.
  • Users can change settings and make customization from the control panel.
  • Users can integrate to manage sales with Zoho CRM (Customer Relation Management).
  • It allows sharing files, tagging the organization team, comment in an email thread, and managing tasks.
Pros: Calendar, tasks, notes, etc.
Custom domains
Tough security and GDPR compliance.
The expense tracker enables one to tag people and share.
Allows archiving and deleting emails in bulk.
It can be accessed from iOS and Android.
Cons: No free version
Various non-emails features might distract
Supports small businesses
Users can not import contacts from social media.

Price: free for a maximum of 5 users. It provides three plans- Mail Lite ($1/user per month with 5GB user), Standard ($3/user per month with 30GB), and Professional ($6/user per month with 100GB). 



Proton mail is the email service provider which is Swiss-based and focuses mainly on the security. It can be used by both small and large enterprises. 

The free product has a small storage space of 500MB and supports only 150 messages for sending within a day, and lacks some of the organizational tool (no labels, smart filters or folders).


  • Users can access proton mail on any device even without installing the software.
  • It is optimized to help users better organize read and send an email.
  • End-to-end encryption secures the sent and received emails.
Pros: Enables to set the expiry date for the emails.
End-to-end encryption
For iOS and Android, the mobile app is available.
It has many advancing features like email filters, multi-user support with paid plans, and autoresponder.
  Swiss jurisdiction.
Cons: The free account has no email encryption.
Limited storage and support for free plans. 
Custom domains can be used in Plus only.

Price: it is free to use and also has three other plans. First is Plus ($5.66/month), second is Professional ($9/month) and the last is Visionary ($34/month).zsd


This type of communication is used widely all over the world, despite the reality that in today’s time 80% and even more of the emails are spam. And now after reading all of the above content I hope it’s no more difficult for you to choose the best email service provider according to the desired features.

Overall, Gmail is the best email service, provider. Yahoo is capable of good spam blocking. For multiple app integrations, Outlook is comparatively good and AOL provides huge storage. Proton mail is very secure and provides email encryption with an expiry date.

 Here we come to the end and it’s all about the best email services. I hope this article has enhanced your knowledge regarding the email services providers and if yet you are left with queries or have some suggestions for us then please mention in the comment section.


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