5 Best REDDIT Extensions of 2020

Reddit is one of the most popular social media tools of today. Reddit may have started out as a simple website for sharing and discovering content, but it has truly become the front page of the internet for a long time.

It is an aggregation tool for the social news and It is a huge online community where people can share their thoughts, ideas, discover content and other online odds and ends. Spending time on Reddit is far better than Facebook or other social media sites. It gets millions of visits each month. The site’s design has not changed for years. It is very popular but in spite of being so popular, its design is still quite outdated.




See It is an entirely new way to browse Reddit and it takes your Reddit experience to completely a different level. It makes Reddit even better. See It will open all types of links and it lets you preview all the links that you have hovered over. See it creates a small, new window for each link on Reddit and there is no limit to the number of preview windows that can be opened on the screen.

It will appear within the page so you can see what the page contains without loading it into another tab. When too many links are open you may experience a bit of slowdown so you can minimize the windows or even close the unwanted ones. It allows you to choose which types of links will open and which ones will not so if you’re not interested, hit Escape to close the preview and move on.



Reddit Mini gives you easy access to Reddit with just a one click. It is the miniature version of Reddit, which you can access in any tab. Reddit Mini is the best light-weight Reddit client for Chrome and using Reddit Mini is pretty easy. If you are looking for quick access to subreddits of your choice and prefer to see Reddit pictures, then Reddit Mini is a good extension and it is accessible on any Chrome tab you want.

Install and enable the extension and you will see the icon on the extension bar on chrome then click on the Reddit Mini icon and a panel will pop out. Now all you have to do is add the name of the subreddit you wish to see and it will get  loaded. Reddit Mini lets you view the subreddit and even read the comments right in the panel.  But, there is no way to comment from the panel. Reddit Mini is not affiliated with Reddit and doesn’t require any permissions. It does not run in the background so you don’t have to worry about your privacy with Reddit Mini and Chrome’s memory usage is minimally affected. 

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Reddit Platinum is a neat extension that adds extensive keyboard shortcuts to the Reddit experience. While the mouse and keyboard are all very well, the ability to navigate quickly using keys is something that we can all benefit from.

It adds a number of keyboard shortcuts that control everything from skipping to the final or back to the first comment, scrolling to navigating comments and many more besides. It is a very useful extension that makes using Reddit faster and easier. Here is the keyboard shortcuts are as follows;

On a Reddit page:

Up : Previous reddit

Down : Next reddit

Right or Enter : Follow reddit link 

Hold Shift : to open tab in background

Left : Enter reddit comments

Page Up : Go up by 5 reddits

Page Down : Go down by 5 reddits

Home : To first reddit

End To last reddit

Del : Hide reddit

Space : Expand reddit (for self and videos)

On comment page :

Up : Previous comment

Down : Next comment

Shift + Up : Previous same tree level comment

Shift + Down : Next same tree level comment

Right : Previous parent comment

Left : Next parent comment

Right : Return to reddit page

Page Up : Go up by 5 comments

Page Down : Go down by 5 comments

Home : To first comment

End : To last comment

Del : Hide comment tree

Space : Open reply comment box

Universal (on any Reddit page) :

Ctrl + Up : Upvote

Ctrl + Down : Downvote

Escape : Quit reddit site

Alt + Space : Toggle hotkeys activation status (Useful for temporary deactivation)

Alt + Scroll : behaves as normal

Mouse scroll behaves like up and down arrow.

There is no shortcut that will take you to the next page.



There are some subreddits that are extremely popular and it is one such subreddit. If you’ve ever browsed the most popular subreddits, Reddit Reader is a Chrome client for Reddit that gives you a more clear view of conversation threads and generally that content Which you search for Reddit.

The small “read” button will appear below every comment in  Reddit Reader. Clicking on the button will appear a new layout for that particular comment. In the settings, you can change it to night mode, a night mode theme that’s easier on the eyes and even change the fonts to Sans-Serif instead of Serif. In Reddit Reader, the position of the “read” button can also be moved to the top of the comment. Items are previewed in the largest panel on the right, links in the subreddit appear in a slightly wider panel to its right and the subreddits are all listed in a panel to the left. 



Reddit is a community built around anonymity, but perhaps you can feel something similar to the Reddit community. If you are particularly proud of your Reddit activity, that is, you have a lot of karma or cats, you want to share what you want to do with your Facebook friends on the site. OG Reddit is one of the best Chrome extension that allows you to link your Facebook account and share any and all Reddit activity. However, you will need to authorize it to link it to your Facebook account.

So, there it is! The Best Reddit extensions, based on popularity and users. I guess you have got the right Reddit extension and If we missed any of the best reddit extension please let us know in the comments section. 

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