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5 Best Video Streaming Apps of 2020

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Video streaming Apps have grown at a major pace in this world. Video streaming is not only a term but a major requirement in today’s tech-based advanced world. In this internet-based modern world, the concept of entertainment has got reformed. The days of VCRs, CDs, DVDs have moved away from the invention of video streaming apps. Now we don’t have to sit in front of the TV to watch our favorite television program or a movie, instead of using the video streaming services on any Android devices with an internet connection and can enjoy the same facility.

There are many reasons for the growth in video streaming: it is easily accessible, offers a wide variety of options, and, most importantly in our smartphone society, it is mobile friendly. But with so many options, it can be difficult to know the best video streaming apps to use.

Here we have listed the best video streaming apps in both the categories- free and paid streaming videos. We have also mentioned the feature that will help you to compare the apps quickly; now you have to decide where to spend your money for the daily amount of entertainment and choose the best video streaming apps for you. 

Best Video Streaming Apps


video streaming apps

Netflix, Inc. is an American media services provider and production company headquartered in Los Gatos, California, founded on 29 August 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California. Netflix is a renowned video streaming service. They have some of the best originals (popularly known as Netflix Originals) both in web series and movies.

Netflix is ​​the seventh-largest Internet company in the world by revenue and is also a popular streaming service where you can subscribe to and watch TV series and movies on your devices such as smart TVs, laptops, tabs, or mobile phones. Netflix is available in almost all countries. Netflix has quietly built itself into the best source for streaming anime. It does a particularly good job with older web series. 

Subscription Details  Free trial / $8.99-$15.99 per month. In India, Netflix has four different plans: Rs. 250, Rs. 500, Rs. 650, Rs. 800. Highest Pack lets you share 4 screens at once and also has Ultra HD. The lowest one is available on mobile only. The first month is free for all the packs. Should you choose to continue (which you probably will), you can pay every month.

Important Features:

• Get high-quality movies, TV shows, web series on your device.

• Enjoy a 30-day free trial and then make a decision.

• Get a sneak peak at all the upcoming movie  or a new release. 

• Limiting your data use. 

• Enjoy original classics, animations, animes, movies.

DOWNLOAD – Android  iOS

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime video streaming apps

Amazon Prime Video is an American internet video that is developed, owned, and operated by Amazon as an on-demand service. Headquarters in Seattle, Washington, founded in September 7, 2006, as Amazon Unbox in the United States. It is Amazon’s video streaming service. It is one of the best services in video streaming apps for android which comes with its Amazon Prime service. That means you get video stuff, 2-day shipping, some cloud storage, and music streaming stuff all in one.

The premium local content and movies are available here, and the prime is the best choice for watching the latest HD movies in various languages. We can watch unlimited movies, TV shows in high quality with low data usage & get free shipping benefits with amazon prime. Amazon prime video has been existing in India for the past few years. It has also been confirmed by the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos that Prime Video is quite successful in India as compared to the other global markets. 

Subscription DetailsFree / $12.99 per month / $119.99 per year. In India, Amazon Prime is priced at Rs.129 per month and Rs. 999 per year. 

Important Features:

• Download TV shows and movies using cellular data or Wi-Fi.

• Watch movies & TV channels anywhere, anytime.

• Get high quality with low data usage and  enjoy thousands of top bollywood and regional Indian hits.

• If you become a Prime member, you can subscribe to over 100 premium channels.

• You can stream the TV channels by only paying for those you want to watch. 

• Get free shipping benefits with amazon prime. 

DOWNLOAD – Android / iOS

YouTube & YouTube TV

YouTube & YouTube TV video streaming apps

YouTube is an American online video-sharing platform whose headquarter is in San Bruno, California, founded in February 14, 2005, by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. YouTube TV is an American over the top internet television service that offers live TV, on-demand video from more than 70 television networks. It is owned by YouTube. Headquarters in 901 Cherry Avenue, San Bruno, California, founded on February 28, 2017.

YouTube is quickly becoming a for-real streaming service and it is the most popular streaming app out there. It’s available in most countries and its regular content is getting better all the time.  It has tutorial videos, music videos, and lots of other stuff. YouTube TV is a company that spreads into the live TV arena. This is a top choice for cord-cutters who want to replicate the cable TV experience. People can now easily purchase products in YouTube’s home feed and search results making it possible for advertisers to reach even more audiences. YouTube TV offers an excellent variety of channels. 

Subscription details Free / $12.99-$40 per month. In India, YouTube Premium is priced at Rs.129 per month. These are the cheapest rates globally but on par with what other streaming services charge in India.

Important Features :

• YouTube is giving creators access to data which lets them know when their audience is online.

• Filters on the Comments page to make moderation easier. 

• Save an edited video as a new video or return back to your original video. 

• Upload multiple videos at once. 

• You can save your YouTube videos to watch them later in offline mode.

DOWNLOAD – Android / iOS


HULU  video streaming apps

Hulu is an American subscription video-on-demand service fully controlled and majority-owned by Walt Disney Direct to Consumer and International, a business segment of  The Walt Disney Company, with NBC Universal, owned by Comcast, as an equity stakeholder. Headquarters in 2500 Broadway 2nd Floor, Santa Monica, California, founded on October 29, 2007. Hulu is a renowned Disney owned online video streamer which you can enjoy by providing subscription fee. 

Hulu is one of the more multifarious video streaming apps. It has the usual streaming experience with a lot of old TV shows, movies, and other stuff. It’s a top choice among streaming video apps. Hulu is not available in India. This service is only available in Japan and the United States( But you can use a VPN to use it in your country). Hulu offers six personalized profiles for everyone in the family who wants to brose shows, movies, and networks.

Subscription detailsFree trial / $5.99-$39.99 per month. 

Important Features :

• Enjoy HD streaming

• You can watch more than 60 live sports, news, TV shows, and entertainment channels.

• Purchase the Hulu Live TV option, and watch your favourite shows as they air.

• 2 screens at the same time can be watched. 

DOWNLOAD – Android / iOS

Disney+ & Disney+ Hotstar 

Disney+ & Disney+ Hotstar video streaming apps

Disney+ Hotstar (known as Hotstar outside India), is an Indian top streaming service owned by Novi Digital Entertainment, a subsidiary of Disney’s Star India. Headquarters in mumbai, India, founded in February 2015. Disney+ made its debut on November 12, 2019, in the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands. 

Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar is Disney’s official streaming service. It has a ton of content. Plus, it has The Simpsons, tons of kids shows, Disney movies, and more stuff. Disney+ is already competitive with top services and will only grow stronger as its content offerings expand and it reclaims titles from competitors. Disney+ Hotstar currently offers over 1,00,000 hours of TV content and movies across 9 languages, and every major sport covered live. Almost all of Disney’s catalogue can be accessed through Disney+ Hotstar.

Subscription details – Free / $6.99 per month / $69.99 per year. In India, Disney+ Hotstar VIP plan will now cost Rs. 399 per year which was previously Rs. 365, while Disney+ Hotstar Premium plan pricing has been increased to Rs. 1,499 per year which was Rs. 999 before. However, Jio TV+ users will get access to Disney+ Hotstar content for free in India. Content that is on either platform will be marked with a P or a V. 

Important Features :

• It allows users to stream in 4K and HD quality at no additional cost. 

• You can watch sports, english shows, kids content, news, latest American TV shows, Hollywood movies and originals in all languages including english. 

• It has a kids mode for children. 

• Watch movies & news, stories anywhere, anytime.

DOWNLOAD – Android / iOS

So, there it is! The best video streaming apps, based on popularity and users. I guess you have got the right video streaming app and If we missed any of the best video streaming apps, please let us know in the comments!

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