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With almost 2.5 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most popular social media worldwide. Apart from owning the other popular social media sites like WhatsApp and Instagram, Facebook also provides a platform for gamers and game developers. Facebook provides an extensive range of games to shoo away your boredom. From casinos to battle or simulation games, it has it all. These games are one of the reasons behind Facebook’s huge popularity.

Facebook games can be categorized as

  • Facebook Web Games
  • Facebook Gameroom Games

As name suggests, web games can be played on site, without the need of downloading anything. The player just needs to have access to internet. But for Gameroom Games, you need to download files on your system. I have listed below the best Facebook games from both categories.


facebook games

Genre – Puzzle,Match – three

Platforms – Facebook, Android, iOS, Windows Phone

King released its first version of Candy Crush Saga for Facebook in 2012. Soon after other versions were released for various platforms. Over time it has been the most popular game on all platforms. The gameplay is easy and addicting. The player has to match three candies to dismiss them . As you clear some levels, you are provided with special power – ups which you can use to clear the higher levels. The difficulty keeps on increasing, making the game more engaging. The game is free to play on Facebook (or to download from Playstore for Android or iOS users).

Fact – Other games by King such as Farm Heroes Saga,Pet Rescue Saga  also follow similar gameplay. These are also some of the most played games on Facebook. ,


facebook games

Genre – Sports,Acrade

Platforms – Facebook , Android , iOS

The first version of the game was released in 2008 by Miniclip. Later as the popularity increased, its various versions were released including the one for Facebook which was released in 2011. After the release for Facebook , the popularity of the game spiked due to which Miniclip started working on Facebook- exclusive features.

The game supports realistically themed gamerooms making the gameplay attractive to the user. The game provides tutorials so that a beginner doesn’t have problem in starting to play. The rules and process of play is similar to billiard. Miniclip even provides the feature of challenging online friends on Facebook, to make the game more engaging.


facebook games

Genre – Casino, Cards

Platforms – Facebook, Android, iOS

It is one of the most popular card game. Each player seeks the best five card poker hand from any combination of the seven cards of the five community cards and their two hole cards. Players have betting options to check, call, raise or fold. It is one of the best online poker games enabling user with friendly features. You can play the game online against virtual players or your friends connected on Facebook. It can be played from 2 to 10 players. The players can also play for money ( called the pot).


Genre – Board Game

Platforms – Facebook, iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8

Ludo has been a household game for various decades. Ludo King enables you to play the game virtually. The game has reduced the distance between people. After its release in 2016 Gametion technologies Pvt LTD, it has been one of the most trending board  games.

Apart from the traditional rules, the game provides option for upto 6 players to play. The game provides 4 modes from which a player can choose from. In Private Multiplayer mode , the users can play with their Facebook friends.


facebook games

Genre – Simulation,Farming

Platforms – Facebook, Android, iOS, Adobe Flash, HTML5

The game was developed by  Zynga in 2009. The game is available as  Adobe Flash application via the social networking sites Facebook  and Microsoft’s MSN Games. It was the most popular game on Facebook in 2009 when it was released on that platform. Soon after Zynga released Farmville 2 and Farmville 3 which were also popular on the site.

Farmville is a cultivation game where users can plough ,plant and harvest crops and trees. Players are provided with their own avatar and can also take care of farm animals.


Genre – Trivia

Platforms –  Facebook, Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Trivia Crack was originally released in 2014 by Trivial Pursuit for iOS. After its huge success, it was released for other platforms such as Android, Facebook and Amazon AppStore. It is a kind of Facebook Web Game.

The game provides questions from 6 categories –

  • Entertainment
  • Art
  • History
  • Sports
  • Science
  • Geography

 The player is given 20 seconds in Classic and Challenge mode and 10 seconds in Trivia Rush to give the answer. The objective of the game is to give answer before the opponent does. While playing against Facebook friends, the starting player will get turn until the he/she gives incorrect answer.


facebook games

Genre – Puzzle, Hidden Object

Platforms – Facebook, Android, iOS

Criminal Case is a detective themed hidden object game released in 2012 by Pretty Simple for Facebook. Later other versions were released for other platforms.In 2018, the Facebook version was converted from Adobe Flash to HTML5.

The player acts as detective to solve murder case. They have to locate relevant clues at crime scenes by clicking items in the screen. Players can customize their avatar and purchase pets.

Fact – The developers later released many versions of game like Pacific Bay, Save the World, Mysteries of the Past, The Conspiracy and Travel in Time for Facebook and other platforms.


Genre – Simulation, RPG

Platforms –Facebook,  iOS, Android, WebGL

Top Eleven Football Manager was published by Nordeus in 2010. The initial version was released for Facebook, later other versions were released for other platforms such as Android and iOS. It is available for download on both Google Playstore and Apple AppStore.

The game allows players to play against their friends on Facebook. The game has managed to achieve the look and feel of the game User can set their own football team and play against the other team. The rules of the game are similar to the real life football game.


facebook games

Genre – Social network game

Platforms – Facebook, iOS , Android

Dragon City is developed by Social Point and was released for play on Facebook in 2012.

The game allows the user to raise their own dragon and create their Dragon City on Floating Island. The power ups can be bought at low cost. User can join alliances to play and battle with other dragon masters .and chat with them. There are over 1000 dragons to unlock. The game is more popular among the kids.


facebook games

Genre – Puzzle

Platforms – iOS, Maemo, MeeGo, HP webOS, Android, Series 40, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation store, Xbox one, XBOX 360, WebGL, Google Plus, Google Chrome, Blackberry Tablet OS, Bada, Facebook (FLASH), MAC OS X, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Wii , Wii U, HTML5, Blackberry 10

After its release in 2009, Angry Bird have been the most popular game on almost all platforms. Its version for Facebook was released in 2011.

In the game , the player has to save the eggs of multi colored birds from green pigs. The allows the players to compete with their Facebook friends for higher score, send gifts to friends and achieve new power ups.

So these were 10  of the best games available on Facebook. Most of the people might have played at least one of the games mentioned above. Do share your experience with us in the comment box below. Also tell us which is your favorite game in the list given above.


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