GWatching any Movie, TV show or any other video of a foreign language and facing difficulty understanding? 

Well, subtitles help you overcome this hurdles and make the language clear to you, helps with the comprehension.

Government, Education must always be transcribed for the accessibility. Most of the videos on social media are muted, should have subtitles.

Even if the viewer could watch without the subtitles, adding them is always appreciative. Subtitles can be added both manually or generated using software.

 Adding manually is a very complex thing as it is a time consuming step, each and every word should be entered inspite of the video length. Besides that, the audio and video should be in a perfect sync, else it creates a big confusion.

 Automatic subtitles generated by artificial intelligence will be of a great use. For a few platforms, voice is muted by default, in such cases Subtitles will be of a great use.  Technologies are bring developed for the subtitle generation.

Let us check out some best subtitle generators.


subtitle generator

Youtube being a wide range of platform, generates both automatic subtitles recognising the audio and also allows you to add the subtitles manually, especially for the foreign languages.

Currently audio recognized subtitles are available for Russian, Japanese, English, Portugese, German, Spanish, Korean, French, Italian, Dutch languages only, they may always vary a bit, which is why you have to check and edit them. You can use any formal methods if they are not available among these languages. Once the video is uploaded, one has to find it in Video Manager, Click on Edit drop-down menu and then choose the Subtitle/CC option.

Then select the video language, auto-generated subtitles will be seen.  You can edit them by checking each and every word according to the grammar, spelling and punctuations, then confirm the changes. Your video can be played along with the subtitles now.

Coming to manual subtitles, one can always create / add captions using few steps

  • Sign in to Youtube.
  • Select Subtitles from the left menu.
  • Select the video you would edit.
  • Click Add language and select the language.
  • Under subtitles, click Add.
  • Play the video and start adding your captions. Always remember to add other sounds happening in the video in brackets like [giggling] or  [radio playing] so the people can understand what’s going on .
  • Repeat the above step for extra captions and then click on Publish.

Measures should be taken that the subtitles should never be more than two lines for a particular scene.

You can also use few shortcuts :

  • Shift + left arrow to move back a second.
  • Shift + right arrow to move forward a second.
  • Shift + space to pause or play a video.
  • Shift + enter to add a new line.
  • Shift + down arrow to edit next subtitle.
  • Shift + up arrow to edit previous subtitle.
  • Enter to add the subtitle.


subtitle generator

The subtitle tool is only available in US English for users in the US and Canada, which is useful for people who upload videos for their profiles to advertise/promote. The auto subtitle generator in FB may always vary and is not so trustworthy. It should always be proofread.

First of all, go to your profile

click on the photo/video option in the Create post menu.

Place the video you are uploading with the title/caption and share it.

Once it is uploaded, click on the Generate / Edit post option located on the top of the post, now find the Subtitles & captions (CC) option followed by the Video language option.

Once you check and edit the mistakes with respect to spelling, grammar or punctuations, opt the save to video button. Your video is now published with the proper subtitles.

Coming to adding the captions manually, you can add them to your videos but this option is not always available. If you want to add subtitle, then the write option will help you start from a blank screen and lets you add captions by hand relating every frame.

 It may work great if you have a speaker with strong accent to add them with different language other than the audio in the video.


Using VEED you can automatically generate subtitle files, attach them to the video or else download the file. It works on the basis of Artificial intelligence and is almost accurate with a wonderful edit, that is why it can be reliable.

 VEED is the best place for online subtitle generation.  The generation is really fast when compared to other platforms. It almost supports all the MOV AVI MP4 and many more videos.

 In built professionally designed subtitle styles make the experience smooth. Subtitles are always accurate and on point. Live chat option is available to help you out with the difficulties.

Follow the simple steps 

  • Choose the video to be uploaded.
  • Select automatic subtitles option, software starts transcribing.
  • Opt the proper subtitle style, download it.

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