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What song is this? BEST 5 MUSIC RECOGNITION APPS of 2020


Have you ever wondered; what is this cool song playing at the bar? Have you ever been in that type of situation where you heard a soothing on the Radio or heard a song anywhere which melted your heart and before you could have figured out that what was the song’s name the song was gone. Aah… I know that hurts.

You may have tried to recall and stressed your brain to find out the name of the song but still have failed to find that most of the time. So how to find out the name and other information about that song, is there any way out.

Thankfully, we have a solution MUSIC RECOGNITION APPS which can give us the answer to that burning question of “What song this is” helping you track down the name of song and artist of any tune you happen to overhear. These apps work by tapping into the microphone on iPhone or Android devices, before accessing the cloud to scan databases of millions of songs and identify a particular piece of music.  

Here, I have a list of top ‘song finder apps’ which help to recognize the music. Wether Android or iOS; through these apps you don’t lose out any song ever again. So, let’s check out the best music recognition apps list.


  1. Shazam
  2. SoundHound 
  3. Google Now Playing 
  4. MusixMatch
  5. Music ID

Shazam :


Shazam (Android, iPhone) is an ace at identifying music, With unlimited tagging and loads of features, the original music ID app is still best Music Recognition Apps. Shazam identifies songs quickly and accurately, the app is fully integrated with Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify. It has also scrapped most of the limitations they used to have on the software, meaning now we can tag as many as songs we want.

You might have heard people saying, “SHAZAM THIS SONG”. Undoubtedly this app is the most popular app. Although ads on the free version are kind of annoying. The app also features a pop-up tool that identifies music while using other apps. Then you have offline Shazam but automatically once the user is back online then the app starts to recognize the music.

Price: Free 

Soundhound :


This app is also helpful for finding music. Soundhound( Android, iOS) can help you with those songs that are on the tip of your tongue, or ears rather. This app can identify a song for you just by humming the melody or singing its lyrics, in addition to providing Sham-style tagging. You have to be pretty accurate with your humming for it to guess the song correctly because it can’t read mind yet.

Tagging a song as it’s playing lets you see the lyrics as they’re sung, just like karaoke. You can also check out what other people tagging. Soundhound has its own assistant, Saying “OK hound” allows you to search for an artist and play songs. While using the song identifier, I found the user interface a little unfriendly and restrictive. Especially, with the floating video window that never seems to go away. 

Price : Free/Premium $5.99 

Google Now Playing :


Google has a lot of exciting search tricks waiting for you to explore. One of them is Google in-house music recognition feature called Now Playing. At the other point, I want to tell you about that as like iPhone has Siri but only for iOS. There is Google Now Playing available for Android as well as iOS. To identify the songs you have to say “OK Google” do that thing. “OK Google” is the assistant of GOOGLE. 

Google music recognition doesn’t feature any song charts or something like that. It’s just a simple and plain song identifier. Once Google recognizes the song if you look up lyrics, play it on Spotify and YouTube. 

Price: Free

MusixMatch :


MusixMatch is an Italian music data company and platform for users to search and share long lyrics with translation. Sadly, not every song has been translated into different languages. It is the largest platform of this kind in the world having 73 million users(50 million active users). Musixmatch mobile apps display lyrics synchronized with music being played. On its native apps, it can also scan all the songs in a user’s music library. The company also has global agreements with Apple Music, Amazon Music, Instagram, Facebook, Google search, and Spotify. MusixMatch premium version allows word by word sync while you’re singing the song, similar like karaoke. Also, you have the option of offline lyrics. 

Price : Free within app purchases  

MusicID :


MusicID doesn’t provide any distinctive or unique feature that aren’t listed above. This app is extremely good for people who just need a minimalistic looking app, providing one of the best music recognition capabilities. This app has also that feature by which we know about top music and artists. Unfortunately, this app doesn’t show the lyrics. But on the bright side, we can add comments on identified songs. MusicID tells us about in deep about movies and artist at all. 

Price : Free 

So guys try different apps and make your own decision that which is best MUSIC RECOGNITION APPS for you? 

Comments below and tell us. Regarding the music efficiency, Shazam will always top the list of song finder apps and MusixMatch has become quite popular too with its equally fast music recognition. 

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