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Best Alternatives for Chinese apps (2020)


“Alternatives of Chinese apps are the result of the India-China disputes that have increased the sentiments of anti-China more than they were used to be in previous years.”

The year 2020 was already a rough time in the world and started with extreme disappointments for everyone. However, the privacy of every Indian user being driven by China was much a concern.  Experts have reported that many Chinese applications extract the data from the applications used by Indians.

ExampleCheetah mobile was a Chinese mobile internet company, reputed as a dishonest and destructive studio. This company clashed the play store policies many times, overtakes other country’s companies and drives their data to the China. It was banned by play store and many of its products are removed.    

Recently it was seen that Mi Browser has collected search queries even from the incognito tab and passed it to China. Actually, there is an app ecosystem framed all around the world which is lead by China. And now, we are trying to move away from these and be independent.  

Decision to reduce Chinese products like smart phones, appliances and even smart phones applications too have been taken frequently by every nation especially by India and to produce the products as MADE IN INDIA. 

 #BOYCOTTMADEINCHINA is the most trending hashtag these days on every social media platform and especially after the clash of India and China at Galwan Valley region on Monday.

The team of eyestech has spent considerable and significant time researching and seeking an opportunity to ensure you about the best alternative for Chinese applications.


Tik Tok/Likee/kuwaiTriller/Dubsmash
UC BrowserOperamini, Google Chrome
Helo appShareChat
Xender/ShareitFiles by Google
CamScannerAdobe Scan
WeChat Whatsapp
Club FactoryAmazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Paytm mall
Pubg mobileFortnite 


Chinese apps

TikTok has many privacy issues and fails to protect the privacy of minors. Four US senates appealed FTC to examine TikTok as it violated the 2019 agreement.

Similar, to TikTok we have Likee and Kuwai are also the Chinese apps which host the inappropriate content. So to be on a safer side, we can use Triller which is same as TikTok. It is an American app where one can create videos, take up challenges and share them in seconds. Celebrities like Justin Beiber, Kevin Hart and more are the popular ones on this platform.

What’s more, to access top trending tracks on Triller like TikTok. It has more than hundred filters and an AI based video algorithm. Triller is a promising alternative and can be given a worth try. 

NoteDub smash is quite similar to TikTok but is not mentioned because a data breach in 2019 was found where 162 million accounts have to compromise.

Price–   free offers in-app purchases. 


Chinese apps

The second most popular web browser, UC browser, owned by Alibaba group of China. According to the detailed study of Citizen Lab, it has many security and privacy vulnerabilities.  The reports suggested that the user’s data was being extracted and send to an Alibaba Analytics tool without any encryption. 

Not to mention that UC Browser was deleted from play store due to misleading content in 2017. So the best and secure web browser in this context is Google Chrome.  It is one of the best browsers by Google as it provides the security and privacy. In addition it also protects the app from various malwares also. 

 Other than Google Chrome you can also check Opera mini for better privacy and search.

Price free


Chinese apps

Shareit was a file transfer application but now has pivoted as a content platform. It has moved away from its primary goal and now caters to the content including the inappropriate ones too. In my usage, I would really not recommend it for any other use rather than file transfer. Similar to this app Xender was also proposed for file transfer who also caters to the content now and is a game center. It’s very frustrating to have all those constant ads too.

Shareit was also founded to have two security vulnerabilities. So if you are searching for its alternative, I will only suggest app- FILES BY GOOGLE CHROME. It’s the best file transfer app and you can seamlessly transfer it without any ads pop up. It’s quite fast and can transfer up to 150Mbps speed.



Chinese apps

Cam Scanner is also a Chinese based application that was removed last year due to the Trojan horse module found in it. Later this malicious code has vanished and it was back on Google play store. So if you want to stay away from these things then you need to choose the best alternatives for it. 

My personal favorite is Adobe Scan followed by Microsoft lens. Its your decision to pick any one of them and use.  Here you get the good scanning like cam scanner and more features too.

Pricefree, offers in-app purchases.


Chinese apps

Zoom is an American development but in the back it is all managed by China. Recently zoom was seen enrooting some Chinese calls and interruptions. The best alternative to this app is Jio meet or say Namaste. 

Several other global applications are also there like Google meet or WebEx but those are the closest Indian applications for video conferencing. 

So these are some alternatives to Chinese app that you need to go for. As you have seen many of the apps have security and privacy issues which is not undertaken to be corrected by China. Some of them were banned also but they managed to gain their position way back. But it’s very necessary to protect your smart phones from these viruses by replacing Chinese apps to their alternatives. We  tried our best to compile the best alternatives for you all.   


Let us know in the comment section. Thank You.


  1. Things will turn out to be okay righr, if we boycott china. No, we have to believe in our manufacturers first, people in india believe imported things or other countries brands are much reliable. There’s many aspect of it.

    1. sir we can boycott Chinese apps and that is what we have shown in the article please spend some time reading our article we promise u ,you will easily be able to boycott them

  2. One step at a time. First software then hardware… 🇮🇳

  3. For a massive change, #CHEENI BAND👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙌🏻

  4. 👏👍👍👍👍👍👍🍾

  5. Wonderful information regarding the apps and it will help alot to boycott the Chinese apps. 😃

  6. Wonderful information regarding the apps . It will help alot to boycott Chinese apps.

  7. Yeah but there are some startup apps like swiggy,zomato,byjus etc which are funded by Chinese company like Alibaba and Tencent what about them?

    1. Hi Nihal! Thank you for the question?
      So the applications funded by China apps are bydw going down in terms of rating by the users and If we boycott China its ours duty to also not take their backups. Be independent.

  8. Very useful information as ban is now imposed on most chinese apps.


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