Best Android Emulators for PC (2020)

There are many reasons that someone wants to run Android emulators on their PC. Gamers want to use the mouse and keyboard in their games. Maybe you want it to be there and looking for the best Android emulators for PC.

Android mobile phones are portable, useful, and creative but when it comes to regular use or long usage and maybe having a lots of work at once, it can’t match the computer. Android emulators on PC are possible and it is much easier than before. App developers can try to test their applications before shipping it.

Windows emulator could be used as a platform to run and execute Android applications on the system. Its usage depends on the user’s need or it can be optional.

Here, the Android emulator comes into the picture because it allows you to create a bridge between the computer’s robust resources and the user’s Android device. This helps to reduce the lag of Android games and allows you to get access to computer control, mainly allowing you to use all of your smartphone features on a computer.

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Best Android Emulators for PC

 BlueStacks :-

Android Emulators for PC

BlueStacks is an American company that was introduced in the market to push the mobile gaming boundaries. It allows to run high definition games and Android applications on the user’s system. It has 130M users. This is one of the first that worked really well. It still gets regular updates.

  • It offers many features such as multi-instance, key mapping and an AI-based gaming engine for superior performance.
  • Its installation process is very user friendly and it doesn’t takes much space you need at least 2GB of RAM. 
  • Hard disk required 5GB free disk space. It requires Intel or AMD processor.
  • It allows user to run multiple applications or games at a time, provides simple and clean interface and customizable gaming controls.

Price :- Free / $2 per month.

Download : BlueStacks 

 Android Studio :-

Android Emulators for PC

Android studio has a build-in emulator that users can use to test out their games and apps. Its setup is rather complex and can take a long time. Thus, we wouldn’t recommend it for consumer-level usage. However, developers can use this tool for testing their apps as their emulator. 

  • It works wonderfully for developers but it is not good for non-developer because it takes too much time to setup.
  • It has a build-in emulator. So, you can use to test your apps and games.
  • Android studio is a multi-functional emulator. It comes with a good graphical user interface and features.
  • It allows to use multiple applications simultaneously and you can also take screenshots while using applications on the system.

Price :- Free.

Download : Android Studios 

GameLoop :-

Android Emulators for PC

GameLoop is an another tool you can experience high-quality Android gaming on windows PCs. It has been developed by Tencent as part of the desktop mobile gaming experiment. Initially, you could only play PUBG on this platform. Now, Tencent has brought support for a huge list of Android games.

  • It is truly dedicated to Android gaming app. Hence, the lack of support to other Android applications.
  •  It provides you great performance.
  • It offers excellent keyboard and mouse integration.
  • It allows you easy access to major Android games on your desktop.

Price :- Free

Download : GameLoop

Nox Player :-

Android Emulators for PC

It is an Android emulator for windows that provides tons of features than other. Nox Players provides you the stock version of Android. While it is built with gamer in mind, users can also install other applications from the Google Play Store. Nox Players is simple and i believe it’s among best Android emulators on windows.

  • It allows multiple windows on single device.
  • It is easy to root.
  • It has stunning UI.
  • Here you will find screenshot and video recording shortcut.

Price :- Free 

Download : Nox Player

ARChon :-

Android Emulators for PC

ARChon is unconventional emulator system for PC. It is actually a Chrome extension which allows the APK files to be loaded on the Google Chrome browser at runtime. This is not an easy emulator to run because you have to change the APK file using the tool to make it compatible. Also not every APK file can run due to support issue. To run the app on chrome you need to follow more steps.

This is actually a chrome extension that allows the APK files to be loaded on the Google Chrome browser at runtime.

  • It can only take the pressure of small APK files without additional file size.
  • ARChon comes with Google’s reliability and it is highly secured.
  • It is different from others because it supports Chrome browser.
  • It allows multiple to use multiple Android applications in a single browser simultaneously.

  Price :- Free.

Download : ARChon

MEmu Play :-

Android Emulators for PC

It is popular for Windows PCs. It is an Android emulator that supports both Intel and AMD CPUs. It offers good features that make gameplay easy and capable of playing high-end games on PC. MEmu is preloaded with Google play store so you can easily browse and install on the PC. It also gets regular updates to add more features and fix issues related with the App.

  • It requires atleast  2GB RAM and 2GB hard disk free space.
  • It supports keyboard, mouse and game pad to play mobile games perfectly and with ease. It has a simple installation process.
  • It offers an option to develop a custom Android emulator.
  • It comes with many optimize graphics and allows users to play free Android games.

Price :- Free.

Download : MEmu Play

Prime OS :-

Android Emulators for PC

Its true potential is to provide an Android like experience on desktop. It is perfect alternative for RemixOS, BlueStacks and other best Android emulator for PC. It is new Indian start-up in 2019. It provides a gamer-focused Android experience. You can also use this for productivity if you want so.

  • When compared to the windows budget system it provides high performance.
  • To offer a unique gaming experience it combines the Android ecosystem with the system interface.
  • It offers dual boot with a single click.
  • It doesn’t provide any custom options for customization.

Price :- Free.

Download : Prime OS 

Genymotion :-

Android Emulators for PC

Genymotion emulator is very easy to use and powerful. It offers many custom options for customization and a better user experience. This emulator is specially for developers. It allows to test your app on variety of devices. Genymotion offers their services for personal use but it is good for consumers uses. This is available on both your desktop as well as the cloud. 

  • It can monitor across all devices.
  • It is multi-support Android emulator which speeds up testing and share live demos.
  • It is not open source .
  • Genymotion has high definition pixel compatibility that shows mobile apps with more clarity.

Price :-  Desktop plan start with $136 per year / Free cloud trial for 60 min.

Download : Genymotion 

Bliss OS :-

Android Emulators for PC

Bliss OS is Android itself and needs to be installed as a separate OS. It is little bit different than others. It can run on your computer through a USB stick but USB installation method is more complicated. As a virtual machine install, process is easy if you have ever made your own virtual machine but tedious if you have never made. 

  • It basically focus on the design which includes so many options for customization and themes.
  • It reduce battery consumption thus increasing battery life.
  • It provides regular updates. 
  • It has high security features.

Price :- Free / Optional donations.

Download : Bliss OS 

NOTE :- These emulator are not completely bug free and may lag from time to time.

So, this is the list of best Android emulator you can use to run android apps on your PC. Before installing any emulator check if it has latest version for android or not because it effects user performance and also it should have good support team for resolving any issues.

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