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Best ways to Create Bootable USB for windows 10

bootable usb for windows 10

Bootable USB for windows 10 is useful for installing an operating system on a computer that doesn’t have a CD/DVD reader.

So, my awesome readers before telling you the steps, let us first understand what is the need of bootable pen-drive for our PCs and laptops?

  1. If you are using a disc to install windows on your PCs, laptop, there are a lot of drawbacks to it. CD/DVD has started to disappear in the market. The CD/DVD has to be kept safe and secure. While it is very simple to create a bootable pen drive. Therefore, it is better not to be in the fuss of keeping a disk and let us learn to create a bootable pen drive.
  2. The next problem with using the disc is that it might receive an error as some of the files will be missing in the disc and for sure you people will get an error. So, the installation will be interrupted in the middle of the setup which is very annoying and time-taking.
  1.  If you have to buy a PC, laptop of the company which doesn’t give you the disc with PC then how will you Setup the Windows on your PCs. Therefore, you will face a problem at that time.
  2. If you are waiting for current OS updates for your PC and if you want to get awesome new features with updates then you can do easily with help of USB drive. No need to get in the fuss of using a disc.

I personally use the Bootable USB for Windows 10 installation on my PC. But, not to worry as we have picked up some awesome ways for you to make a Bootable USB pen drive.

Detailed steps for you to make a Bootable USB for windows 10 :

Bootable USB for windows 10

A bootable USB can be used for drive to run the windows installation on your PC directly from USB just by opening your computer. 

So, after creating an bootable pen drive you can run the windows on your PC without getting in a fuss of running an existing system before.

What you will be needing for this process?

  • The first thing you will be needing is a Pen Drive ( 4 GB or 8 GB minimum for a 32 bit or 64 bits respectively) .
  • Your working PC for creating the bootable pen drive.
  • A windows ISO file.

We can easily create a Bootable USB for windows 10 by Power ISO

 Bootable USB for windows 10

Power IOS is an awesomely powerfully CD/DVD/BD image file processing tool. According to me, it is one of the best tools for creating a portable pen drive because it acts as an all in one solution.

What does it do?

You can open, burn, create, delete, compress, slip, extract and convert ISO file and mount ISO file with the virtual pen drive.

POWER ISO is all in one solution as it can process almost all CD/DVD image files including ISO and BIN files.

So here are the steps below to create a USB portable pen drive using POWER ISO.

Step 1: First you have to run Power ISO on your PC as an administrator and then insert a USB drive on your computer. Now go to the tools and select create a bootable USB pen drive.

Step 2: Then you will be asked to select the source Image file first which means the ISO files of windows. Then you can direct the path of the ISO file in Windows.

Step 3:  After this you will be asked to USB-HDD in a write method mode in order to start creating a bootable USB.

So now you are done. All you have to do is wait until the writing process finishes. And then you have your all new Bootable pen drive.

How to Create a Bootable USB for windows 10 by using the Rufus tool

 Bootable USB for windows 10

Rufus tool is free open-source portable application for Microsoft that can be used to create bootable USB for windows 10 or Live USBs.

 Bootable USB through the Rufus is very simple when compared with running command methods.

For this method you will needing a window ISO file. Hence let us discuss the steps for creating a bootable pen drive using Rufus tool.

Step 1: Download and install the Rufus tool.

Step 2: Now insert the pen drive. But make sure the pen drive is empty. And then open the tool.

Step 3: Now select on the click button, it will ask the browser Windows ISO file from the system.

Step 4: Select and browse the Windows.iso file and click on the start icon to run the process. This process will take a few minutes to copy all the iso files in the pen drive.

Step 5: After completing the above steps correctly your USB is ready to install windows.

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