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Best Tricks and techniques to record an IPhone call: call recording app for iPhone, google voice


In this globalized era recording phone calls in most of the regions is considered to be offensive unless or until you take the approval from all the parties who are in the phone call .due to this limitations apple has never included this feature in its IOS.

If you are taking an interview from your iPhone then here comes a question on how to record the session? We have searched through the app store and have come up with a list of tricks and best proven techniques.

  • Using a call recording app.
  • Using external device and hardware.
  • Employ Google voice.
  • Merge call with other number. 
  • Using apple voice memo.

Using call recording app for iphone:

call recording app

 This is one of the most preferable techniques which are available in-app store. Here are some best call recording apps. they are Icall , call recorder, tape a call pro, recorder plus, rec my calls, re-call recorder, call recording by notes, call rec lite, call recorder, call recorder- Int -call voice charger, best call recorder. 

Tape A Call Pro:

call recording app

This is one of the Top – notch featured call recording apps available on the app store. The main advantage of this app is that it is easy-to-use interface and decent call recording without any distortions.

How can we record a call?

To record a call we have to tap on the record option in the app and the app will dial our access number and starts recording.

How can we access our recording?

Once you end your call the app servers process the recordings and a link will be generated so that we can share on wide range of platforms.

One thing we have to bare in our mind is that this app charges for call recording. it has a minimum flat price of $3.99 per month and a annual subscription of $19.99.this app also provides you with a 7 days free trial version in order to check your expectations.

Using external device and hardware:

If you are not interested in purchasing the third party app, you can buy your own voice recorder to look things simpler.

  • EVIDA Mini voice Recorder.
  • Sony voice recorder.

Steps to record using hardware:

  • Open the application in your android device or mic or lap or any hardware device.
  • Place your iPhone nearer to your hardware device.
  • Make a phone call from your iPhone.
  • Place your iPhone on speaker mode for better voice clarity.
  • You can access the recorded call from your hardware device.

Employ of Google voice:

Do you know that we can record a phone call using Google voice app? However this feature is available in few countries. Here are the steps to enable Google voice service.

call recording app

Steps to employ Google voice:

  • Open the app and tap on menu at the top left corner.
  • Tap on ‘settings’
  • Slide the incoming call option.
  • To attend the incoming calls dial 1 on your dial pad.
  • Tap 4 to record calls.

All the recorded files will be saved in voice mails and can be accessed anytime but the only disadvantage is that we can only record the incoming calls.

Merge calls with other numbers:

This is one of the best ways to record both the sides of conversations since it doesn’t contain any click option for recording.

call recording app

Steps to merge calls:

  • Make a call on iPhone and tap add button during conversation.
  • Select a number from contact list.
  • Attend the call.
  • Mute the call on your android device.
  • Tap recording to start recording.

After the end of your conversation you can get the file from your android device.

Record calls using apple watch voice memo:

call recording app

Do you know that you can actually record a call from your apple watch voice memo? Well, I can tell you yes we can record.

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Tricks to record using voice memo:

  • Tap on the digital crown. 
  • Select voice memo app.
  • Tap on record button.
  • After the call ends tap on record button to stop recording.

If you have ever used an app to record your important calls, what apps do you use? Come on comment below let us know you. Hope you liked this article to know more amazing techniques and tricks follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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