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Best Four ios apps for video editing 2020

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After out in-depth testing and finish with the reveal of my top pick for best video editing app on iPhone and iPad. So let’s jump into it Okay. So after testing all the latest options, we’re going to take a look at the best video editors available right now on iPad and iPhone and as we go through make sure Let me know down in the comments. What’s your favorite video editing app for iOS and most importantly why ,now there is lots of options out there when it comes to video editing apps. You’ve got things like Adobe Premiere Rush, alight motion ,video leap ,Filmora go ,IMovie, inshot ,killer Master Lumafusion ,power director, quik ,viva video and Vllo and we so there’s definitely a lot of options out there but what I’ve done is I’ve created a short list of my top four. 

Apps that we sorted out of our list:

just before we get to the shortlist. I do want to mention a couple of apps here really quickly. That just couldn’t fit into the top four and there are only four of them But there are still really good apps that let you create professional videos really really fast and they are alightmotion ,videoleap ,kinemaster and PowerDirector.

So Alightmotion doesn’t have the most intuitive interface, but it’s still a really powerful app. It’s also a Motion Graphics and animation app not just video editing, videoleap has an awesome really intuitive interface with some Pro level features in there as well .

PowerDirector The new one to iOS has been a great app on Android for a long time. They finally have an iOS version but I still don’t think it’s stacked up especially to limit this down to a top for list and for a short list and that includes Adobe Premiere Rush, Luma fusion,inshot and vllo.

Our list of the four apps

so without teasing these any longer app. Number one on the short list is

Adobe Premiere rush:

Now I’m a massive fan of Adobe Premiere rush. I think it’s so easy to use. I think the interface is really intuitive. I think if you’re an absolute beginner, you’re going to be able to start editing fast in here without too much overwhelmed or too much confusion. But if you are someone who is more on the event side of things you’re going to have a heap of professional level features in here that are going to allow you to create the videos that you want in this app as well.

So it’s a good mix of beginner and professional features but probably the biggest standout feature with Adobe Premiere Rush is the fact that it is cross-device cross-platform compatible.

Meaning you can use this on pretty much anything on your iOS devices your iPhone your iPad on your Mac on your PC. You can start a project on one and open it up on the other and then open it up on another if you’d like. So it’s the only app out there that works cross-device and cross-platform. But also it’s kind of like the little baby brother of the professional video editing software Adobe,Premiere Pro

what you Start your projects in Adobe Premiere rush and you can open them up inside of Adobe Premiere. So if you do want to upgrade your projects or open them up inside of the professional-grade software, then you have that ability as well as some great features in there that make it really quick for you to edit your videos down things like audio ducking and audio auto levels.

So it’s automatically going to adjust everything for you based on the clips or the music that you’re using in your videos. It also makes reformatting your video projects really really easy. So if you’re starting with a In screen video for Youtube and you want to create an Instagram story version a portrait video, by the click of a button you can easily convert and switch between the two .The biggest downsides are found with Rush is that it can be a little bit buggy from time to time but in saying that it really hasn’t been a long time, so I’m hoping that they fixed all of that in the most recent updates, but also it’s worth knowing that you actually can’t reverse a clip or Play a clip backwards. I don’t know why it seems to be something that even the most basic video editing software has except for Rush. It’s not a deal-breaker. 

But it’s worth knowing that if you need to reverse your Clips or play them backwards you can’t do it in Rush yet as for pricing. There is a free version, but it only lets you export or save out three projects. So you really going to be looking at one of the paid options and it is a subscription model. It’s 676 rs (9.99$)per month for access to Adobe Premiere rush or you can also bundle it with some of the other Adobe programs.

So if you’ve already got a license for Adobe Premiere Pro, then you’ve already got a license for Adobe Rush as well. But a package deal of Adobe Premiere rush and Adobe. Premiere Pro started around 1420 rs ($20.99) per month. So I really think Adobe Premiere Rush is a great option for anyone. Is that absolute beginner right through to Advanced given the amount of features and control but also how easy it is to use and obviously if you’re someone who is a beginner looking to advance your editing this could be a great leg up for you into Adobe Premiere Pro when you’re ready.

premier pro rush


app inshot

I want to come out and say this straight away that this is probably the most basic app in our short list and yes some of the other ones that didn’t make the shortlist have more features and more control over inshot But I think this app is definitely worth looking at if you want to edit your videos down fast without a heap of extra features ,the features that they give you in there are fantastic, but they’re not going to overwhelm you

so this is going to be perfect for an absolute beginner or someone who just wants to make minor edits and make this stuff look good and quickly get it out on social media.

So like I said, this app is really really easy to use as for the faster edit in interface super intuitive, but there’s a couple of things this out that they’ve done which are really cool that make it easy for you to edit your videos fast. The first is that you can set up your effects

your color Can call your formatting how you want the clip to look and you can take a box and you can apply it to all the Clips in your timeline or in your edit. This is something that you normally only see in the really high-end. They’re really professional apps And this is awesome. They have it in a more basic app like this just like Adobe Premiere rush. They make it really easy to quickly change the format of your video. So if you are someone who is going to be repurposing your content

I really like the way that they handle it in inshot and how fast and easy they make it even for doing things like putting a widescreen video and converting it through to Portrait. It’s literally just clicking at the different options for adjusting the background color to be able to add subtitles or to add a blur in the background. This is all stuff that you can do in a lot of the other apps but it is so easy and so fast in inshot

So as for the downsides as I said this app is not a pro level app. It’s not going to have all the advanced control and advanced features that you’re going to have in the more professional apps. You also have no control over the frame rate of your video and there’s also only one video layer or Video track that you can use to create your videos. So if you’re looking for something more advanced where you going to be stacking Clips on top of each other like adding b-roll or overlay footage. You can’t do that in inshot

now in regards to pricing. There is a free version of inshot. It does have a watermark, but you can watch an ad to remove it. So if you watch the ad you don’t actually have to pay to remove the watermark, which means that you can use in shot totally for free and create unbranded videos, which is awesome.

The other options you’ve got though is you can pay 1.99$ to Remove ads totally from the app or you can remove the ads and unlock more features more stickers more effects and those sorts of things with their Pro Plan which is either $4.39 per month or you can pay a one-time fee and purchase the app outright for around the $43 price point. So rounding that out inshot I think is an amazing app for editing your videos really quickly for repurposing them for adding captions and those sorts of things if you need to but I would say it’s definitely aimed at more of the beginner to intermediate. 

You’re an advanced user. You can probably use something like inshot just to do a really quick edit to save you opening up one of these other apps and getting everything set up editing down. Something fast is really where I see inshot fitting into this list or it’d be perfect for someone who doesn’t want to get bogged down in all of the advanced features and advanced controls.

Luma Fusion:

Now this it hands down the most powerful most advanced video editing at on iOS right now.

This thing is absolutely amazing. It is really mimicking what you would get On something like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut but on your iOS device.

So this has pretty much has all the bells and whistles everything you need from creating a short quick little clip right through to an actual documentary or a film. There are people out there that are using their iPads and iOS devices to edit down major videos using Luma Fusion. Now, the interface itself definitely isn’t the easiest to use especially compared to some of these other apps that we’ve mentioned here, but it really is because of all the advanced features and controls

As a downside and if you are someone who has edited before on a different program or different app, it’s not going to take you too long to get up to speed in here, but you will be blown away with the amount of features and control that you have ,one of the things I really love about Luma Fusion is the amount of performance and power that you have in there.

You can literally drop in multiple 4K Clips drop them straight in the timeline you’re able to scrub through them play them back at effects and everything all without missing a beat and even on an older iOS device. I’ve had great success using LumaFusion on an older iPhone 7 with multiple 4K clips and yeah hasn’t missed a beat. I also really love some of the simple stuff that they’ve added in from what you would normally see in a desktop video editing application . Things like the ability to easily and quickly lower the volume on a track by track level what it easily pick up and move Clips around but keeping everything in sync. It’s almost like it’s a hybrid of Premiere and Final Cut with that Final Cuts magic timeline in there. And it’s also really cool that you can easily switch and change up the layout or the interface. 

So depending on what you’re actually doing or what device you’re using if you’re on a smaller screen or a bigger screen, you can customize up the layout so that is going to work best for you with what it is that you’re doing.

So in regards to pricing then there is no free version. This is a one-time purchase. But really it is ridiculously cheap at $29.99 considering that this is the most powerful video editing app out there on iOS. So I would recommend Luma Fusion to anyone who is an intermediate through to advanced level. If you’re a beginner You could still look at this as well. I would say that the learning curve for you is definitely going to be greater than some of the other apps But if you do want to grow and learn and master video editing then this could be the perfect app for a beginner as well. But for an intermediate to advanced level person this is going to be great ,what you get with all of those Advanced features and controls and yet it’s ridiculously cheap.


This is one that’s relatively new to me. I’ve spent a lot of time with it recently but this is something that we have never recommended before and I’m going to say when I first open the app and saw the welcome screen that showed up. I was kind of like just one of those template theme-based really basic editors, but it’s actually the complete opposite. It is awesome. It doesn’t have all of the pro features and things That LumaFusion does, it probably doesn’t even have as intuitive interface as Adobe Premiere rush but it is still really easy to use and it does have some amazing features in there.

One of the standout features for me in there is the adjustment layers and the effect layers where you can apply all of your effects or any adjustments that you want to have and they are applied to all the clips that are below or in this case above the actual adjustment layer. So working with adjustment layers and being able to bulk apply or batch apply things to your entire Clips or even just to multiple clips in one sitting is just insane.

This is something that only the more professional desktop video editing apps have, not normally seen on an app like this. So it’s a great addition. There’s also some really cool features in there like being able to Ripple edit left to Ripple edit. Right So you’re able to cut your timeline and remove a chunk in one step instead of going through and adding a cart and selecting and deleting.

So there’s some ways that you can edit your videos down fast and Luma Fusion has this as well, which is why I’m really blown. In a way that you have it in this app too I also really like the way that they display the audio waveform or the visual representation of the audio in your videos on top of the clips themselves. This is something that most video editing apps don’t include at all let alone to present it as well as it is in this app.

It makes it so much easier to edit your footage down if you’ve got audio in your videos because you can visually see where those audio markers are and this is another app that makes it really easy to change between the different video formats. So if you are interested in Repurposing your content. You can easily do it in here and you also have the ability in here to stack or to layer your video clips.

if you do want to do some more advanced edits and drop in things like b-roll or overlay footage you can do that in here too and just while we’re on the multiple video layers while you can do it in there and while it works pretty well, I don’t think it’s as intuitive or it’s more cumbersome than something like Adobe Premiere rush or something like Luma Fusion when it comes to how you just stacking the videos on its own separate layer. Stacking a video in here is almost nesting the video inside of the other one. So this isn’t too bad. If you’re only going to add one additional layer, but if you want to add two or three, that’s when it becomes hard to work with and that’s when it really becomes hard to switch and select between which clip you want to adjust it .

Surprising, There is a free version of this app, which does not have a watermark included mean that you can just use the basic features export your video and it’s not going to have any branding order mark on it

but in order to totally use the app and access all the pro level features including things like the multiple video tracks than you will need to purchase the app for a one-time fee and this one is ridiculously cheap at $14.99 one time fee. So I’d recommend Vllo anyone who is on the absolute beginner level right through to an advanced user.

I think you’re going to have tools and features in there that are going to work across the board. If you just want to do simple stuff, you’ve got it going to be really intuitive for you to do that. But if you want to have access to a lot of those extra features and things you’ve done Got those in there too and obviously for someone on the more advanced lot of things having access to those adjustment layers and the level of control that you have over the way you actually edit in the timeline. This is going to be a great pick for you too. But it definitely doesn’t have all of the advanced features and control at something like lumaFusion.

So those are our top for video editing apps on iOS right now now it’s going to be tough. But if I had to pick a winner, I would say it’s going to go to Luma fusion and because of the amount of features and controls that you have

There is Nothing that really comes close to the level of professional tools and professional features that you have in there. It really is like desktop video editing application or video editing software on your iOS device. I’m someone who’s been editing professionally for a very long time and is just insane what you are getting for $29.99 as a one-time fee. Plus it’s really amazing how well it works even with multiple layers of 4K videos.

Well played now we’re going To add in here a really quick runner up and that is to Adobe Premiere rush. I love that it is cross platform device like an started on one device open it on another but also that you’re able to edit really fast without getting bogged down in a heap of settings and stuff but it still has a lot of pro tools and everything in there.

So that’s my close runner-up and I’m also totally Blown Away with VLLO. Oh, I’m sure this video next year is going to look a little different because what they’re doing and obviously at their price point too. Yeah. It’s going to be an interesting year and it’s going to be interesting to see what they do now

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