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Best free Cloud storage Apps (2020)


Cloud computing is an elaboration in IT sector that has changed the functioning of businesses a lot. Cloud computing is a kind of service delivered to every user which includes storage, sharing, database, and moreover internet cloud storage service. 

Cloud computing helps in sharing the files, data, and more with friends and families. Cloud storage not only stores data into your space but on someone else infrastructure also. Nowadays cloud computing has overtaken traditional storage and engrossed prized possession in every kind of business group either big or small.

Earlier, every individual or business group relies on hardware devices for the storage of data. But nowadays everyone reckons on cloud storage as hardware devices are costly and cloud storage provides some amount of free storage. But even in the enhancement of technology, some business has minimum knowledge of cloud storage and hence they blindly rely on traditional cloud storage.

Using traditional cloud storage such as hard drive, pen drive and many more has a lot of advantages but once a device gets corrupted it all gets lost. Therefore, cloud storage is a replica of traditional storage to be on a safer side.

 There are many cloud storage application available which provides free data storage. Many of the offerings have premium plans, but they also provide some free space which is more than enough a person needs. All you need is to get some basic knowledge about these free cloud storage apps.

NOTEAutomatic cloud backup is completely different from cloud storage. The services mentioned below are great in keeping files stored on a cloud but they do not back up files on the cloud at a scheduled time like a backup service does. 



Gdrive cloud storage

We will lead our list with the best free cloud storage application- GOOGLE DRIVE. It provides free storage up to 15GB. That’s enough for a normal user to store his data. The total storage provided by Google is shared among various services like Gmail, Google Photos and Google Drive. This application is provided by Google for mobile and desktop users.

It is the special service among all the storage services because it allows the user to store their personal data and can also be shared with specific users a person wants.


  • Collaboration and file sharing.
  • Plenty of free storage.
  • Desktop and mobile app.


  • No privacy regulations.
  • Storage is shared by other services of Google. 


pcloud cloud storage

pCloud is an impressive player in the town of cloud storage. It provides free storage up to 10GB. It provides all the services a person expects- from sharing to syncing files. pCloud makes it very easy to share files and media to any user with much less effort. The plus point of pCloud is that it also allows storing video and music files. Besides sharing, it has also allowed the user to directly sync there any local folder from the desktop into the pCloud account.  


  • Multimedia streaming.
  • Enough cloud storage.
  • Earn additional space.


  • Lacks files sharing security.
  • File encryption requires paid subscription.


mediafire cloud storage

MediaFire is another free cloud storage service that allows you to store your file and images online. The initial free storage provided by this service is up to 10GB but can be expanded up to 5GB. 

The only feature that makes MediaFire different from others is that user can upload multiple files at once with the help of any browser. File stored can be accessed from anywhere and shared also but download of files is ad supported. So, it is a drawback which is lightly to be considered. 


  • Sufficient free storage.
  • Upload public files to your account.


  • Ad supported website.
  • Inactive account gets expired.


sync.com cloud storage

If any of the above service does not appeal you, sync.com is the best alternative you can consider. It offers free storage up to 5GB. It promises their users that they can access their files from anywhere. It is very easy to backup files with sync.com. The best feature of this storage service is that the deleted files can be restored, so if a person deletes a file mistakenly he needs not to feel like regretting. 

Sync.com also delivers end-to-end encryption to protect the privacy.  It propounds many other security issues and control permissions.


  • Good security features.
  • Strong privacy laws.
  • Web based folder uploads.


  • Not great storage capacity.
  • Minimal but functional website. 


Dropbox cloud storage

Compared with all the cloud storage apps, dropbox is the powerful free cloud storage service because of its backup feature. Launched in 2007, it discovered the whole idea of cloud storage. In recent times, it isn’t the best cloud available but it is still worthy to be in top 5.

It offers 2GB which can be expanded up to 16GB by some simple ways of earning. It doesn’t backup photos and videos but is easy to use. It allows you to share your files publicly. 


  • Easy to use.
  • Free storage up to 16 GB.


  • Only 2GB is offered when entered.
  • Not best for privacy.


*1TB = 1000GB

There are a lot of options available out there for storing your data on cloud. Using one or more in combinations for storing photos and videos, may provide you the best storage service.

Any other free cloud storage service is welcome to be recommended in the comment section.

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