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Best Meditation Apps to relax your mind during the COVID 19 outbreak


Most of us are stressed and trapped in our homes trying to stay calm in the current situations of the Coronavirus pandemic. Breathe in and breathe out. Not to worry cause the meditations apps can surge you in deep relaxation.

During the past some months, usage of meditation apps has spiked during the Coronavirus pandemic and many are choosing to relax in groups.

Meditation apps such as headspace, calm and Ten percent have seen a rapid increase in usage of these apps so much that they are launching new features every week and partnering with local government to meet demands 

Much like the video conferencing app these days like Zoom app. We have discussed it in detail in our previous articles and you can check that out.

Meditation is often but a solitary activity, a way to sit alone and feel centered. But in the era of isolation we as people can use it to feel a sense of togetherness with other, even if it’s just virtually .

I have personally used these meditations apps and they kind of given me time to think about my own self and explore the world within me.

If we discuss the usage and download of app as Mindfulness. This app has hit 7,50,000 downloads during the week of March 29, which seems to be total of 25 percent increase from the time of January and February. People have spent 85 percent more time on these mediation apps.

The founder of the Mindfulness app was himself diagnosed with COVID -19 last month. Fortunately, she recovered and then she moved back to her meditation communities which by then they had turned online. It was not much time that she started meditating with 3000 people live on calls.

She said “It’s easy to caught up in to the existential angst of it all and meditation help us understand and work with overwhelming stress”.

Most of these apps are offering live classes, where a mindfulness instructor and even sometimes celebrity take viewers through a mediation session. Then apps also have Question and answer sessions and live sessions that help the people to get better experience and stay connected and become calm and less stressful.

Heap space is also another app which offers daily guided mediation sessions for its users which in every one life know a days could be a good way to spend time with their own self and become less stressful.

People on this app can use live meditation feature where folks can join a guided meditation at a scheduled time. This feature is being used by people 70% more lately then usual.

Headspace CEO Richard Pierson said “I think we are craving human connection and shared stories more than ever”

The meditation app Ten percent happier has release a free “Coronavirus sanity guide” to help people deal with stress and remain calm in this stressful pandemic time.

It has also made its app free for more then 2,5000 health care workers so far.

Its daily guided live mediation has attracted more than thousand participants and people are listening to its recordings even after the live sessions have ended. Now a days some of my family members who were mediation skeptic are using this app to remain calm and less stressful.

“People are deriving a sense of community from these apps” say Harris, an ABC news Correspondent.

Let us discuss more about these apps because it is very important these days to keep or mind calm and relaxed. So, here we have put down this list for you of the top 5 mediation apps you can use to make yourself less stressful more determined and focused.

“Be kind to your mind, body and soul with help of the Headspace”

List of Meditation apps

Headspace Meditation app

mediation apps

The lockdown has made our minds suffer from stress, anxiety and restlessness these days due to the crisis of Coronavirus pandemic. Headspace is app that give us tools and resources to look after our mind and sleep problems, stress and anxiety.

Most of us including me cannot sleep now a days in the night but now we can sleep soundly with help of this app because it provides us with sleep casts, music and other audio experiences, story-telling in a range of soothing voices, calming tracks, meditation to prepare us for sleep. The Subscription plan of this app includes:

  • Hundreds of guided meditations on everything from stress to sleep.
  • Over 40 mindfulness exercises for cooking, eating and commuting and more.
  • Super-short mediations you can do anytime which seems great for busy schedules.
  • Expert guidance from a former monk, and a Head-space co-founder, Andy Puddicombe.
  • Fun and simple animations to help you with your meditation practices and answer any questions you might have.

Subscription price of the Headspace app:

  • You get a free trail for two weeks if you enroll in Annual subscription of $69.9 a year, that’s $ 5.83 a month so annually you save 60%.
  • You get a one-week free trial for a monthly subscription for $12.99 per month.

Students and family pricing for the subscription are very less which include custom exercises to prepare for us for exams, presentations ad more custom exercises, a personal guide to health and happiness in your pockets. It also teaches us ways to be less stressful fused and more-happier.

One big happier family plan includes six accounts for $99.9 a year. This plan has features like Enjoy 6x the mindfulness for less and in this way you happier and healthier from roommate to teammates and groups.

The headspace can be used by anyone in the chosen family you just need to sign up, you and rest of your team members just need to the same physical address as a proof.

And for unemployed people mostly in US, this app is giving a free yearly headspace plus subscription during the Coronavirus pandemic crisis to help you get back on feet. One thing I like about this app is that it makes mediations even when offline with a foundation of short guided sessions.

You can download this app from Google Play store or Apple Play store.

Calm app:

calm meditation apps

If you are beginners in the doing mediations then calm app might be a good idea for you because it has general medication courses, or one dealing with stress, anxiety specifically. It is one of the best meditation apps

You can listen to short stories, narrated in soothing voices to help you sleep better.

One of the best things about this app is that they ask you what is your focus at the beginning whether that’s increasing self- esteem, increasing happiness, reduce anxiety or Better sleep.

If you are not so fond of guided meditations, the calm app has a timer for you and a whole list of calming music sounds, ambient noises to choose from, many are all set for their sleep like me.

For us it really stands on what it is all about Sleep more, stress less and live better.

Subscription pricing:

You get a 7-day free trail on this app. And, after that it costs $69.99 a year.

You can download this app from Google Play store or Apple play store.

Buddhify app:

meditation apps

The third app in our best meditation apps list is the Buddhify app.

 A lot of us are busy in our modern lifestyles but If you want to spare a little bit of time and make some time for yourself or your partner, then this app can be a very good way for us to stay calm and less stress full.

It will fit best in your busy modern-life style because you can choose how much time you have, even if it’s for a few minutes.

One of the most interactive features of this app is that you have a wheel with different categories like Going to sleep, calming down, sleeping better, growing wisdom.

So, you can customize your own experience by creating your own wheel by the so-called edit mode with whatever categories you want according to your moods. This app is very beautiful to look at and you can try one of the wheels created by the teams such as tough times or Mindful Ninja.

This app offers courses like a foundation where you can learn principles of what meditation is and how it works. Some meditation courses offered by this app only work if you are with other people like your friend, partner or colleagues. So, this app can good way to spend some time with our children, parents, partners and friends in this time of crisis.  I would suggest you to use Headspace and the Calm app and them supplement your meditations with this app like cheery on the top.

It also supports features like Solo timer that help you mediate without any support and also has an app in purchase.

Subscription pricing:

You can buy this app for 270 rupees on Google play store.

You can download this app from Google Play store or Apple play store.

Sadhguru app:

meditation apps

The fourth app in our meditation apps list is the Sadhguru app where you get Daily quotes on phases of a life by one of mystics of India- Sadhguru himself.

If you want learn the Yoga guided meditations  for your body that are traditionally crafted by some most skilled Yoga gurus of the ancient land of Yoga- India.

You get peaceful four collection of chants mainly – Vairagya , Ye Devi, Linga bhairavi Aarti and Triveni each with its own flavour and essence.

These practices of YOGA are based on sciences of Upa – Yoga which is crafted towards giving physical and physcological benefits.

You can practice daily meditations like the ISHA meditations, peace meditations, goal meditations weekly based on what you want in your life to walk through struggles of your daily life.

You can download this app for free from Google play store or Apple play store.

Insight timer:

meditation apps

The last app in our list of best meditation apps is a free meditation app -The Insight timer. You can have  an access to a free library that gives you an overall experience with 4,50,000 free guided meditations in the Insight timer. This app is a one-stop destination if you want to learn basic of mediations, stress, anxiety.

If you are beginner, this app would be good to start your meditation journey 


You get a premium membership with a 30- day free trail by giving $30 USD for a year to unlock insights courses, playlists and premium features.

You can download this app from Google Play store or Apple store for free with app in purchase to unlock premium features.

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