Best Netflix Extensions for Chrome (2020)

by Sadaf

A big mass of people are using Netflix nowadays but what makes you walk a path, different from the herd? Netflix Extensions on Chrome can make your work easier and make your binging relaxing and fun! Netflix extensions for Chrome can help you exploit your favorite movie platform to the most 

Netflix announced that nearly 16 million subscribers have added to the family during the lockdown and post lockdown period all thanks to COVID-19.  

So Isn’t it essential to make your watching experience more comfortable using Netflix extensions on Chrome since many of us are still sitting at home binge-watching? 

So here are some top Netflix extensions for Chrome you can use to make your viewing experience more holiday like:

Top Netflix extensions for Chrome


Netflix Extensions for Chrome

The most perfect feature for this situation and an amazing Netflix extension for Chrome, House Party lets you stream Netflix movies and series with people who are not immediately present near you. 

It lets you synchronise your videoplayback with your friends or significant other and also includes a group chat for a joyous time. 

 Released on 28 July 2020 version 1.8.2 of this Netflix extension for Chrome is aimed at making you feel Less Lonely while streaming Netflix during the pandemic. 

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Follow the steps to use Netflix House Party :

  1. Install this Netflix extension for Chrome from the Chrome web store
  2. Open your desired movie/show on Netflix. 
  3. Create your own party by clicking on the small red ‘NP’ button next to the address bar. 
  4. Click on the ‘Start Party’ option. 
  5. Share the URL with your friend or significant other. 


Netflix Extensions for Chrome

only binge-watchers know how much we have to turn around and change positions to find a comfy-cozy pose and ensure that we do not go through the severe back pain after hours of the movie spree. 

This Netflix Extension for Chrome allows you to position your screen as you desire. Not only can you rotate the view to 90 degrees but also to 35, 45 or 70 degrees. 

Happy Netflix spree! 

Keyboard shortcuts

you know how key shortcuts are so handy. 

Space:  used for pause/resume

F: full screen

Esc: gets you out of the full screen window

M : mute 

 Up/down arrows for increasing and decreasing volumes along with right/left arrow for jumping 10 seconds.  Well, this Netflix extension for Chrome allows you to use your keyboard for default shortcuts. 

Netflix extended : it is a green coloured- icon for Netflix extension for Chrome which can be downloaded from the Chrome web store. 

When you go to your Netflix window there is a little green ‘N’ button which allows you to set up Default ‘key bindings’ for skipping intros, recaps. To move to the next episode, and a lot more


Netflix Extensions for Chrome

Did you know that original Netflix movies are made in a ratio of 21:9 on Ultra wide screen? 

Nay, Because Netflix converts the content into videos of 16:9 ratio. 

But by using this Netflix extension for Chrome you get to choose among these three modes: 

  1. Contain – gives the normal 16:9 view 
  2. 2:1 – crops the video a little from above and below
  3. Cover- lets you fill your screen with an ultrawide display. 

There are also three modes of alignment which enable you to align your video to the top of the screen, in the middle of the screen, or at the bottom of the screen. 


This Netflix extension for Chrome allows you to create a pop up window with your favourite shows continuing while you do some other work

it enables you to multitask which most people do not know about

just by pressing the ‘Alt + P’ key on your keyboard, you can have fun with your movies along with your work side by side. 

Who ever said Netflix and work don’t go hand in hand? 


Categories make selection easier and quicker as we only see content relevant to our interests. 

Very few people know about secret code categories of Netflix where you put a numerical code for every genre. 

Putting the code after the Netflix web link enables you to explore the specific categories. 

(e.g. 43040 for action comedies and 6889 for crime dramas ) 

but this task is made easier by a Netflix extension for Chrome named 

Netflix categories. Just like all the other  Netflix extensions for Chrome you can also find this on Chrome web store. You can install it by clicking on “Add to Chrome”. 

After downloading the extension, go to Netflix website on Chrome and tap on the button ‘Netflix categories’ and search out an extensive list of categories for you. 


Provided ratings of any show makes our work so much easier than exploring the content by watching some minutes of every show. Do you think so too? 

Rateflix does the exact job for you. It is a Netflix extension for Chrome which provides the viewer with IMDB ratings which are totally trustable throughout the world instead of any other. 

You can just install this Extension and enable it on your browser’s Netflix and it will give you an IMDB rating for almost all the shows you stream. 

However, it might not work for newly released movies and shows but is a great tool if you are looking for something new to watch. 


This Netflix extension for Chrome is similar to HOUSE PARTY

You can install this Extension to connect with anyone, anywhere without actually doing “Netflix and chill” which is basically the situation during the pandemic. 

After installing this Extension, you can go to your favorite show and click the SHOWGOERS button on the Address Bar. 

Choosing your desirable options, it will lead you to a message saying “joining sync session” and then you can share the URL with whoever you want to virtually  watch a movie with. 

Need of the hour, isn’t it? 


In all the Netflix extensions for Chrome listed out above, This one, I think; bags the title for most important.

Flix plus holds many surprises for its guests. 

Firstly, it Hides the spoilers: when you have completed an episode and are going over to watch the second one. There, if the cover photo of the next episode indulges in giving you some kind of spoilers, Flix plus will protect you from spoilers like a knight on a white horse by blurring out the image. 

Secondly, it fades the shows you have already watched: honestly, I think it is a really important attribute. This Netflix Extension for Chrome fades or changes the color of all the shows you have already watched. Mostly these posters are so catchy that they tend to steal your attention without letting it divert to the new different ones. 

So it is a really necessary extension

 If you’re willing to explore! 

Thirdly, it provides you with keyboard shortcuts which come real handy if you’re watching for long hours. 

ALSO, it provides the user with Rateflix which enables a person to see the IMDb ratings of the show you wish to explore. 

Do you want more? If Yes, read ahead. 


Ever heard that Netflix can help you learn a language? 

Then this Extension is just for you! 

Super Netflix not only lets you upload custom subtitles, but also choose the language you want to see your subs in! 

As honey on pancakes, it let’s you change the Video quality. 

If you feel that the movie you’re watching is too gloomy, you can increase the brightness and saturation.

You can change the quality of your video according to your choice as well as the subtitles. The only con of this Extension is that unlike its name; Super Netflix is not Super compatible with other extensions on your browser which may result in your Netflix being slow and videos in a lower quality. 

Tired of movies being blocked in your country but don’t wanna pay for VPN? Here’s something for you. 


Ultrasurf is a Netflix extension for Chrome which lets you break the chains of geographical restrictions or geo-restrictions without any registration on VPNs. 

You can pay for a VPN or can use this awesome Netflix extension on your chrome browser. 


As the name suggests it lets you watch your favorite shows from other countries as a Proxy. It is kind of similar to a VPN but gives you a 14-day FREE TRIAL! 

So out of all these, which extension do you think is the most useful? 

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