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Best Tech News apps of 2020


Technical World is changing rapidly each passing day, every day we hear about new gadgets or inventions.

It is required to stay updated with the Technologies. Tech News Apps are not commonly found on everyone’s cell phone or devices. People interested in technology are the only ones, who use these apps to update themselves with the latest techniques or coming ups. You may not find it interesting, but you are surely interested in your mobile phone, so you don’t want to be unaware of any updates either about the model or features. Tech apps help you a lot with that.

Some popular Tech News Apps are listed below.

Google News

tech news app

Not just Tech News, this app updates you with all the popular and latest information around the world. Here Novels and literature are also available along with articles and information. 

You can set the features according to your preference. It’s a great app if you are looking for any news for the amount of information you would find it in a full set of encyclopedia.

Special features & facts.

  • Full coverage – read the full story or just an article. Depends on your preference.
  • Excellent layouts – you won’t get bored with the news.
  • “ Newsstand” You can reach out to the sources of news.
  • “For You” tab – makes it easy for you to search what you care about.
  • Data saver – if you are out of data or has a poor connection, the app would reduce downloading MBs and downloads less data.

Accessible- both Android/ iOS.

Subscription details- free to download.

Tech News

tech news app

It is for well go tech news, all the latest releases, launches, development, innovation, or to be revealed are available here. A curated collection for articles based on techniques. This app has everything you need about tech invention or I must say beyond that.

       All the leading sites are available on tech news.

Special features & Facts.

  • Well designed and highly innovation.
  • You can disable the feed, you don’t need.
  • Updates regarding Technologies, hardware, software, smartphones, newest games and apps.

Accessible- both Android/ iOS.

Subscription details-  free to download and use.


tech news app

with Beebom you can discover the trending articles about Tech across the world.

   Stay updated with Beebom it has all the breaking news from technical World with the range of different topics Android, iOS, tablets , desktop, laptop, gadgets, windows, linux, camera, gaming, accessories and so on.

Special features & Facts.

  • Add free, light- weighted and no vulgarity.
  • Information you wish to know about.
  • Up-to-date and trending news feeds.
  • You can personalize your feeds 

Accessible- both Android/ iOS .

Subscription details- Completely free to download and use.


tech news app

you can focus on positive stories and things that interests you. You can follow topic based on your curiosity. Here you find all the news related with entertainment, Tech, sports, business, politics, lifestyle, food, travels, geography and many more.

Special features & facts

  • Brief features.
  • It takes a while to get familiar, but after that you will be use to it.
  • You can create your personal magazines.

Accessible- both Android/ iOS .

Subscription details- No charges.


tech news app

Many people use feedly to read articles and tech news only as feedly helps you to discover great feeds from tech to business and bloggings .

Special features & facts

  • It offers you integration with Facebook, twitter, OneNote, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Zapier, and many more .
  • Fastest Speed.
  • All the contents will be available in one place in a easy to read format.
  • Easy search for magazines, blogs, or newspaper, you would like to read.

Accessible- both Android/ iOS .

Subscription DetailsIt is Free to use, but to access features like save and share article with different parties, it offers subscription.

Microsoft News

tech news app

Recommended by top Journalists across the world and launched by world trusted Microsoft. This app has everything you are looking for i.e. Tech, sports, invention, money, investment, and lifestyle. 

  Even Top news channels work with the Microsoft News app in a partnership. Their dedicated team selects all the top articles, you need to know.

Special features & Facts

  • Easy to browse.
  • Quick alert and notifications .
  • Dark mode – for night time reading.
  • Compact mode.
  • Select your preferred news in “My News” so you can see stories that are relevant to you.

Accessible- both Android/ iOS.

Subscription details- No subscription charges.

Tech trending News

tech news app

All the Tech News are available in one place, this app focuses to bring latest news related to technology and technical World faster than any other app.

 The best part about it is , it only aims to Tech News.

Special features & facts

  • No unnecessary permission needed.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Regular updates and problem fixings.

Accessible– both Android/ iOS.

Subscription Details- absolutely free.

Findups Daily-

tech news app

 It delivers all the news along with tech news, everything you need to know in your daily life. You can read information about technology, business gadgets, Mobiles, reviews etc.

They always remain strain to bring the latest and trending news. Anything you want to know about is available here,i.e. Technologies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, and more. 

It gives information in right and developed ways . Always serves you best and reasonable news that you are interested in.

Special features & facts

  • “Bookmark” feature – helps you to read the news later.
  • You can go to your profile and choose your interest.
  • Personalize your profile.

Accessibleboth Android/ iOS.

Subscription details- free.

Tech News World

tech news app

fastest and more efficient news app with over 400 sites collaborated.  Here you’ll find top product reviews, trending design, scientific discoveries, space exploration, and more.

You can read the news in your local languages. International, national and local news are updated frequently. Features world news radio, so that you may hear that news as well.

Special features & facts

  • Personalized and categorised manner.
  • You can listen the news 
  • Complete summary of breaking news.
  • Top international news channels available.
  • More than 10 languages are available.

Accessible- both Android/ iOS.

Subscription details-   free to install and use . Not generally, but in some regions subscription are available for $ 1.12/ month.

Geek News-

tech news app

it is a great app for tech lovers.  Appropriate app to follow the leading tech news and feeds. Popular stuff and recent articles are published by the world and national media.

You can reach the original and multiple sources of information.

Special features & facts

  • Favourite topics and their sources are available.
  • Videos are available.
  • Offline reading.
  • Feedback are notified.

Accessible- both Android/ iOS.

Subscription details-  free .

Conclusion- So, these are some popular apps. Not just for tech news, but if you are looking for a one in all, then these apps Should be recommended. Which you can use in Android and iOS both. With these apps, you will find the latest tech news and many more interesting facts. If you are still confused about which app will suit your requirements, then my recommendation would be Google News, Tech news, and Findups daily.

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