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Best five free Fitness apps: Stay fit in this Lockdown

fitness apps

In the previous years, new upcoming trends of fitness apps and new ways through which we can improve our fitness, physique and health issues like obesity, diabetes, heart diseases have played important roles in some of our lives. We can work out, exercise in the convenience of our homes, society, area with the help of fitness apps and make our workouts become more easy, effective, better and time-saving 

And now a days, as we all are under home lockdown as rules enforced by the government for our safety against this pandemic. The lockdown has left most of us annoyed and bored. We should in these days focus on our health cause a lot of movement is restricted as we are confined in our homes so not enough movement and uncontrolled eating can destroy our physique, our immunity and make us more prone to heart diseases. Therefore, we must pull up our socks and do some workouts at our homes cause in these we are our own fitness trainers and coaches and the fitness apps can be friends.

A good variety of free apps are available on the Android play Store for our android phone users to stay fit during this lockdown. Most of these apps our free while some of these come with better paid versions along with free versions also available on Play Store. Let talk of first in our list the Nike Run Club.

Nike Training Club:

fitness apps

This fitness app has a good amount of free workouts, we can customize our meal plans and workouts plans as per our body needs. From toning your muscles to fixing your mobility and building endurance the exercises are on this are focused on improving your strengths, core and overall body fitness.

It has 4.2 Star rating on Google Play Store and has downloads of over 10 million. Whether you want workout with your family in this quarantine or want to boast your mood this app has workouts for everyone anywhere and anytime. The Workout time duration range from 10 min to 47 mins so you can time-based workouts as well.

This app is one of the best free workouts app which you can use to stay fit without going to gym or outside during the lockdown. This app doesn’t have unnecessary adds same as the Google fit. The app offers three different levels of difficulty.

It has daily picks of new workouts that it recommends based on our workout history which I find pretty encouraging. It has range of over 160 free workouts personalized by Nike trainers.

It has workouts like Upper Body express, 7-minute total-body desk detox, Lower – body build and burn and many more. You can connect and sync your data with your Google fit also.

You can download this app for free from your Google Play Store : Download

Adidas Training Fitness app by Runtastic:

fitness appa

The second fitness app in our list is Adidas training app by Runtastic. The app offers workouts that you can create and customize yourself as per your body goals which is my favorite part of this app.

All the workouts are downloadable if you don’t have proper net connections. The workouts range from 180+ body weight workouts to Standalone workouts. You also get tips to improve your diet so as to reach better results and fitness.

But some premium features like personalized plans for workout can only be unlocked if you pay. You can have your 12- week personalized plans with premium features if you pay Rs 620.0 for one-month membership, Rs 2500 for 6-month membership, Rs 3,100 for a 12-month membership.

You can also connect with your friends from Facebook and build your own group that will help you to stay motivated to reach your goals.

This app has week by week meal plans if you want to muscle gain or weight loss. The workouts range from cross training to improving muscle endurance. It has 4.8 rating on Google Play store and personally I am very much found of this app because it has workouts for all body types and that also we can Work out anywhere and anytime without feeling bored. These apps are like small gyms in your pockets. You can sync all your data on this app with Google fit and save all your activity on it.

You can download this app from Google Play Store: Download


The third app in our fitness apps list is the FITON fitness app. It is a great app because it has workouts for every Body. The workouts on this apps range from cardio based Workouts to get your heart rate pumping to pre/post-natal workouts to stay fit pre-baby and restore and tone post-baby. 

The workouts on this app include Yoga/Pilates based to challenge your core as you tone, stretch and sculpt, Heart pumping dance workouts that target your whole-body, Strength based workouts to burn fat and build muscle, HIIT(high intensity interval training) workouts that scorches calories and fat.

This app has 100’s of workouts free that are designed by celebrity trainers that are expert in their fields.

So this app gives you daily tips to how to start working at home and tips on snaking during quarantine because we are all stuck at home due to lockdown. You can download your workouts if you have internet connectivity issues and you can also invite your Facebook friends that will help you to stay motivated to reach your goals. It has 4.8 Star rating on Google play store.

You can download this app from Google Play Store on your Android devices: Download


JEFIT WORKOUT tracker is fourth app in our list that gives has 1300+ exercise library, training log tracker, Rest timers, Body stat training exercises, built in social community. But, sadly the free version of this app contains adds.

It had two apps in purchase which are as follows:

  • The elite monthly membership comes at $6.99 dollars per month which is ads free and includes advanced mobile features and training reports.
  • The elite yearly membership comer at $3.33 dollars per month foe a whole year and you save 52% percent on your yearly bill.

It has a 4.4 Star rating on Google Play store app and has exercises that help you target all muscles of your body and give better result in less time if you are consistent with your diets and workouts.

You can download this app from Google Play Store: Download

PUMATRAC fitness app:

fitness apps

The last app in our list is the PUMATRAC fitness app that has 120 free premium workouts which sounds pretty awesome.

Be it boxing, yoga, Pilates this app has it all and you can workout anywhere. This app allows you to access you Spotify and Apple music lists so you can workout at your own beats.

The PUMATRAC app uses Google fit to enrich your profile and give you a more accurate burnt calorie calculation. It is ad free which is pretty nice.

You can schedule your workouts at the sweet spots of your day with the help of a scheduler. The PUMATRACK app provides customized workouts for you as train more with PUMA team of trainers to get in the best shape of your life. It has 4.7 Star rating on Google Play store has 1Million+ downloads.

 You can download this app from Google Play store or Apple store: android/ ios


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