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Best Google Chrome extensions you can’t live without (2020)


Google Chrome is the most used and versatile web browser on the Internet. One of the reason behind this is; it offers awesome; top-quality chrome extensions with it, that make our life and the whole internet experience just so simpler and better. 

These extensions make our everyday life quite easier and they are fun to us.

Here is something one must be aware of, that is these extensions can slow down your Internet browser speed so all must be sure of the extensions which are most useful to us according to our personal needs. We must stick to those extensions only for making our chrome-book experience even better.

Some of these Chrome extensions can be malicious and ethically doubtable. In order to deal with this Google has put several restrictions on extension makers which might help them sort put the issue.

But we have picked out the best list of these chrome extension that you won’t stop from laying eyes on them. So, here is our top best picks of chrome extensions you won’t be able to live without.

Wayback machine extension:

Wayback Chrome extension

It helps you access older version of your favorite website because it takes Snapshots of the websites from their existence so we can see how the website at the beginning. The Way back machine extension is also called the Archive.org.

This extension comes with the drop-down selection menu which makes it better than any other such extensions. The drop- down selection of the menu helps you get the Snapshots specifically by selecting the month or year of which you want the website Snapshots.

Extensions will scan the Way Back machine for the saved snapshots and the you can selectively fetch the Snapshot with the help of drop- down menu.

So just you need to select the month or year you want to visit. And, then the saved snapshots of the currently active websites are going on a new tab. Cherry to the top is that you get the drop-down selection menu which makes things more convenient and easier for us and the whole application as well.

Other extensions that you can use to see old snapshots of how our favorite websites looked from the start are WayBack and Wayback Chrome.

But the Way Back machine is an improvement of the extensions mentioned above. It also has features like the drop-down selection menu which makes everything for us more convenient.

So please tell me in the comments what is your favorite extensions.

Awesome Screenshots:

Awesome screenshots Chrome extension

This another Chrome extension that helps you share screen with video and screenshot. It is free and has over 2 million downloads. So, you can save the screenshots to make up your personal records among friends with G-mail, Facebook and twitter. You can use it with your clients and teammates in Google drive, Track, Asana. 

It has editing options that you can use to annotate the screenshots and you can Record both screen and the Camera to explain anything clearly to your friends, teammates or just anyone.

Now let us discuss how to use this extension?

You just need to sign in with your Google account and then you are ready to go. 

So, you need to follow the following steps in order to use the above extensions.

Step 1: Open your Google chrome and install it.

Step 2: Click the three lines on the top.

Step 3: Go to the settings.

Step 4: Go to the extensions and click to get more extensions.

Step 5: Search AWESOME SCREENSHOT and add that to chrome.

Step 6: It will show the pop- up for ADD app.

Step 7: Click the lens icon to show you the options and then you get 5 options from which you can select as per your needs.

  • Capture Desktop.
  • Capture the entire image.
  • Select the local image.
  • Capture the selected area.
  • Capture what you currently see in the current browser.

Step 8:  You can edit the screenshot with the use of toolbar.

Step 9:  You cab use the other functions like the 

  • Add annotations.
  • Draw boxes, circles or ovals.
  • Blurr the image and more.

Step 10: Click done once you have completed and then you can save upload to the portrait gallery.


  • The first plan is almost free for everyone. This plan offers you to take 30 screenshots per project and basic annotation tools. You get 5 minutes free video recording and 20 free cloud video access. You can integrate the above one with Google drives.
  • The basic plan upgrade is just for $2 dollars per month for one user. The plan offers you to take unlimited screenshots, advanced annotation tools, unlimited screenshot storage and instant sharing, unlimited video recordings and 20 free cloud video access. You can integrate the extension with Google drive and drop box.
  • The professional plan comes at a price of $6 dollars per month for one user. With this plan you get unlimited screenshots capture features, All advanced annotation features, Unlimited Screenshot storage and instant sharing. You get unlimited local video recording, cloud video recordings and Unlimited instant sharing and access.

You can integrate the extension with Google drive and drop box. In this plan you can collaborate with other useful tools like the slack, asana and GitHub.

  • The last plan is the team plan for this you have to pay $20 dollars per month and you can include up to a maximum of 30 users which seems pretty awesome. In this plan you get everything unlimited from screen shots to unlimited storage and sharing. You get unlimited local video recording and cloud video recording and instant sharing.

You can integrate this upgraded extension with Google derive and Drop Box same as the previous plans.

You can collaborate with other platforms on the chrome with slack, asana and Git hub.

Just Read extension:

This is personally one of my favorite extensions that comes in handy if you want to make your article reading experience on the web much better.

So, you can read the web articles on the Internet in the more readable, attractive and customable format. With help of this extension you can read wen articles without annoying adds and customize the font size and the content width of the articles.

This just helps the user read the content only so it is seems to be the  one of the essential addition to chrome for article readers.


It has two versions one is the free one and the other premium one comes with the price of $9.99 dollars per year.

The free one offer features like the:

  • Distraction free and ad- free reading.
  • Theme customization.
  • Auto-run ability.
  • Deletion of unwanted elements.

The payed upgrade premium just Read extension version offers features like:

  • Distraction free and ad- free readings.
  • Theme customization.
  • Auto-run ability.
  • Deletion of unwanted elements.
  • Share pages in just format.
  • Text annotating and highlighting.
  • Custom scrollbars.
  • Auto-scroll functionality.


Citationsy: It is one of the best referencing tools on chrome

citationsy Chrome extension

This tool is one of the best extensions if you want to reference websites and papers with a single click. With the help of this website you can cite websites, books and papers, articles and much more using the Citionsy extension.

So now can add a website or article or paper to your any project right from the browser table in the toolbar.

The above extension support citations in APA, Harvard, DIN, Chicago, MLA and thousands of referencing styles.

How to use the above extension?

When you a website link or any website you want to site just simply just click the Citationsy icon in the toolbar and then a little window will pop-up to let which one Citationsy project you want to add the link to.

If you have been other extensions like CiteThisforme, Endnote this one would come as a totally fresh experience to you.


grammarly  Chrome extension

This extension is your personal free online writing assistant for all us to enjoy our writing experiences. So, we all make a lot of grammatical mistakes while writing our projects, letters, mails and much more.

From checking the tone of your message before you hit the send so can be reassured all the time that the reader would react the way you want him or her to.

So can you eliminate errors, spellings and style your tone in your writings in order to express yourself in a perfect manner with your  words .

I personally use this in order to correct my articles and I advise to use for your works like mailing to various projects.

At last please let us know which is your favorite extension from chrome.

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