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Kormo app

Google regional manager and operation lead Bickey Russell said it is bringing the Kormo app Android app to India to help job seekers find relevant jobs. Last year the tech giant has introduced the jobs with the help of the “Google pay” app to help job seekers and provide opportunities in the growing industrial fields, a business that is now rebranded as Kormo jobs.

Why we need Kormo app?

Kormo app

Kormo was originally piloted in Bangladesh in the year 2018 and subsequently was launched in Indonesia in 2019, and then it has entered into India. Russell noted that the pandemic has tumbled all the sectors which lead to increase in demand towards new services that requires different skills and experience.

The main motto to introduce the “Kormo” to India is to help job seekers in India in this post-pandemic situation to apply for jobs across the country with an additional gateway.

Various reasons to have this app in everyone’s mobile:

The Kormo app allows you to find jobs based on the digital CV. This is the best platform which finds you the right job in these difficult situations. The app also provides you with some tools which upgrade your career and add new skills in building up your profile. You can create a digital CV and share with the employers via the app.

Reasons from being moved to Kormo from Google pay:

We are aware that Kormo app platform is not new to all of us. Google initially launches via the Jobs spot section in Google pay. Companies like Zomato, Dunzo had posted 20lakh verified jobs already google notes. However the jobs could become a spot light for entry-level job seekers. 

So Google had put its step ahead and launched a dedicated job app to cater to wider range of users which tells us clearly that we can also find “blue-collar jobs” as well.

Steps to create your profile on Kormo app:

Kormo app
  • Download the Kormo app from the play store.
  • Sign in with your Google account only.
  • Select the type of jobs based on your skill set and preference.
  • Select locations or allow tracing your locations so as to find jobs nearer to your locations.
  • Now upload your resume, add work experience, qualification details, languages, known to make your profile look cool.
  • Therefore based on your location and job preference the app shows the jobs and detailed description.
  • Click on the list of jobs to read more about the jobs, last date to apply and other details.
  • Once you find a relevant job you can tap on the apply button and share your details with the company for future reference.
  • Under the job activity category, you can see all the jobs which you have applied for.

Besides this Google also rebranded into Kormo jobs alongside in Google pay. Here are the steps how to use it.

Steps to create profile on Google pay:

  • Open the Google pay app.
  • Under business option tap ‘jobs’. If you cannot find use the search bar.
  • Then tap on ’job spot’.
  • Tap ‘get started’
  • Now build your profile immediately and tap on ‘Find job’.
  • To increase your resume’s weight by learning newly enhanced skills click on ‘Learn Something New’.
  • Select up to 3 interests that match your goals and then tap on continue.
  • Now enter the area or field where you would like to work, then tap continue.
  • You can browse your home feed jobs and learning content.

Google has partnered with the National Skill Development Corporation. As a part of the Skill India program. Skill India students were offered to access  ‘Jobs’ on Google pay to get employment opportunities.

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Final wrap…

Kormo app

Now a days employers use Kormo app to hire job only takes a few minutes to create your profile and get a mesmerizing digital CV to share or apply jobs directly to the list of jobs on also helps to upgrade your career and unlock the next generation opportunity. Try Kormo app today and share your great experience in the comment box below.

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