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How to Hide Apps in Android Phones(2020)


 In today’s world mobiles are needed first as a priority we use them frequently. In our daily life, we save almost every detail in our mobile whether it’s personal or professional. As we don’t know when the need arises, we have different apps and information also and They are needed to be safe so that no one can use them in the wrong way.

Reasons to keep your apps hide

  • It is a great way to ensure that your app data and personal information won’t leak.
  • People save their important documents too.
  • If you have family and don’t want them to find out about your confidential apps or something.
  • If your kids use your phone.
  • There are some apps which you neither use nor want to uninstall them.
  • If you lost your phone, apps lock will take care of your data and information.
  • Some people want to hide their dating and social media apps.



you can hide your apps without using any other applications. As you want to hide an app, you would definitely not like the idea of downloading any other one. you can use different  built-in features of your Mobile. Here, you can find some different ways to hide your apps without installing any other application. Using different features for hiding some particular apps will be easy as well as you don’t need to download other apps and you can get the hidden apps back at any time you need.

  1. Disable (feature) you can disable the apps, no longer needed or you want to hide them. After disabling a app it won’t appear on your home screen and app drawer.
  • Steps-: on your device > 
    • Open settings >
    • Click on the Apps  settings >
    • Tap on the Disable options >
    • A confirmation is required >
    • It will no longer appear on your Home screen


  1. Creating different folders (feature)Creating different folders to hide apps is hundred times much easier. In case, if you are searching for an easy option, then adding apps to different folders is a great idea. Name that folder in a way that it won’t look any suspicious.

Steps -:   hold on app  to add >

  • Drag it to the folder.
  • You can rename a folder too.

Accessible -: Android/iOS.

  1. Switching to multiple users (features) -: this is another feature for hiding different apps so that they won’t be a part of apps drawer any longer and stop appearing on the Home screen too.

Steps You are required to follow few steps to apply this feature.

  • You can create a New user or
  • You can switch to another user

To create a new user-:  

  • System settings >
  • Tap on multiple users ( different devices May differ in steps)
  • You need to create another one or switch to another.
  1. Apps freeze (feature)-: this feature is in- built-in some specific devices only, it is also an useful feature for hiding any social media apps, but it doesn’t hide any System app.


  • Go to system manager >
  • Tap on App manager >
  • Click on App freeze >
  • Freeze all the apps you want to hide

Accessible – some specific Androids.

Different devices have their own built – in feature. They are as follows

Hide Apps on Samsung devices – different devices definitely have different steps to be followed.

Steps -: 

  • Hold the screen >
  • You will get the home screen settings Option >
  • Hide Apps >
  • Choose the apps you want to hide from Apps drawer and home screen >
  • Tap on Apply

You can still find the application through search tool .

How to unhide the apps (again)

  • Home screen settings >
  • Hide apps >
  • Select the app to unhide >
  • Apply.

Xiaomi Mobiles (Steps) :-

  • Tap on security
  • App lock> settings >
  • Allow the apps to hide >
  • Confirmation needs to be given.

OnePlus Mobiles:-

These devices have secured and easy way to hide your apps and have assurance of no data will get wipe out.

Steps :-

  • Unlock your device >
  • Swipe to right the array >
  • Here you’ll be find an adding symbol >
  • Select the apps you would like to hide and add them to hidden space.

Non–existence of hiding features

If your device lacks all the above-mentioned features, you still need not to worry. you can go for a third option which is to install another app to hide your existing apps. There are several best Apps mentioned below.

Vault ( hide apps, pictures, and videos):

Hide apps

worldwide used a great app for hiding pictures, videos, and apps. It is useful not just to hide your apps and pictures,  but also highly recommend an app that saves your personal information. If you change your cell, you can still find your apps, information, and personal data by login into the vault app.

Subscription benefits – you can get the app for free as well as on subscription. The free trial is available there. Being subscribed you will get the advantage of login into your accounts and there your apps and data will remain safe even if you change your cell phone.

Subscription Plans– free trial/ Subscription Plans start from ₹ 125/ month.

Features description :-  Applocks, it   provides an app lock facility with strong passwords.

  • Hide and protects apps, pictures, And videos.
  • Easy password recovery.
  • Stealth mode, it disappears vault-app from Home screen, and only with the password, you can get to the app again.
  • Back up on cloud
  • You can create numerous vault app and even a fake one.

Nova launcher

Hide apps

Powerful and versatile app with advanced features can replace your home screen and can hide your apps.

Subscription benefits -:  Prime and free version both are available for download. The Prime version has severe additional features. It gives you access to customs, gestures, and swipe actions and swipe to the app drawer.

Subscription Plans – USA – $0.99 / India – ₹ 325.

Features description -: 

  •  Customized app drawer
  • Hides app with full assurance of not losing any data.
  • Back up and restore data.
  • High speed, easy, and smooth working.
  • It is easy to get a precise feel and different layouts.

Apex launcher

Hide apps

it is a great app to personalize your mobile. In Apex launcher, you can get Home screen replaced in just a few easy steps. It can hide any game apps, social media apps, or system apps.

Subscription benefits- subscribed users can replace their home screen.

Subscription Plans – $ -3.99/ India – 300/ month.

Features description –

  • Protects, hides and locks your apps.
  • Efficient working and regular updates.
  • Customisation is personalized.
  • App locks available with password , pattern and fingerprints.
  • Sorting of folders and App drawer easily.
  • Severe options of themes are available.

App lock

Hide apps

It makes everything sorted and simple. You can hide apps , documents, folders and files too. It is a flexible app that allows you many options too explore throughout the app. Themes present there are attractive and eye-catching.  Despite having hide features, it gives you so many other options to go through.

Subscription benefits – No ads for subscribers. you can use all the features without being interrupted by ads. An assurance of more safety is given with subscription.

Subscription Plans Free/  USA $ – 0.99/ month and India- 125/ month.

Features description-: 

  • Hides both social media apps as well as system apps.
  • Built-in feature for numerous sets of pattern and pins  .
  • Prevent any other person to use your phone without your knowledge by supporting screen lock
  • Hide notification to protect privacy
  • A separate photo vault is available.
  • High quality themes are available.


we all have different motives behind hiding any app or information, be relieved that you don’t need to uninstall or disable them. After discussing so many ways Now, you have a better idea of how to manage the apps as well as how easy it is to keep them safe from everyone. Now, you can select the application that you want to hide either by using the Mobile phone’s default features or by installing different apps. On the other hand, you have to be little careful as above mentioned features and Applications will hide the apps from the app drawer and home screen only. they won’t be hidden from installed apps sections in settings.

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