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How to play Minecraft on Chromebook (2020)


Minecraft for Chromebook is an ideal option and now you can play it on Chromebook without much friction.

It is for sure a well-liked game all over the world. The release of Minecraft later created a new kind of genre called Sandbox Games, where the players could modify, create, or destroy their environment.

Undoubtedly Chromebooks are not the ideal Minecraft laptops. There is no chrome app or web-based version of Minecraft which is written in Java. 

Over time, the game got developed for various platforms like Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, macOS, and many more. However, till date the game has not been developed for Chrome OS, but fortunately, Chrome OS has got the Linux Supported. 

So, the Minecraft lovers who own Chromebook are definitely not out-of-luck. Here is the way how they can play It on their Chromebook. So read forward for getting answers to all your queries.



The very first thing that you should check for is: what do you need to look for when choosing a chrome book for Minecraft?

The main things are- GPU, CPU and RAM.

  • Since Linux is required to install the game, therefore, CPU must be built by Intel.  Only with an Intel-based chip, one can get access to Linux.
  • RAM with 2 GB storage is playable but 4 GB is more preferable.

 However, if you desire for the graphics settings of high range then you must go with 4GB because 2GB allows playing the game on low to medium settings only. 

To run Minecraft, Intel HD Graphics are enough.

Also I would like to remind you that Chromebooks did not come up with the dedicated graphic cards and video cards.

 In case of rendering the game in every possible way, having the dedicated graphic cards is really very helpful.

The Intel based Chromebooks uses Intel HD Graphics, which is generally an integrated graphic.

Talking about importance of GPU, system resources are used by integrated graphics to render the games which toll the computer’s performance.

Therefore, dedicated graphic cards are better option as they don’t affect your system’s resources.

Intel HD graphics are enough to run and play it smoothly, so keep the worries aside.

Getting descent CPU and enough RAM are essential in order to “make up” for the lack of Graphic cards.

Moving on! 


I will like to clarify that; you can get access to minecraft on your Chromebook without moving to developer mode and without installing Crouton.  

 Also, the mouse capture bug on Minecraft is no more on the Chromebook. You can adjust the mouse sensitivity as per your preference and also the game is much more responsive.

 Let’s learn how to play and install Minecraft on your Chromebook:

  1. Make sure that you have set up the Linux on your Chromebook.
  2. Next step is to download the Minecraft.deb file (Debain/Ubuntu) from the official website 

After that, inside the files app, move the file to the Linux section.

  1. Now, double-click on the downloaded file and click on the “install” button.

It takes few minutes only to be installed on your Chromebook.

  1. Open the App Drawer and navigate the Linux folder to access the Minecraft. Open it and bingo, here you are. 

Minecraft works very nicely on the Chrome OS without any tinkering.

  1. Login in to your Minecraft account and then it will automatically download the latest release and update itself.

After installation, app will get close automatically. So, open it again from the app drawer.

  1. The mouse sensitivity is slightly on the lower side while the game runs fine with the WASD keys control. 

For fixing it:

Go to the Mouse settings.

Change the sensitivity to “Hyperspeed”.

Now, you can easily enjoy playing Minecraft without any problems.

  1. And, in the case you face any installation problem then from the App Drawer open the Terminal app.

Now, for installing Java Development Kit run the below Linux command in the given order.

Then, press ‘Y’ to continue the installation.

At last, install the Minecraft.deb in normal way from the files app. 

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

sudo apt-get install default-jdk



Things are appearing to be in better for Linux apps and Chrome OS games with the improved Linux (Beta). Into the Linux websites everything is built-in including the dependencies and packages.

 All of the above, the GPU acceleration makes a considerable difference in the gameplay.   

So that was all about the Minecraft for a Chrombook. I hope you get that how to install and play Minecraft on Chromebook. If you have any suggestions or are still left with some queries then please let us know in the comment section, and yes! Please share your experience.

Enjoy your game!



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