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Instagram reels VS Hotshots: The best alternative of Tik tok (2020)

Instagram reels

Gaana and Instagram both have launched their TikTok Option for the Indian market. Many people don’t know the difference between Instagram reels VS Hotshots.

Gaana has launched Gaana Hotshots and Instagram has launched Instagram reels that offer users to create a short video content to share. The Indian government banned TikTok including 59 other apps. Gaana Hotshots is empowering desirable Indians to become influential in their own right with world-class short video and live streaming capabilities. 

Instagram reels was first time launched in Brazil last year. This is a new Instagram feature that allows user to create up to 15 sec of short video clips in which they can lip sync to music or other audio. In this user can also create a video using Instagram reels audio or clips of another account.

Now, most of people are thinking about the difference between Instagram reels and Hotshots. So, I’m going to tell you the Instagram reels VS Hotshots.

Instagram reels VS Hotshots

Instagram reels :-

Instagram reels allows user to shoot videos, add music, add filters, and share beyond the platform. This is almost like a TikTok. There are some features already given by Instagram through which users can record videos and post it as a story or their Instagram post but this feature (Instagram reels) allows users to record as well as add music and effects like TikTok and that has made it different. You can set the speed of the video clip and also set a timer to record the video.

Instagram has always encouraged the brand to build up and it’s a good place to start an online business by creating a business account and help the customer to know easily the brand purposes and their product through their post. A business account can also share their product video and picture and business information from time to time. 

Now, this Instagram reels feature has created a full fledged ecosystem for creators and brands that can be utilized to promote content or product in an interconnected manner.

Download : Instagram

Hotshots :- 

Gaana is the made in India music streaming app. Gaana offers free, unlimited online music access for all your Hindi, Bollywood, Hollywood, Regional music, Radio, and Video songs. Now it has provided new features which are the Gaana Hotshots Video through which creators can build their own success stories. It will offer emerging and established influencers an opportunity to migrating to a strong Indian platform, the company said.

Clicking on the feature will bring to a familiar-looking interface. You will see that Gaana Hotshots also allows the users to create short video clips playing with music in the background. Gaana has a library of music tracks on the platform just like TikTok.

The creator’s profile follows a TikTok design and people can like and share the video by just one tap.

Download: Gaana

Difference between Instagram reels VS Hotshots

BasisInstagram reelsHotshots
Information Instagram is an American application that has launched a new feature called Instagram reels.Gaana is an Indian application that has launched a new feature called Hotshots.
Purposes To create a short video clips for influence the public.It is also to create a short video clips by creators to build their own success story.
FeaturesInstagram reels provides features like; set speed of the video, set timer, choose effects and music you can also use others Instagram reels audio.Hotshots provides features such as trim, speed, timer, beauty, filters and music.
Music You will not get many regional songsYou will get thousands of songs in Hotshots as it is already a music streaming app which has a huge music list with Hindi, Bollywood, Hollywood and even Regional songs of almost every language.
ProfileIt has added a feature which shows just below the “Edit profile” option.You have to create a profile. Its profile looks like as TikTok profile which you can like and share with just one tap and follow the profile.

Pros and Cons of Instagram reels

Instagram reels

Pros :- 

  1. For this you don’t need to install another app which is already available in the most popular Instagram which has 1B + downloads.
  2. It is just like TikTok. You can shoot short video clips and add music, effects and change video speed.
  3.  You can share it beyond the platform.

Cons :- 

  1. It doesn’t have trim option just like other apps.
  2. It provides effects which you can use before recording the video and doesn’t provide filters.

Pros and Cons of Hotshots 

Instagram reels

Pros :- 

  1. This is an Indian app that has 100M+ downloads. If you have already installed Gaana then you don’t need to install another app. You can get music + short video clips creating app.
  2. It has a huge list of songs as it is music streaming app that has launched his new feature.
  3. It has a trim option to trim the video that you have recorded.
  4. You can add filters. It provides you lots of filters to create an amazing video.


  1. This is exactly an alternative of TikTok. So, many other apps are also available such as Chingari, Roposo, Mitron etc.

So this is it. Both Instagram and Gaana have launched the same feature but there are many differences between the two. If you ask me which one is better then my answer would be that if you are an Instagram lover then you will go with Instagram reels but if you also use Gaana and a TikTok lover then definitely I would recommend Hotshots cause it has more features than Instagram reels. You have to create a profile, which looks like a TikTok profile. You can like and share the video with just one tap.

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