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Jio meet: What is JioMeet and how does it work?


The subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited, Jio Platforms developed JioMeet, which provides video communication facility. 

This new video conferencing app is a cross-platform service, all major operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows 10, the Web, and macOS are supported by it. At the very first look, it seems similar to Zoom app, which is currently very popular for video communication.

Let’s try to grasp, what is JioMeet ?

It’s a new video conferencing app, providing a huge platform for users to have video calls without any hassles.

 In contrary to the Zoom, it is absolutely free of cost right now and provides many advancing features like video calls with up to 100 participants, scheduled meetings, screen sharing etc.

Moving on, we will discuss more about the usage of JioMeet.    

How to download JioMeet?

How to download JioMeet

You can easily download the JioMeet app on iPhone via App Store and on the Android devices via Google Play Store. On Windows and mac, users can get access to JioMeet.

If you are not willing to use or download the app then you can also access the JioMeet on the Google Chrome, Firefox, and other supported browsers by visiting its website.

Creating an account on JioMeet:

Creating an account on JioMeet

Users can create their JioMeet account by the help of mobile or desktop app. For creating the account, follow the steps given below-

  • After downloading the app, go ahead, and open the app.
  • Home screen will open, click on the Signup and then enter your name and email ID/mobile number, then Agree the company’s terms and conditions and then tap on Done.
  • The next screen will open, if you registered via your mobile number then you will be required to enter an OTP, and if you registered via email then you will have to visit your mailbox to verify your email account.


You can also sign up into the JioMeet through the web. For that all you need to do is, go to the website, jiomeetpro.jio.com/home on the Firefox or Google Chrome. After the site is loaded, follow the steps similarly as discussed above.

How to host or join a meeting?

How to host or join a meeting?

Follow the steps given below to host or join new meeting via smartphone:

  1. Open the app > log in > tap New Meeting.
  2. The next screen appears, select to keep your video on or off as per your desire.

Turn on the toggle, that says, use personal meeting ID for generating the personal meeting ID and password.

  1. After completing this, tap Start Meeting. For inviting the participants, tap on Participants > tap Invite, you can also sharing the link manually by copying it or you can also share it by tapping supported app and then selecting the recipient to share the link with.

For starting New Meeting via computer follow below steps:

  1. Open the app > log in > next to new meeting, click on down arrow and check both the options > click on new meeting to start.
  2. For inviting the participants, tap on Participants > click on Invite, for moving ahead click on the email services or copy the URL or invitation and send it to the other participants via other available services like Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp messenger.

For starting New Meeting via computer follow below steps:

  1. Visit the website, jiomeetpro.jio.com/home >log in > click on Host a Meeting.
  2. For inviting the participants, repeat the steps given for the JioMeet desktop app.

FOR JOINING A MEETING follow below steps:

 On a smartphone-

  1. Open the app > tap on Join Meeting. (There is no need to be logged in to join meeting).
  2. Enter the Meeting ID > enter your name > review your joining options > tap on Join Meeting > now enter the meeting password, and you are all ready to go.

For joining meeting on your computer, follow the same steps.

On the web-

  1. Go to the website, jiomeetpro.jio.com/home on Google Chrome or FireFox > click on Join a Meeting > enter the  Meeting ID and then click on join. 
  2. Next screen appears, click on the click here button. Then click on start from your browser. After, enter the meeting password and your name and at last click on Join. 

This is all about joining and hosting a meeting on JioMeet.

How to schedule a meeting?

All what you need to do to schedule a meeting on JioMeet is given below:

On a smartphone-

  1. Open the app > log in > tap on schedule.
  2. Next screen appears, insert the Meeting Topic, edit when the meeting starts and its duration.
  3. Below that, you will find advanced and meeting options, according to your preference you can disable or enable the options. At last tap done.
  4. To manage and access the meeting, tap Meetings > tap the one you want to manage > select if you want to start the meeting, add invitees, add it to calendar or delete it.

On computer-

  1. Open the app > log in > click on schedule.
  2. Then enter the Meeting Topic, change the duration, video options, if you want to add meeting to Outlook then choose it, make changes in Advanced options and click on Schedule. The scheduled meeting will appear on the home screen.
  3. To manage and access the scheduled meeting, right next to meeting, click on the three-dots icon > baccording to your preference choose your next action.

On the Web-

  1. Go to the website, jiomeetpro.jio.com/home on Google Chrome or FireFox > log in > click on Schedule Meeting
  2. Next screen appears, enter your Meeting Topic, edit time, date, and duration, choose and manage the audio, meeting topics and video according to preference > click on save.
  3. To manage and access scheduled meeting, click on the Profile icon > click on meetings, on the left.

Under Upcoming Meeting tab, the scheduled meetings will be shown for editing or deleting any meeting you can click on the desired meeting.

How to share screen on JioMeet?

How to share screen on JioMeet?

JioMeet allows its users to share their screen while using the app on computer, phone or the web. For sharing your screen follow the below steps:

 On iOS-

  1. From the meeting screen tap on Share Screen > tap on Screen Share Start > tap on Start Broadcast.
  2. For stopping screen sharing, tap on Stop Share > tap on Screen Share stop > tap Stop Broadcast.

On Android-

  1. Tap on Share > pop-up menu appears, click on Start Now to start screen sharing.
  2. To stop screen sharing, tap on Stop Share.

On computer-

  1. From the meeting screen, tap on Share Screen.
  2. The next screen appears, for sharing whatever is there on the screen, choose Desktop or you can also choose from the Individual apps/ screens mentioned.

After making your choice, tap on Share Screen. And now your screen sharing has been started.

  1. For stopping the screen sharing, click on the red Stop Sharing Button which is present at the top of the meeting window.

Unluckily, the screen sharing feature does not work on the web version of the JioMeet. 

Advanced features of JioMeet:

Advanced features of JioMeet:

It is newly launched app, and hence doesn’t have many exclusive features that may make it different from its competitors. While using the JioMeet on phone, user can access some more advanced features by tapping on More. Some of its features are listed below:

  • Users can lock or unlock the meeting according to their preference, by going in the Meeting Settings. After locking the meeting, no more participants can join the meeting (apart from the participants who have already joined in).
  • It allows host to mute all the participants at once by clicking the participant’s tab and selecting mute all.
  • Users can also toggle the features such as show name of participants when they join, play chime on entry or exit and mute the participants on entry.
  • For computer, there are very few enhancements like sharing screen, chat among participants etc. On the web version, it allows screen sharing along with recording the meeting.

Is JioMeet safe?  

Is JioMeet safe?

On the website of JioMeet, the company claims that the meetings are end-to-end encrypted on the JioMeet. Apart from all this, yet any details regarding the end-to-end encryption is not given by the company.

 The privacy policy of the company reveals that the company asks for your personal information like name, gender, age, etc. along with the information regarding services and product you are interested in.

So over all, there are no privacy issues and the app is all safe to use.

This is all about the JioMeet and its usage. If you are left with any queries or find any errors then let us know in the comment section.


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