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MIUI 12 : The best experience xiaomi can offer in 2020


MIUI continues to be one of the most popular Android skins with over 400 million users around the world. In recent years the Chinese manufacturer made decent strides in optimizing the skin for a global audience.

MIUI 11 was released back in October 2019 and just 6 months later Xiaomi is rolling out MIUI 12. Though it has just been 6 months Xiaomi was able to add some new features in MIUI 12 to make it stand out. It’s clear from using the ROM, that Xiaomi focused its attention on optimization and tweaking the overall look of the UI. As a result, animations are smoother, visual elements are contemporary and the interface as a whole looks much more cohesive. The MIUI 12 features the new gesture navigation system, has ample privacy protection, and brings beautiful animations for almost everything.So in this article, we take a look at some of the aspects of MIUI 12.


The User Interface


Xiaomi has constantly been changing their designs in order to make MIUI minimal and more intuitive. Last year MIUI 11 brought a clean and fresh UI to the table. Whereas this year I think they have reached the perfect balance between feature count and minimal design language. Right from the home screen to the system apps everything seems to be in complete and total sync with each another. The menu and pages are highlighted with larger headers. Even the button and toggles are larger thereby making it easier for the user to traverse through the phone.


Better animations have been added everywhere in the new version of MIUI. The home screen, lock screen, some apps have much better animations. The application openings have a much smoother and stable opening. MIUI 12 has a bottom white bar on Android 10 and iOS. With this bar, you can make fast change between applications. Also the recent applications animations has been changed. MIUI 12 will have multiple options for recent application with a wonderful waterfall layout. Small animations changes have been done to the lock screen and the charging animation.

Game Turbo  

Game Turbo is a feature that has been there in MIUI 11 which was very attractive and useful.It showed a dynamic animation when game turbo was opened. In MIUI 11 you can accesses the game turbo shortcut by swiping down the screen during a game. You can clear cache during in the game to increase or boost the phone performance during the game.

MIUI 12 has some new features and innovations in the game turbo.

This game turbo will have a voice change feature where you can change your voice IN-GAME. You can change your voice to male, female, robot etc this make the game much more interesting and fun. This will attract a lot of teen crowd.



Two of the wall papers have been given a more dynamic flow. When you open you phone it give a aesthetic animation of the wallpaper. They are the Earth and Mars wallpaper. It is pretty much similar to live wallpapers.

Also these wallpapers will be available to only phone with high GPU obviously.

Gesture System

You can go back from both the sides, but can’t switch apps by holding the back gesture. Further, you can switch between apps by swiping left and right at the bottom of the screen. Xiaomi has made a way to open app specific menu from top part of the screen. It means that you can switch between apps without using the back gesture feature.

One Tap To disable Ads

MIUI 12 has brought a one tap toggle to disable all the ads in system apps. That means no need to download hacks to disable apps ads, Just one tap to disable all the ads. How great is that! In one tap, you can now disable ads from all system apps on MIUI 12.

Floating Window

It basically means you can create a mini window of your app and use it on the background while not disturbing other apps running on your screen.

You can move the floating screen around the screen also alter its size by making it big or small. 

Earlier this feature was only limited to the calculator app but now we can use it in multiple apps such a as Whatsapp, Instagram etc.

Control Center

Xiaomi has separated the Quick settings panel and the notification shade. MIUI 12 will group notifications to the bottom in order to make your notification shade less crowded. And if you don’t like it you can change it back to the androids default style.   

Privacy Protection

Xiaomi is finally taking sufficient steps to safeguard user privacy. In MIUI 12 we are gonna have a new dashboard for privacy protection in the settings apps.

Here you can manage the permissions statistics and the usages of each apps, you also can restrict apps from using certain information. It also alerts you if any app tries to access your location or record audio etc.

You can now keep track of what an application is doing in the background.

Lite Mode

During Lite mode the application and buttons become larger and the display becomes more comfortable and easier for accessing. Lite mode was available in the previous MIUI’s but was removed, It is now recently added to MIUI 12.

This mode appeals well to the elderly.

Camera UI


The camera hasn’t had much change but the zoom feature has been made much softer. Also the design is minimized and made more user friendly. 

Focus Mode


Its a feature which helps you to break free of your for 30,60,90 minutes. Also you can set your custom time.

During this period you are locked from you phone and you cannot use it other than for calling or receiving calls. This is a great feature if you a phone detox. Being a heavy user of mobile phone its a very useful feature. Also it helps the phone cool down during the period.

Earthquake Warnings

This new feature as the name suggest warns you about Earthquakes.

You get alerts about recent upcoming earthquakes. Here you can also send your location to your emergency contacts then and there.

During and earthquake it will alert you with a warning sound and send viable and helpful information.

Video Editing

Video editing operations have been improved from the Gallery application. There is also the option to lower the quality of the video.

Which was not present in MIUI 11.

Music Notification

MIUI has finally brought the colourful music notification that has been available since android 8.

The above were some of the features of MIUI 12

Personal Opinion

Personally I feel they XIAOMI has done a pretty good job in MIUI 12. I specifically loved the new and tender design, the overall rounded content, the game turbo, the earthquake warning and the one tap to toggle disable ads. Me going through the phone was a whole new experience. 

Though I do feel people might have some problem with notifications and the settings a panel both to be differed but I think its revolutionary. But I do feel the camera UI could have been better. The voice change feature in the game turbo was absolutely amazing for me. Also XIAOMI did all of us a great help with the disable apps option. In conclusion I would say MIUI 11 was good but XIAOMI did a good job topping it.

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