Samsung AltZ life: A secure life for Samsung users (2020)

by Sadaf

Tired of those nail-biting moments whenever someone lays a hand on your phone? 

Don’t worry, the new Samsung AltZ Life has your back. 

We all usually have some kind of documents, apps, games, photos or videos which we need to protect from social eyes and demand absolute privacy upon; therefore privacy features have always been a necessity and this Samsung AltZ Life has exactly what you need. 

Being regarded as a mind blowing  innovation for privacy to the fullest, Samsung AtlZ Life has a lot in store for your desired privacy on your Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71 smartphones. 

Don’t you worry, unlike other complicated privacy features, Samsung AtlZ Life is just two clicks away from your safe space. 

Let’s dig deeper into it! 

What’s the use of a  latest technological smartphone if you have to run after your mother whenever she attends a call on your phone making sure she doesn’t get into your gallery or open your WhatsApp chats? 

Samsung’s newest innovation, Alternate Gen Z Life or Samsung AltZ Life in short, enables you to create two alternate worlds in your phone: first, The public domain which is for the public and another, for your own private self; But what makes it more convenient than other privacy features is that you are only two clicks away from traversing into the two Worlds. 

The idea originally comes from the computer command ALT +TAB for quick Windows switching and Samsung brilliantly incorporated this idea into the smartphone usage. 

The major features which provide privacy at your hand are:


 AltZ life

Suppose you are working from home typing an important document and a child relentlessly asks for your phone to watch videos on YouTube. 

Normally you would think of hurrying into saving your documents and exit the platform but in reality, you might end up losing your data or maybe the child might not even give you enough time to do so and burst out crying. 

By using Samsung AltZ Life privacy feature, you can just double click on your power button enabling the child to enter the public domain and be aloof or not touch any of your documents or data from your private domain. 

This feature lets you create a sham-like space very easily accessible and distinguished from your Private data. 

Setting up the Quick Switch is very easy:

You can access this feature in your updated Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71 smartphones by

  1. Open Settings
  2. Open Quick Switch folder
  3. Click Enable
  4. Double click on the ‘Power  off’ switch to traverse between your private and public domain. 

 Suppose you are clicking pictures with your not-so-close cousins and handover your phone to one of them. You want them to click your photos but do not want them to scroll through your past gallery while watching the photos. 

In this scenario you can use the Samsung Alt Z Life Quick Switch button when you hand over your phone to them to switch from the private(secure private camera) to public domain where they can access only those photos which you want to show them, not all the pictures present in there. 

It is a very convenient feature which enables you to have two WhatsApp(s) in your phone; One for the public domain and other which is secured for your own private chats. Now you don’t have to delete your private chats whenever someone asks for your phone. 

ALSO, it enables you to keep your apps fully private. Mobile banking apps, private Instagram accounts and even dating apps. 

Tinder is something that people often want to keep private. So next time when someone asks for your phone you can just double-click on the power button and quick switch towards the public domain where there will be no Tinder app as if it was not even installed on your phone. 

Doesn’t this provide absolute peace of mind! 


 AltZ life

Since you agree upon hiding items in your gallery let’s talk about this feature called content suggestion 

 Artificial Intelligence enables suggestions for you to keep your content private and show or hide the specific content you wish to. The notable feature of this update is that Samsung asserts that the user data will not be shared to the cloud server, rather it would be the phone’s personal AI which will perform processes like content suggestions. 

Based on the identifiers which are set and controlled by you, Content Suggestions feature uses AI to intelligently recognize the objects or faces you select and suggests images that you might want to keep private and lets you easily and instantly move them to the private gallery created by the Samsung AltZ life. 

You can access this private data by Quick Switch feature on your smartphone. 

To enable this feature on your Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71, simply:

  • Go to ‘Content Suggestion’ 
  • Click ‘Get Started’ 
  • Click on ‘private’ 
  • In the people section, Tap on faces in your gallery to select them

It will instantly transfer your selected content to the private domain created by you leaving behind the unselected content in the public domain. 

Now when you go on a vacation with that ‘someone’ which you don’t want to reveal, you can simply tap their face and remove all of their single pictures as well as pictures together from your public view restraining anyone except you to view them. 

And know that whenever you want to see them you can just double press your power button to switch to the Quick Switch mode. Such an easy way to save your data from prying eyes. 

Secure Folder

 AltZ life

A safe haven for your private apps, pictures as well as documents. 

You might have witnessed this feature on a computer, Secure Folder magically gifts you a private space which only you know about. It creates a secure and encrypted spatial memory on your Samsung Galaxy device by anchoring on Samsung’s amazing Knox security platform. Knox security is Samsung’s well-known defense grade security system and if used along with the features of Samsung AltZ Life, your privacy could never be endangered. 

This Secure Folder is actually a very secure place to store all the data upon which you want a Secure approach. It lets you add a Fingerprint or a passcode-kind of screen lock to save your data from social eyes.

  • Go to settings
  • Open Biometric security
  • Click on ‘Secure Folder’ 
  • Press start 
  • Link it with your Samsung/ Gmail account 
  • Set up the passcode lock or biometric 
  • You have not enabled the secure folder in your phone. 

Now you can store all the  content on your phone without any worries as well and give your phone temporarily to anyone without loosing sleep over it. 


This feature in the new Samsung update lets you view better and clearer HD pictures even in your gallery. 

Suppose you need to zoom in on your new jewellery design. This new Samsung update enhances your photos even after clicking them. You can just do men to your pictures and see a clearer and enhanced zoomed picture of your jewelry. 

Now you don’t have to worry about images with torn, non-smooth pixels when you zoom in. 

Another feature in the new Samsung update is for Useful Cards which assist you in securely displaying your bank transactions with a debit cards, credit cards and online banking in an easier and organized manner. 

This South Korean chaebol has already released a smart crop feature, a Multilingual keyboard, useful cards and finder for its Smartphones and this new Samsung AltZ Life update is incredible for users who desire assured privacy for their device. 

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