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The best VPN apps for your Android


Most of phone users around the world use Google’s android operating system. Therefore, to keep the online anonymity they use VPN apps. By VPN, I mean a Virtual private Network that can help us browse through the internet anonymously. Most of the best VPN app providers have a dedicated Android apps for pie, Oreo and more.

A piece of advice please avoid free VPN apps. The reason behind this is on google store a lot of free apps are available which promise you free privacy but don’t mention the conditions attached to them. Instead, go for a fantastic VPN apps that are listed below.

The top 5 picks of VPN apps for the Android:

Express VPN apps:


The first in our list is the best-all round VPN app-Express VPN app

Number of servers: 3000+

Server locations: 160

IP Addresses: 30,000

Maximum device supported: 5

The positive of this apps are that it is well-designed app, has an excellent speed and has kill switch system.

The negative of this app is that it only allows only 5 device support. One would want more device connections if someone was being picky.

There are a lot of things to like about this app. One such thing is that it is userfriendly, simple, straightforward but also offers a lot of advanced options. It has some clear options like the kill- Switch to improve privacy and security of the user, the excellent location picker, insecure Network detection. On the security part it boasts AES 256-bit encryption. The speeds that we experienced with this VPN was consistently fast.

This app is now available in a mix of 12 different languages. Plus it provides access to high speed servers across 94 countries and is compatible with phones, kindles, Tablets, Android TVs.

It is definitely not the cheapest app out there, but it may be worth the money you spent for sure if you are looking for the best Android experience. It has 30-day money back guarantee which allows you to test the app according to our needs. We can walk out anytime as per our choice.

After you signed for Express VPN app subscription, the website will provide instructions to install this apps on your device (usually via Google Play or through APK file) The website has a 24-hour live chat customer support service in case you run into any issues. This VPN app offers a wide range of videos to install app on your device

Express VPN offer 3 price plans with a 12-month plan offering the biggest saving as might except (you get an extra 3 months)

  • For 12 months pay $6.67 /month.
  • For 6 months pay $9.99/month.
  • For 1 month pay $12.95/month.

The VyperVPN App:


The second in our list is a app which is the best combination of speed and security at the same time.

Number of servers: 700+

Number of server location: 70+

IP Address:200,000

Maximum device Supported:5

Its positive are that it a well-optimized app and had a great speed performance.

The negatives of this app is that it has no refund.

This fantastic app is offered by Switzerland based VPN Provider VperVPN. This excellent Android app is very well-optimized and offers many protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP and Chameleon. It has impressive performance overall and has in particular good download speeds.

It has a clear interface, kill switch, auto-connect for untrusted network, DNS options, protocol Switching, URL filtering. The Vypr has really focused on making a A-class app whole some VPNs think of Android as an Afterthought.

The pricing of this app is down as follow:

  • Basic: $9.95/monthly or $3,75/per month billed annually.
  • Premium: $12.95 monthly or $5.00 per month billed annually.

The Nord VPN app:


Third in our list is the most secure of all VPNs -The NordVPN

Number of servers: 5600+

Server locations: 60+

IP Address: N/A

Maximum device supported: 05

The positives of this negative app is that it double date encryption and great performance.

The point of this app is that it is an overly basic app.

It is one of the most popular apps with 5+ millions downloads. It has very high Google Play rating. Not only that it has a zero-log policy which means that it doesn’t track users online activity but also has strengths like ‘Double VPNs’ which passes your connection through two separate VPN servers hence provides an extra layer of protection.

It is very clear the focus of this VPN is privacy and security. But this doesn’t mean it lack in other areas. This app is simple to use, pretty-basic and lack configurations (like no kill-Switch) with the desktop app having much better interface. But on the greener side of the grass it has some really nice features like the ability to connect to Nord VPN when you accessing a WiFi Network. The performance of this app was good although not a spectacular one. It also has a live chat support for a 24-hour customer help.

It always looks for improving in some way. That is clearly seen in its custom-made DNS server. It lets you use its OpenVPN TCP rather than UDP which is added bonus for the more experienced VPN users.

This VPN is reasonably priced and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee if you want to test this app according to your needs for a month. The limited 3-year offer is the best choice if you consider everything overall. The pricing options are as follows:

  • 36-month plan -$3.49 per month ($125.64 total cost)
  • 12-month plan -$6.99 per month ($83.88 total cost)
  • 1-month plan -$11.95 per month ($11.95 total cost).

Private Internet access:


The best balance of performance and price comes in this app.

Number of servers: 3300+

Server locations: 50

IP Addresses: N/A

Maximum device supported: 10

The positives of this apps is its Cheap plans and Great Settings. The negatives of this app is that it has no free trial.

PIA app is easy to use with a surplus of options and settings which you can tweak. It is the missing some neat favourite systems that other VPN apps providers have but it has a list of other features. You have port forwarding,

Support, port Proxy support, UDP and TCP protocol settings, you can define local and fine parts, choose custom encryption and handshaking methods, even vibrate

the handset to indicate when you’re connected. You also have auto-connection whenever you join the VPN kill and a kill Switch.

It is very easy to use as it comes with a simple on/off button in the middle of the screen and the region IP/ addresses at the button. The performance of this app was not a slouch one and the privacy policy is favourable too. It has no free trial and the subscription is fairly affordable no matter what plan you may choose. But its 3-year plan is the best cause it gives you free three months and best savings on your purchase. 

The price packages of this app are as follows

  • [$6.95 per month] 1 month.
  • [$3.07 a month] 1 (+1 extra month)-$39.95 per month.
  • [$2.95 a month] 2(+3 extra month)-$69.95 per month.

The IP vanish VPN:


The last and the fastest Android VPN on the list is IP vanish app.

Number of servers:3000

Server locations:70

IP addresses:40000+

Maximum device supported: 10

Its positives are it has some unusual extras and Impressive performance. Now has kill switch also.

Its negatives are that it has limited free trial/guarantee.

This app is good overall with some impressive download speed. It has some unusual (but great options) like split tunneling. Now it comes with a kill switch feature which automatically shut down the internet connection in the event the VPN drops (to prevent your true IP address from revealing)
It has 24/7 customer support along with no logging if user’s activity here. You also get 256-bit AES subscription with the Open VPN protocol.

But the pricing options might be the negative aspect because there is no- free trail. Although there three available packages come with a 7-day money back guarantee. The 1-year subscription is most promising option among the three package option available.

IPVanish Subscription options:

  • 12 -month plan-$4.87 per month ($58.84 total cost)
  • 3 -month plan-$6.75 per month ($20.25 total cost)
  • 1 -month plan-$7.50 per month ($7.50 total cost)

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