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The Top five Android video editing apps of 2020


There are a good number of free apps available on the Google Play Store by which we can arrange our clips to our own desires and upload them anywhere Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. We have a vast number of devices in our PCs which help in Video editing our clips. One of the heaviest works a device can perform is Video editing. On our PCs it requires tons of RAM and lots of storage to make it happen. Smartphones don’t carry so much power but basic editing can be performed on our phones these apps are also good enough for PRO Vloging with a bit of patience.

Here is a list of best free video editing apps:

  • Filmegora 
  • Adobe Premier Club
  • Magisto
  • Funimata
  • Movie maker
  • Filimonga 
  • Quik
  • KineMaster
  • Power director 
  • Video Show 


filmora video editing app

This is a fantastic video editor app liked by many users. All the primary app.  All the trimming, cutting, adding themes, music can be done. It has a small app in purchase but the free one comes with almost all features.

We can also make square video for Instagram for 1:1, 16:9 video for YouTube. It supports things like music, overlays, transition, slow motion and more. You can select various themes and motion graphics of your choice. It displays a wordmark at the end of the video but you can remove that with an upgrade so here your problem is solved. Plus, you can share your finished work on social media sites. 

Special features of Filimora Go:

  • lips can be previewed in Real- time.
  • Photos and videos are imported from social media websites like Face Book
  • As a wide range collection of templets and effects.
  • A set of professional editing tools.

You can download this app from Google Play.


kinemaster video editing app

Price: Free/4.99 per month.

This app has one of the most powerful features. It has various modes, Chroma key, Transitions, subtitles, speed controls, voice covers, multiple video layers and special effects.

With this app you can Share your finished work on a wider  social media platforms such as Google+ , Facebook, YouTube and extra.

You can add different types of transition in between video fragments and insert blocks of texts and sub tittles.

Main features:

  • You can adjust brightness, hue and other stuff which allows you to come up with stuff you visualized initially.
  • The ability to Share to much wider social media platforms for professionals is one most adored qualities of Adobe master.
  • It supports multi layers of audios, videos, handwriting , images, text, audio which help the editors get to create things of what they visualized in mind.
  • Users can modify or add effects whether the recording process gets completed or not.
  • You can preview instantly for viewing the Editing.
  • It has a precise volume control from moment to moment clip feature.

You can download KineMaster for Android from Google Play.


quik video editing app

Price: Free

It is a new generation Video editing app. It is half way decent if you prefer something simple and decent. It is free and two dozens of video styles and add beautiful transitions and effects. It is a library full of Great music which you can use for your video.  

You can use by adding Up to 50 photos and videos into the apps. Then it processes, analyzes and splits up a short video from them.

It comes with automatic video creation capabilities. It is a reliable app doesn’t display any annoying adds. You can crop your videos, Texts and quickly sync to beats of the music.

Main features:

  • This app is compatible with Motion Pictures and Go Pro.
  • You can save edited video as a draft and finish them later.
  • Transitions are automatically synchronized to the beats of the background music which makes it very effective.
  • Video can save Up to 60 fps for the Smooth playback.

You can download this app from the Google Play.

Viva Video:

viva video editing app

Price: Free/$3.99

It is very impressively designed video editor app designed thoughtfully for a good user experience.

It has over 200 million users all around the world and ranks one of the best video editor apps for Android. It comes with in- built video maker and Slide Show Maker. Plus, you can directly share your videos to great number of Social Networking Platforms.

It works great specially for Short Clips of media.

The way it works is as a Storyboard line of editing where you load clips, edit and trim them as needed, and then move- on to the next segment.

It has hundreds of user-friendly effects that range from Stickers and filters to animated clips and videos.

Main features:

It has a video college editor which allows you to college your videos.

It gives you multiple lens options including college, Selfie, FX, Funny and Music video having nine special lenses available for use.

In terms of performance it outstands most of the editors because of its Slow-motion editing mechanisms.

You can download this app from Google play.

Video Show Video Editor for Android:

videoshow video editing app

Price: Free/up to $19.9

It is an award wining editor app that is undoubtedly one of the best video editing apps for your Android available in the Play Store for free. It come 50 elaborate themes to enhance your videos, Vlogs and Slide Shows.

This app does not lose on quality and you can also reduce the size of your video by compressing it.

It is user friendly, reliable and easy to use. You can enhance the beauty of your videos by adding texts, effects, music sound effects and perform love dubbing.

Main features:

It has a Clip editing tool which can help you do a lot of stuff. You can use it merge, split, trim, reverse, rotate and blur your video clips.

It comes with picture making feature that enables you to create images from your gallery and then you can proceed to add fun filters and background music from your device.

You can download this app from Google Play.

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