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Best tips and tricks of Instagram (2020)


Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has come a long way from being just an image sharing app. In the span of this 10-year long journey, the Instagram has evolved from a simple photo-sharing app into a billion-dollar market, that hosts the most engaged brands and audiences across the world.

It was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010 and back then it was the first photo-only social platform and in no time as per the analytics, on December 12th, Instagram had 1 million users.

Sooner, Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion and on July 26 in the same year, Instagram had 80 million users across the globe.

The major evolution happened in June 2013, when Instagram was no longer just a photo sharing app. The users could now create their own posts, videos and share them to their profile. From that time, we noticed a lot more updates from algorithms that orders the posts on our Instagram to introduction of Instagram stories – basically the posts that are available only for 24 hours.

Now Instagram has become so prominent that users are engaging with brands 4X more than Facebook.

To make your Instagram posts attractive and your experience a little, we have the following tips and hacks that you can try on a daily basis:

Instagram Tips and Hacks

1. How Many People Can You Tag on Instagram?

You tagged your friends on your story or your posts and then you see they have not been tagged at all this is because there are certain limitations to the number of people you can tag. It differs from how and where you tag people.

Ha-ha, do you also have a big friend circle and fail to tag everyone.

Presently, when you tag people with the tag feature you can tag up to 20 friends but after that you are not allowed to tag. 

In stories you can tag utmost 10 different friends.

When it comes to hashtags, you can use up to 30 tags on a post. 

2. Reorder Your Instagram Stories Highlights

You may want your highlights to appear in a certain order. To reorder you story highlights, follow the steps:

1. Add a Story in the Highlight you want to move at the beginning

Select a Story and add it to the Highlight you want to move at the beginning.

Don’t worry if this Story is not related to your Highlight because you are going to remove it later.

   a) To add a Story in your Highlight:

   i) Hold your finger pressed on a Highlight bubble

   ii) Select “Edit Highlight”

   iii) Select a random Insta Story from story archives.

   iv) Tap “Done”

As soon as you add the Story, the Highlight will move to the beginning of the list.

    b). Edit the Highlight and remove the Story

   i) Hold your finger pressed on the Highlight again

   ii) Select “Edit Highlight”

   iii) Scroll to the bottom

   Unselect the random Insta Story to remove it 

3. Reorder Your Filters (It is really useful trust me)


Do you frequently apply same filters to your post? Then here is something amazing for you. You can put your most-used filters up in the front 

Just follow the below steps:

1. When you are posting a photo or video, go to Filter

2. Scroll till the end of your filters and tap ‘Manage

3. To rearrange the order of your filters, Press and hold the three-line icon next to each filter on the left-hand side of the screen. 

4. Now all you have to check or uncheck the circles next to the corresponding filters on the right-hand side of the screen to hide or unhide filters.

Click Done and your changes will be saved.

4. Get More Instagram Story Views by Using Hashtags


You should know that you can add up to 10 hashtags in your Instagram story,

To make your story content reach many people you can add hashtags to your story. Generally, Instagram geo-location tags and hashtags have their own Stories attached to them, thus it means they could appear on the Explore page.

So, to use this hack, add 10 hashtags that are relevant to your story.

5. Get extra colors from the color selection

Do you also have this problem of not getting the perfect color option from the color selection tool? A hack that not everyone is aware about is that you can actually have far more color options than the ones that are shown by default.

How to do it:

1. Open Stories and tap the drawing pen icon.

2. Click on one of the colors at the bottom and hold your finger.

3. What you see is a palette of gradient colors and you can move your finger to select any color that you like.

You can also do this for text or anything you want to color. Just hold your finger over one of the colors and choose from the palette that appears.

6. See all the posts you’ve liked


Yes, you can have a look at all the posts that you have previously.

To see posts that you have liked in the past, do this:

i) Go to your profile

ii) Tap the hamburger menu icon in the top right corner

iii) Tap Settings

iv) Tap Account

v) Tap Posts You’ve Liked

7. Filter and block comments based on keywords

This is actually a very good trick that controls the comments on your posts.

How to apply comment filtering?

i) Go to your profile and tap the hamburger menu.

ii) Tap Settings.

iii) Tap Privacy and Security.

iv) Tap Comment Controls.

v) Please make sure that ‘Hide Offensive Comments’ is turned on.

Tap next to Manual Filter to turn it on.

Now you can enter specific words, phrases, numbers or emojis to filter out comments from your post that probably annoy you. (example – hate, fu*k etc)

The best thing that I personally love about this feature is when you turn on comment filtering, it gets applied to both new and already existing comments on your posts. 

But remember that when you turn off comment filtering, filtered comments on your posts will be restored.

8. View how much time you’ve spent on Instagram


Do you want to have a look how long have you been using Instagram?

You can , How to do it:

i) Go to your profile and tap the hamburger menu.

ii) Tap Your Activity and that’s it

What you see is a bar chart and amount of time in hours that you have already spent on Instagram that day and the previous days.

9.Set a reminder to limit your time on Instagram

Being an Instaholic? And now if you want to spend a certain amount of time on Instagram per day you can set a reminder for you that let you knows when your time is up.

How to apply this reminder:

i) Go to your profile and tap the hamburger menu.

ii)Tap Settings.

iii) Tap Account > Your Activity > Set Daily Reminder.

iv) Choose an amount of time that suits you

v) Tap Set Reminder.

10. How do I hide a photo or video I’ve been tagged in from my Instagram profile?

If you have been tagged into any relevant post or picture you can hide a photo or video you’re tagged in:

i) Tap the photo or video.

ii) Tap your username.

iii) Tap Hide from My Profile (iOS) or tap next to Hide from Profile (Android).

To hide multiple photos or videos at once:

i) Go to your profile and tap.

ii) Tap Settings > Privacy > Tags.

iii) Tap Hide Photos and Videos of You (iOS) or Hide Photos and Videos (Android).

iv) Select the photos or videos you’d like to hide from your profile, then tap Hide (iOS) or (Android).

Tap Hide from Profile.

These were some of my favourite hacks that work for me! What’s yours?  comment down below , follow us on instagram

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