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WhatsApp Desktop: How to use it on pc


WhatsApp Web(whatsApp desktop) is the desktop version of the Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp messenger.

So, if you are a busy person who is working day in and day out and don’t want to get in the fuss and turmoil to switch between your phones and computer then WhatsApp Desktop is simple interface to use to make things for us you easy and convenient.

Positives of the whatsapp desktop version:

  • The desktop services of this app saves your data by allowing you to message over internet connection.
  • This version has a much better and faster connection than the mobile version and is compatible with slower networks which seems pretty cool.
  • You can refer all your chats on the desktop so you stay connected to your friends, family and colleagues.
  • End- to- encryption.

Drawbacks of the desktop version:

  • Location sharing option is not available in the desktop version.
  • You cannot voice call or video call which is disappointing.
  • The usage of this requires a constant phone connection.
  • One of the issues one experiences is you need to have a complete browser to use it on your desktop.

The desktop version of this app is simple, uncluttered interface:


The desktop version of the WhatsApp at first use seems to be very uncluttered, easy -to use, sleek, simple and organized. If you are currently using the Android version you will have won’t any issues in using and navigating through this app.

The navigation and usage of this app is similar to the WhatsApp mobile Android version.

Personally, I use this cause most of the time I am using my desktop, so this app really comes in handy to me to get all my WhatsApp messages notifications without switching between my phone and desktop.

You can seamlessly synchronize all your chats to your computer so you can chat on whatever device you are convenient with.

You can share, spreadsheets, voice notes, slide shows and documents for up to 100 MB on this platform. But WhatsApp says the using experience is better with webcam and other devices attached to your Personal computer.

Line app can be a good alternative for using the WhatsApp desktop app cause in this the phone need not be always connected.

How it works


One of the biggest issues one might have is with the browser version is we need to have a compatible browser.

First you download the WhatsApp web on your computer and then the application generates a QR code on your PC screen

Then go to WhatsApp web option on your WhatsApp and scan the QR code and then you are connected and good to good. No passwords or logins required you just need to scan the QR code.

Fortunately, the desktop client version is easy and simple to run within its own window and has all the features same as in the Web browser version.

Once you click on the WhatsApp web icon listed in your menu bar. You will see QR code on your laptop screen and you need to scan it from within your WhatsApp in your Smartphone.

As soon as you scan the QR code you are good-to-go.

All your contacts and chats and group sessions will be synchronized with your PCs. You can chat from your laptop or PC without and hassles. The desktop client version of this application is similar to the Web browser versions.

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