Best AirPods apps for Android to get iPhone like experience

Many truly wireless earphones are on the market, but AirPods are among the best truly wireless earphones. If You’re already in the Apple ecosystem, AirPods are helpful, but what about Android users? 

You can connect the AirPods with an Android smartphone, but what about the experience like iPhone users. So here we have made a list of the best AirPods apps for Android to get an iPhone-like experience for you.

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1. On iPhone or Mac, you can set the toggle between all three modes (off, transparency, NC). With Android, you can only toggle between Transparency and Noise Cancelling.

2. It is quick to see the battery life from the Today center on iPhone or status bar on Mac. But these features are not available for Android.

3. For iPhone or Mac users, it has automatic ear detection. But It is not functional for Android users.

4. On iPhone, when you pair your Airpods for the first time, you only need to open the case near iPhone, and you see a nice Animation with a one-tap connect button. Again, on Android, you have to connect your Airpods from Bluetooth settings.

As we can see AirPods lack in some places for an Android, But there are a few Android apps designed to bring some iOS features to Android. Let’s check those out.

Best AirPods apps for Android of 2022

Assistant Trigger

Assistant Trigger Best AirPods apps for Android

Assistant Trigger is easy and simple to use. It works with AirPods gen 1, 2, 3, Airpods Pro, Airpods Max & Powerbeats Pro. Assistant Trigger lets you trigger the Google Assistant on your Android phone with a quick double-tap.

It displays battery level in the notification bar, and the popup window showing Airpods battery level on the case is open. Announce incoming caller id & app notifications when Airpods are connected (announcer). It has both paid and unpaid versions. You can use dark mode if you like the dark theme. Some features work only in the pro version.



Podroid Best AirPods apps for Android

Podroid is available on the Play store under the name Podroid Pro. Podroid is quite easy to use but needs to do the setting well. Support the current status of Airpod through various themes, so we need not worry much. We can check the current battery information of the Airpod periodically through the notification alarm or GUI box.

We can also observe the real-time battery information in the notification window and set the cycle. We can register various events on touch 2/3 touch of Airpod. If we lose our Airpod, it supports finding and generating sound.



Equalizer Best AirPods apps for Android

The equalizer is an app that helps us to improve our sound quality. It will also improve the home-screen widget. Equalizer helps us adjust sound effects levels to get the best out of our music or audio coming out of our phone. We can apply presets based on music genre or quickly create our custom preset with the five-band equalizer control. It works on both wired and Bluetooth A2DP headsets.

It can also work with streaming music like Pandora, Spotify, and more. Transparent background mode is available for widgets. For quick access, a notification shortcut is available. You do not need to root your phone. It doesn’t contain any ads.



Wunderfind Best AirPods apps for Android

All iOS devices that have ‘find my’ Wunderfind will work the same way. Wunderfind will help you find your lost AirPods. Not only your AirPods but also headphones, Fitbit tracker, or lost phone within seconds. It has a device radar that shows all the devices near you.

Or you can find your device with the help of the distance score, in which you can select your specific device and calculate the distance score as you find the device. You can connect many devices at one time, and it will show all the into the radar. 


Air Battery

Air Battery Best AirPods apps for Android

Air Battery will help you see the current battery charge of your Airpods. It supports Apple Airpods generation 1 and 2 and Airpods Pro on your Beats by Dr. Dre(generation 3). The notification icon in the status bar shows the charge of the lowest pod. It only displays the nearest Airpods. There will be a small popup to show the current battery status of your Airpods.

The battery status is displayed with an interval size of 10%,85% like this because the device only accurately sends its battery state. In case the Airpod misses a Bluetooth transmitter. The case’s battery level is only displayed when at least one Airpod is inserted in the case. This app uses Bluetooth low energy interface. Chinese branded phones may not work with this app.


AirBuds Popup

AirBuds Popup Best AirPods apps for Android

AirBuds Popup helps you with Airpod battery information. There will be a ‘battery popup’ in case of Airpod is connected. And in the case of the locked screen, it keeps a ‘ battery notification’ for a min. It has an animation popup or dark popup for dark theme lovers. It can pause the playing media through Airpods wearing detection. It reads the caller of an incoming call to Airpods.

It has assistive listening, which helps you hear someone speaking near or in another place. You can change the name of Airpod in the BT system setting. If you want to access the nearby Airpods ‘BLE Beacon’ signal, you need to give it ‘location permission.’ It has both versions paid and unpaid. All the features work well in the official version (paid). The paid version is pocket-friendly. It is convenient to use and simple.



All the AirPods apps for Android written above are free, some have paid versions or need to buy, but even though you want to use the unpaid versions, they will work smoothly. These are easy to use will help you get an iPhone-like experience. These apps will solve half of the problems and make it easy to use Airpods.

We are suggesting these AirPods apps for Android after trial and checking the reviews. These are the most downloaded apps and are reviewed by thousands of people. And the support teams are quite helpful.

We have many articles you can check, and if you have any queries, please do comment, and any suggestions are welcomed.

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