In this article, we have discussed the 5 best alarm clock apps for Windows 10 and 11 cause Time is the most precious resource we humans have it is completely free for us to use it but it can be quite costly if we waste it. If time is used judiciously it can land someone on to precious treasures of life changing experiences.

On the other hand, if time is wasted it can turn even a king into a slave. Time is boundless it can’t be controlled yet it can do magic when we spend it rather invest it in right areas. 

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In this fast paced world all we need is good time management skills and an ability to maintain our work-life balance. Here is a list of 5 best alarm clock apps for Windows 10 and 11 to help you manage and invest your precious time for achieving your precious goals.

Best Alarm Clock Apps For Windows 10 and 11

Windows Clock 


The inbuilt app in PCs run by Windows offers minimal user interface yet useful features like timer, stopwatch, and world clock. Microsoft has added a new feature to the Windows Clock app that is dubbed as ‘Focus Sessions’. This feature helps you to be time bound in your tasks. It is one of the easiest to get alarm clock apps for windows 10 and 11 as it comes packed inside the operating system.

You can list the tasks, that you want to complete during the focus session, in the To-Do section. You can set the time limit for how long you want the session to be. You can also check your daily progress sand maintain daily streak. You can link your Spotify and listen to your favorite songs while working to have enhanced concentration.

The app tells you to take a break in every half an hour. There is a ‘skip break’ option available. You can also customize length of the break, length of the focus session, notification sound for break, end of break notification sound, notification sound for session end. With each alarm you can also put labels to remind you of your important The only bad news with this new feature is that it is only available for Windows 11. 

Cool Timer


If you are one of those people who like to manage their time with set goals in set intervals of time and you are looking for some alarm clock apps for windows 10 and 11 then Cool Timer app is for you. There is an option to manage multiple time bound goals with multiple alarms. There are several themes available for users to customize the app according to their liking.

Also, this app has a unique feature to show passing time in a graphical format. In this feature an image represents passing time by slowly fading in or fading out or, emerging out ‘from nothing’ in a clockwise direction as preferred by the user. It is quite helpful for the people who want to keep check of their time but don’t like to see boring digits tick-ticking.

The users can also select the image they want to use as the timer.  Another unique feature in this app is that the user will need to solve a puzzle to turn the alarm off. This feature will help you in killing procrastination by pushing you out of your bed for your morning workout or a morning run. The user can also choose their favorite song as their alarm tone. 

Alarm Clock HD

This app features crisp graphics as suggested by the name. Apart from the clock and timer that helps you keep track of your time this app contains several other interesting features. The app features breaking news through a single line at the bottom. It also features weather reports.

You can annoy your international friends on the right time at which they won’t feel too annoyed with the help of the ‘World Clock’ feature. You can keep track of important dates through the ‘Calendar’ feature. The app can be customized using different images for the background.

The app has a music player where you can play your favorite melodies while working. The user can also tune into radio while working. The app also helps you sleep with its feature that has a collection of sleep music. The app also allows the user to choose alarm tones as per their choice. Try this app from here.


WakeMeUp is considered to be one of the best alarm clock apps for Windows PCs. This software can wake your computer from sleep mode. You can also choose any audio file to be your alarm tone and the software supports any type of audio files like Mp3, WMA etc.

It has a very simple user interface so even a noob can operate it easily. The user can put multiple reminders and keep track of important dates and events by putting a label on them. There is an option to put alarms on standby or to delete them.

The PC wakes up by itself at the time of alarm even when no user is logged in. The user can use fade in or fade out effects with the audio used as the alarm tone. The free app has basic features but to use several other important features you need to pay a good amount. 

Sense Clock

This app has to be the best alarm clock featured in this list of best alarm clock apps for windows 10 and 11 with most advance features and functionalities. The best thing is that these features and functions are accessible to everyone at a very low price. The software also comes with an option for the users to keep a desktop widget to make your desktop screen look more interesting.

There are many options to customize the animation of the widget from around 20 options available. This app gives the user a facility to put multiple alarms, timers and the user can also use it as stopwatch. It also has a feature of customizing alarm tones, choosing the snooze time and so on. The app can be synced with the local Wi-Fi or GPS to automatically configure time.

Along with all the features of a clock it has additional features like weather reports. The weather reports section is highly customizable. The user can use the unit of temperatures between Fahrenheit and Celsius. The time interval for the update of weather report can also be customized.

The user can customize the widget to show the date and time at which the weather report was last updated. The widget can also be tasked to show wind speed and amount of humidity. You can download this interesting app from here.

So these were the 5 best alarm clock apps for Windows 10 and 11 that you can use every day and manage time.

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