15 The Best Auto Mouse Mover Softwares of 2022

When your PC or laptop screen goes into hibernation while you are doing something important is really very annoying. 

If you’re someone who works in front of the computer all day and gets tired of the screen sleeping automatically after some time. While you’re reading or going away something else to do. That can be quite irritating. 

This problem is faced by almost all of us. No worries because in this article we are going to present in front of you 15 Of The Best Auto Mouse Mover Programs. I’ve personally created this list on the basis of the program that does the job of keeping the screen active effortlessly and some other programs which also provide you with extra features along that. 

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These Auto Mouse Mover programs will help you in every way you want in which they can and will help you to maintain your workflow by keeping your screen alert all time. In this list we’ve included free programs all serving the same purpose but in different ways and with some more or less features with one another. 

Check out the programs in the list and if you want some more information or to download them use the link mentioned below. 

So now let’s wrap up the intro and start out a list of 15 Of The Best Auto Mouse Mover Programs.

The Best Auto Mouse Mover Softwares of 2022

Mouse Mover 

Auto Mouse Mover

Mouse Mover does the job simply just like its name. It is free to download and use. Using this program is not a tough task. 

You just have to install this program and it will open a small interface asking ‘Press OK to end the program’. Just click on the ‘Ok’ and you’re good to go. That’s it you’ve nothing else to do. 

It will automatically move your mouse every 5 minutes keeping your screen alive. It doesn’t have any other configurations to do. Mouse Mover starts to work as soon as you install it. 

It starts to work when you launch your device and stops when you shut it down. Overall this is a pretty great program not with many features but easy to use, free and lightweight for Windows. 


Move Mouse

Auto Mouse Mover

Move Mouse is one of the best programs to keep you screen awake while you’re working. It is a free to use, open source program for Windows. 

Move Mouse has a variety of options than just keeping the screen on.  You can set an interval of time to move the mouse. It has a clean and simple interface with five categories on it. 

In the five categories of Mouse Mover it has an Action tab in which you can create actions which Mouse Mover can do while using it, you get to label actions which you can start when needed to. By clicking on the Appearance tab you can choose the program to be visible or not. 

With the Behavior tab you can change the frequency of actions performed by the program. Last with the Scheduler and Blackouts you can set time when the application should start and stop and set schedules to when the mouse should work. 

It has a customization program which allows you to create scripts but for that you must know how to create them. 

Mouse Mover is a great program, free to use with a simple interface. 



Auto Mouse Mover

XUMouse is also a free and open source program to move the mouse automatically. It is a lightweight program and doesn’t take too much space in your device. 

It is pretty much easy to use. XUMouse also provides customization options. After installing it you have to select the activity time to move the mouse from 5 to 500 seconds. To stop all the activities of the program you just have to tap on its stop button

It gives you two options: ‘Click Mouse’ & ‘Move Mouse’. In the Click Mouse option the mouse pointer gets clicked automatically after the set interval of time. In the Move Mouse option it moves the mouse randomly from one place to another after the set time. 


Mini Mouse Macro 

Auto Mouse Mover

Mini Mouse Macro is another best auto mouse mover program. What makes it stand out in the list is that it has features to record the mouse movements like, click and keys. 

Mini Mouse Macro is an easy and useful mouse macro. It is completely free use and even free of charge ad. You can save and load the macros (macros is order of events such as clicks, delays and keystrokes which can be record and play later) 

Mini Mouse Macro gives you support and updates from time to time. It allows you to use the keyboard for starting and stopping mouse movements by setting hotkeys. The unique feature is that it will not move your mouse randomly. It will record the mouse movements and repeat them in the same loop. 

It has a script builder page in the app, you can send emails from Mini Mouse Macro. You also get Hotkeys and quick launch properties. Schedule tasks with macro script. Mini Mouse Macro is 100% certified to be free of virus and malware. 

There is also a Mini Mouse Macro Pro which has all features of Mini Mouse Macro and many additional features too. 


Tiny Task 

Auto Mouse Mover

Tiny Task is a trouble free mouse mover program. It is a lightweight program which only takes up to 35 kb of your storage and has a simple and small interface to make your job easy. 

On the user interface of the program you get the options Open, Save, Record, Play, Compile, and Settings 

To record all your activity on screen like browsing on a website, opening a folder or file you just need to click on the ‘Record button’ after your recording is done stop it and then you can even play it in a loop. 

With the compiler option you can turn mouse movements into an exe  (executable) file. On the settings you can change the number of loops, hotkeys, playback speed, access help and many more. 

Overall the program Tiny Task is justifiable to its name by its lightweight and easy UI nature. It is a nice program not only to keep your screen awake but also with its other handy features. 


Wiggle Mouse

Auto Mouse Mover

Wiggle Mouse is a really simple program whose sole purpose is to keep the screen awake. It is a cross platform Java program. 

To prevent your screen from sleeping you’ve to set a timer to move your mouse after a specific interval and that’s it. Wiggle Mouse will repeat that in an infinite loop. 

It has an easy to understand interface. Wiggle Mouse is a perfect program to keep your screen on while you’re not using a mouse or keyboard. 


Auto Clicker Typer 

Auto Mouse Mover

Auto Clicker Typer is an easy to operate program. With a simple and basic and understandable user interface, this program does a great job. 

It has a record option to record the movement of the mouse you can even save and play the recording. With the loop option you can add the loop numbers to record the movements of the mouse. 

There’s a hotkeys button to operate the software from the keyboard buttons. For customization you get an ‘Auto Script’ button. Auto Clicker Typer can also work without the internet. 


Mouse Jiggler

Auto Mouse Mover

Mouse Jiggler is an open source and free program to do the job. Like it’s name ‘Mouse Jiggler’ jiggles the mouse to keep the system on. 

Mouse Jiggler is a virus free program and it has received many positive reviews from its users. In the Mouse Jiggler it has a straightforward interface in which you get two options: ‘Enable jiggle’ & ‘Zen jiggle’. 

In Enable Jiggle the program moves the mouse with a visible pointer but zen jiggle is its exact opposite it moves the mouse pointer without being visible. It is a nice option if you need a simple but effective auto mouse mover. 


Mouse Recorder Pro

Auto Mouse Mover

Mouse Recorder Pro is one of the most popular auto mouse mover software with really great ratings. It is a both mouse and keyboard recording program.

Mouse Recorder Pro is really a straightforward and easy to use tool. It allows you to create your own or even edit the script using available functions to perform better. The script can be set to play on a specific time. 

With its recording feature you can record the movements of the mouse like clicks etc and save them. This is an amazing program to get a better idea of it check out the link below. 


Mouse Controller

Auto Mouse Mover

Mouse Controller is an open source, free and lightweight mouse mover software. It has a basic and plain user interface. 

It gives an option on interface to start and stop the recording option and to start and stop playback option which you can set the hotkeys. It has other options for which you’ve to set a time. Those options are ‘Repeat’, ‘Repeat every’ and the last. 

In Mouse Controller’s time stretch option you can stretch the time recording by 0.5, 0.9x, 1, 1.1 times. This program will fulfill all your requirements and also has some extra features. To know more about it you should visit the website or try it out yourself.


Key Control 

Key Control is a simple program which records your mouse movements, keystrokes and saves them in the disk. It is a very useful and reliable program for your keyboard and mouse. 

Key Controls user face has the following options Open, Save Settings, Recordings, Play, Stop, and Record. You can use the setting option to change the loop number, traveling speed of the mouse, and transparency percentage. There are 1 to 5 numbers and choose one of them to record mouse movement in it. 

There is a box saying record keyboard only click on it if you want to record keyboard activities only. 


Session Guard 

Session Guard is a small program that stops your screen from falling asleep. It is very straightforward to use. 

Just install and run it then just select the option on how many second intervals you want to emulate mouse movement you can set time from 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 seconds. 

It’ll stop your screen from going off or restarting and it doesn’t change any window settings. 


Auto Mouse Mover 

The name Auto Mouse Mover is justifiable. It stops your computer from logging off after some time of inactivity. You can put the time interval to move the mouse and the program will work automatically. 

It is lightweight and free to try software. It’ll minimize when not needed and work in the background. Auto Mouse Mover works perfectly without making any changes in settings. It works great with every version of Windows. 

Auto Mouse Mover will move your cursor after an interval of time to left and right according to the number of pixels. 


Auto Clicker

Auto Clicker is great software for you to stop your screen from going to hibernation mode. It is open-source and doesn’t have any ads or malware. 

Auto Clicker gives you a clean interface with low CPU usage. It records and saves your actions and settings which includes fixing the location of the mouse to be clicked or leave it at random mode. You can assign hotkeys. You can set both single and double click in this program. 

It also allows you to select the number of times you want to click the mouse and you can set it to unlimited. 



The last on the list is AutoMouser. It is an automation tool for both mouse and keyboard too. It offers users up to 100 features.

You can set the program as per your requirements. It allows you to configure the movements of the mouse and clicks of both mouse and keyboards. 

AutoMouser is free to use and has the option to set timings. It offers additional features like opacity and hiding it from the taskbar. 


Final Words

So guys that were the list of 15 Of The Best Auto Mouse Mover Softwares. All of these Auto Mouse Mover softwares are free to use. Some have limited functions but complete the job easily. 

This list is not made on the basis of which is best, but on the ground of which is most popular and recommended by the users. If we’ve missed any program which you think should’ve been in this list please let us know below. 

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