Best discord bots that can send schedule messages

Schedule messages can save us a lot of time. Be it announcements or some kind of reminders the ability to send scheduled messages is really wonderful. If you are a creator then a good discord bot to send schedule messages can make your life really easy.

Discord bots can help you to connect with your audience. As a business owner you can also send important announcements to your customers. As a creator, a discord bot can help you to build strong communication with your audience. 

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Since we are going to share the list of the best discord bots let’s first talk about what are discord bots?

What are discord bots?

Discord bots are a type of automation tool based on AI. It can help you to automate your work on the discord server. Discord bots can help you to send your important announcements and information as well as reminders to your audience. It can make it easy for you to create your community. It can help you to connect with your audience. 

Since everything is shifting online as a business owner or as a creator you need a discord to help you build your community and to make it more productive you definitely need a good discord bot for it. A good discord bot will help you get connected to your audience. Now, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Message scheduler 

discord bots that can send schedule messages

This discord bot works just like its name. The objective of this bot is to send timed or scheduled messages. Message scheduler is a feature-packed bot which can make your tasks easy. The bot is easy to use or you can say it is the easiest way to send schedule and repetitive messages and announcements to your community. 

It is a ready to use discord bot. You just have to add this bot to your discord and start using it. You can schedule your messages and perform other functions in this bot with the help of commands. 

  • s!new This command is used to create a new scheduled message. Enter the title of the message or leave it to send a message without a title. After writing the context of the message, select a channel to send the scheduled message. If you are a first time user you would need to enter your city or country name to select the local time to schedule the message. 
  • s!list This command will help you to see the list of your scheduled messages. 
  • s!edit {message ID} You can use this command to edit a certain scheduled message. 
  • s!delete {message ID} You can use this command to delete a certain scheduled message. 
  • s!help You can use this command to get help if you ever get stuck while using it. 
  • s!language use this command to change the language of the bot. 

You can schedule the message for upto 7 days with the free version but if you want to schedule the message for a longer duration go for the premium version but it will also provide you to schedule the messages for 180 days only. If you want to upgrade it to the premium version use s!upgrade command.  



discord bots that can send schedule messages

The other bot on the list is MEE6. This bot can also help you to send timed or scheduled messages. Apart from having the feature of sending scheduled messages this bot has other features too. It has other useful functions like music control and server moderation and many more. 

MEE6 doesn’t exactly have the option to schedule messages. The bot has an option titled timer. This option helps you to enable the timer to your message. You can enable the timer and include your message in it and select the channel to send your timed message. MEE6 will send your message at the time you have mentioned in the timer using the selected channel. 

To send a scheduled message using MEE6, open the dashboard and server on which you want to send the message. Select the timers option and click on add timer from the timers page. Write your message, select the time and channel and then click on create. MEE6 will automatically send your message at the selected time. 


Reminder bot 

discord bots that can send schedule messages

Reminder bot is another best discord bot on the list. It is the most simple bot that can send reminder messages to your channel. The bot doesn’t have lots of functions and editing features available but it can send a scheduled message by using simple commands.  

You can use this bot as a message scheduler even if the main objective of the bot is to send reminders. If you want to send a message “let’s get ready”, you can type the simple command like “$natural in 20 mins send Let’s get ready in #general”. When you type this command the bot will send the message ‘Let’s get ready’ using the general channel at the 20 mins mark. If you want to send a birthday wish to a certain user you can use this bot for it. Write the command “$natural 12:01 AM on the 15th of June send Happy Birthday to @user” 

You can also change the timezone and the $prefix using the command “$timezone <timezone name>” and “$prefix <prefix that you prefer>” respectively. The bot also has certain limitations like it doesn’t have the feature of repeat messages and rescheduling. The message sent by this bot will come from the bot directly instead of your account. It also doesn’t give you the ability to control who can use this bot. But besides these limitations the bot works just fine. 




If you are looking for a service where you can send messages daily, weekly or monthly instead of scheduling messages then zapier is a great option for you. Zapier is not exactly a bot but it can surely work like one. 

To use zapier, first login then go to the zapier’s discord integration page. After that, choose a trigger like every day, every week, once a day or once a month a new user or new role is added. After this select the action to send a message to a specific channel on your server. After you are done the submitted message will be sent to the channel every time the required trigger will be executed. 



I hope you have found this article helpful. A discord bot can help you to manage your communication within your community. Every discord not listed in this article is great and each one of them has their own properties and features. 

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