5 Best Discord Bots to Delete Messages Based on Parameters

In Discord, deleting a message is as simple as hovering over it, clicking the three-dot menu icon in the pop-up, and selecting “Delete Message.” Then, in the pop-up window, click the “Delete” option to permanently delete the message.

However, if you want to delete numerous messages based on certain criteria or all of them, you must do so one by one, which is inconvenient. Instead, you can utilise discord bots to swiftly and bulk erase messages.

Discord Bots: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Discord bots are artificial intelligence-powered applications that can assist you in automating chores on your Discord server. They make it much easier to create a fully involved community and may be used to regulate your server, welcome new users, or even ban people who are causing problems for everyone else.

Apart from moderation functions, Discord bots allow you and your users to contribute games, music, memes, and other amusing, engaging, and fun stuff.

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Bots are not allowed to read your Direct Messages because it is against Discord’s terms of service. As a result, they can only be used to erase messages from the channels. You must be an admin of that server or have the authority to handle the server and messages to delete messages in channels. To erase your messages, these bots need access to your message history.

So keep it in mind before proceeding. These bots are unable to erase messages older than 14 days due to Discord API constraints. As a result, all bots must follow this guideline. (However, there is a fix, which we shall discuss below.)

Here are several Discord bots for bulk message deletion:

Auto Delete:

 Discord Bots to Delete Messages Based on Parameters

This is one of the more simple Discord bots for fast and easily deleting messages. As the name suggests, you can issue a command with a time argument, and all messages will be erased automatically after that time. So, if you set your timer to 5 minutes, every message you send will be destroyed after 5 minutes, starting from the time you sent it.

Simply open the channel on your Discord server where you wish to delete messages and write @AutoDelete start 24h to start the auto-deletion procedure. You can substitute 24 hours with any other time you want to erase, such as 5 hours or 30 minutes.

However, keep in mind that the maximum time parameter is one hour. If you wish to delete in days, type @AutoDelete start 72h to delete after three days. To disable auto-delete, simply reopen that channel and issue the command @AutoDelete set 0 to halt the operation.


t Discord Bots to Delete Messages Based on Parameters

MEE6 is one of the greatest Discord bots for those time-consuming moderating jobs you don’t want to do. The bot can monitor your Discord server’s messages for breaches such as outside links, spam, spoilers, and bad language.

After a particular amount of violations within a set time period, you can mute, kick, or even permanently ban a user. This bot can also play music or assign different levels of participation to your users. It also works with Twitch and YouTube.

MEE6 offers a free plan with limited functionality. The premium edition costs $11.95 per month, $49.99 per year, or $89.90 for a lifetime licence.

Command Cleanup:

t Discord Bots to Delete Messages Based on Parameters

This bot offers a menu of options for selecting and deleting various types of communications, such as images, attachments, links, mentions, bot messages, and so on.

All you have to do is type “.cleanup” as a prefix and the parameter you want to delete messages based on. To erase messages with links, for example, write “.cleanup links” to delete all messages with links.

You may take it a step further by typing ‘.cleanup links youtube.com’ to eliminate all messages that contain YouTube links. Similarly, you may experiment with all of the other parameters, including as photographs, attachments, and text, to delete messages that contain certain words, bots, purge, mentions, and pinned messages.

You can also specify timeframes at the end of the command, such as 1 day, 4 hours, or 20h 30m 20s, to remove all messages inside that time range. Alternatively, type ‘.cleanup 15’ all to erase the last 15 messages.

Finally, type ‘.cleanup all’ to clear out all messages older than 14 days. If you try to remove the old messages a second time, it will simply tell that it is unable to do so.

Clean Chat:

t Discord Bots to Delete Messages Based on Parameters

Clean Chat is another Discord bot with a plethora of functionality. The most significant is the removal of commands that activate bots that have been added to the server chat. Server administrators employ a large number of commands to control all of the bots on a server, and the server quickly becomes clogged with command line messages.

Clean Chat allows you to erase messages from the server using command lines, making it clearer and easier to read. Simply type @cleanchat addbot @BOTNAME prefix of that bot to do so.

The command may appear to be perplexing. As an example, consider the following. On our server, we have a music bot named Rythm. It can be controlled by all users with commands such as play, pause, add to queue, and skip music. I can simply type @cleanchat addbot @Rythm to remove all of these commands! (Where “!” denotes the Rythm bot’s prefix.)

That will delete all command line messages after you have entered the command, but it will not delete existing messages.

Simply write @cleanchat deletebotmsg @BOTNAME True to remove the bot messages. If you want to use Rythm as an example, type @Cleanchat deletebotmsg @Rythm True.

Clearer Bot:

t Discord Bots to Delete Messages Based on Parameters

While regular Discord bots can only erase messages from the previous 14 days, this bot uses a strange approach to delete all messages. It removes all messages from the channel and replaces them with a new channel with the same name, users, and properties. Users who had access to the previous channel are immediately granted permissions to that channel. This makes it easier to delete all of the messages on that channel.

Simply type the command n!nuke, and it will prompt you for confirmation. Simply check the box below the confirmation. It’s important to note that this will remove all of your communications. The channel will be deleted, and a new one will be created with a nuke message that you can delete. You can also use n!clear to delete a certain amount of messages, but you’ll only be able to erase messages from the last 14 days.


While there are a variety of bots to pick from, each one operates in a somewhat different manner. Future comments can be deleted automatically with Auto Delete. Mee6, on the other hand, is a multi-functional bot that can complete tasks without the need to install a separate bot for each functionality. Depending on the nature of communication, the cleanup command will delete it. Bot messages and messages that activate bots are deleted by Clean Chat.

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