5 Best Free Alarm Clock Apps For Android In 2022

waking up early in the morning could be pretty tough and a standard in build alarm may not be enough to get you out of your bed. For this reason, a good alarm clock app can help you to wake up on time. So, here are the 5 best free alarm clock apps for android in 2022.

Best Free Alarm Clock Apps For Android


Best Free Alarm Clock Apps For Android

Alarmy is one of the great feature-packed Best Free Alarm Clock Apps For Android and it calls itself the most annoying alarm clock app. It offers everything from wakeup checks to loud alarms. The key feature of this app is the wide selection of missions you can add and pin to different alarms.

It means the app can ask you to solve a math problem, shake your phone to dismiss the alarm. This app even can prevent you from turning your phone off, while the alarm is roaring. This is a great app, especially for heavy sleepers.

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By default, Alarmy alarm will only stop ringing once you have taken a picture that matches the one which you have registered at the time of signing up. It could be anything, literally anything like a photo frame, your bathroom etc. So basically you’ll have real trouble with this app if you find it difficult to wake up early in the morning.

Alarmy offers a free version but it contains ads overall Alarmy is the most annoying alarm clock app.


Google Assistance

Google Assistant is simple and easy to use the app. You can just simply ask it to set an alarm for you. And alarm goes off as scheduled. It also supports some basic features like a timer, reminders, and you can add many other things as well in your Google assistant. You simply ask “okay Google” set an alarm for 6 am tomorrow or schedule my meeting at 9 am Tuesday. It’s a very decent option to use Google assistance.


I can’t wake up

Best Free Alarm Clock Apps For Android

I can’t wake up, as the title of this app suggest, it is for those who have difficulty in waking up in the morning. I can’t wake up app have  common features that you would expect from an alarm clock, like snoozing or repeating, setting up multiple alarms and many more. But this app would do everything to take you out of your bed.


Similarly, like the first app we talk Alarmy, this Alarm Clock App For Android also consists of waking up the task. Math (do a math equation), memory (match pairs in the quiz), Order (set the tiles in proper order), Shake (shake your phone to stop ringing).

The key feature of this app is Alarm quitting prevention, app will give you a set of options designed to stop your morning self from snoozing the alarm. Another key feature of this application is smooth wake up; the app automatically dimmed the screen and gradually increased volume. Of course, these features and gestures are fully customizable.  


Loud Alarm Clock

Best Free Alarm Clock Apps For Android

If you struggle with waking up in time and sleeping through your alarm, the loud alarm clock is one of the loudest alarm clock apps in android. It uses an audio booster to increase the volume and make your alarm tone as loud as possible. This app would give you the loudest ringtone sound that you could ever imagine.

The loud Alarm clock has all the basic pieces of stuff that a normal alarm clock application has. There are multiple themes for the basic interface of the application. And you can always customize the level of volume. Heavy sleep can use a maximum of up to 10 snoozes.


Sleep Well: Sleep as Android

Sleep Well: Sleep as Android

Sleep Well: sleep as android is an alarm clock app for android mainly focuses on how much time you spend in the bed and how much time you spend in bed to get you out of it. While this app has many features for alarm like adjustable snooze time, gradual volumes increase etc.

It also consists of features like solving CAPTCHAs to turn off the alarm. The key highlight of this app is, it measures how long you’ve slept, and record your sleep cycle and sleep patterns. Surly this feature is very unique and absent in the apps mentioned above.

Sleep as android takes no cost to download, but if you like to get rid of ads, get more alarm and lullaby sound and more in-depth sleep tracking charts, then you’ll probably need the premium version of this application.


So, these are probably some of the best free alarm clock apps in 2022. I hope that this article would have helped you!

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