7 Best Free Bandwidth monitoring tools for Windows PC (2022)

In this article we have talked about 7 Best Free Bandwidth monitoring tools that you can use every day. It can get really annoying while you’re downloading a very important file over your home internet and your bandwidth quota is overall of a sudden! This is often especially taxing if you’re a student or someone who has just started working and is on a strict budget. Internet Service Providers (ISP) offer a set quota for uploading and downloading for every month exceeding which may cost you premium charges.

If you are doing not prefer paying any additional fees, you have got figure with slow speeds which may really test your patience. So as to avoid low bandwidth speed like the dial-up ones, monitoring your internet speed may be a great idea.

Keeping a watch on the network bandwidth helps you to show any congestion, comprehending verity connection speed compared to the premium version while splitting up genuine bandwidth consumption from network usage of suspicious nature.

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Today we’ve the highest free bandwidth monitoring tools that may facilitate your monitor internet consumption. These are accompanied with some basic features that allow you to look at the proportion of network data moving through the wired connection. This helps you ascertain the origin of the web consumption within the confines of your network.

Free Bandwidth monitoring tools for Windows PC

BitMeter OS

 Free Bandwidth monitoring tools for Windows PC

A free and open source Free Bandwidth monitoring tool, BitMeter OS is meant to observe the bandwidth speed of Mac OSX, Windows and Linux. Using this tool you’ll  keep a watch on your internet usage and even get a  visible representation of the identical through a program line tool or a by an internet browser. You’ll view your internet connection usage via the various graphs and charts displayed on the net interface.

The graphs get updated every second on the monitor and allow you to know where is your network getting used. There’s also a question window that has you with in-depth information about network usage for any specified date. You’ll be able to also get a spreadsheet of the results if you wish.

FreeMeter Bandwidth Monitor

 Free Bandwidth monitoring tools for Windows PC

FreeMeter Bandwidth Monitor could be a upfront, lightweight and user-friendly tool that helps monitor and analysis your network speed. What’s good about this software is that it’s portable and it allows you to determine the real-time visual representation of any data (uploaded or downloaded). You’ll see the graphical display of all the network usage data on its main panel that’s being transported up and down on your network cable.

Being portable you’ll be able to run it from anywhere on the disc drive or store it on a USB flash drive and execute it on your computer. We also just like the indisputable fact that it doesn’t leave behind any traces of things within the items drive or within the Windows Registry after the program is removed. FreeMeter Bandwidth Monitor comes with atiny low sized interface that may be moved to any are of the display.

Obkio Network Performance Monitoring

Obkio is that the easiest network performance monitoring software to deploy and help users monitor end-to-end network performance, measure bandwidth usage and every one other important network metrics which will impact the end-user experience.

Obkio continuously measures network performance using synthetic traffic to supply you with an in depth overview of your network’s performance and health. Synthetic traffic creates a insignificant load on your network and needs no packet capture.

You can monitor network devices like firewalls, routers, and switches to rapidly detect bandwidth overloads and high bandwidth practice.

Obkio will automatically provide you with a warning of any existing and past issues and supply you with all the data you wish you wish to seek out and fix network problems before they affect end-users.

PRTG Network Monitor

 Free Bandwidth monitoring tools for Windows PC

PRTG is a wonderful tool for analyzing your network bandwidth. It analyses and lists a sequence of bandwidth parameters that deliver you a transparent image on your network’s performance.

You’ll be able to rapidly detect bandwidth overloads and take the need measures so as to bring your network to a standard functioning state.

Supported features include SNMP, WMI, Packet Sniffing, and NetFlow. PRTG is good for both personal and professional usage.

Private users can run speed tests to determine if their Internet connection is running at top-notch performance or not, check DSL bandwidth, and more.

Professional users can use this tool to abolish bandwidth hogs that ease employee productivity resulting in potential drops in sales or other KPI issues.


 Free Bandwidth monitoring tools for Windows PC

GlassWire’s network monitor lets you to consult your network activity by your geo-location, application, and traffic, using easy-to-read graphs.

You will be ready to see your computer’s traffic back to 30 days. You’ll see reason for an off-the-cuff spike in your network activity and check out to avoid them within the future.

GlassWire warns you about hosts that are known threats, unexpected network system file changes, spikes, ARP spoofs, DNS changes so you’ll take direct action.

If you’re not ahead of your computer, GlassWire allows you to remotely monitor and block suspect activity on the computers or servers that you simply have to make sure of.


 Free Bandwidth monitoring tools for Windows PC

NetWorx could be a small and free tool designed to live your Internet speed additionally as your bandwidth consumption.

This tool allows you to trace specific connections, like your wireless or mobile connection, or all connections simultaneously.

NetWorx allows you to line data quotas and acquire warnings once you’ve exceeded certain limits. There’s also a net usage graph available, so you’ll be able to easily monitor what quantity bandwidth are you using currently.

NetWorx could be a useful gizmo for bandwidth monitoring, and its only flaw is that the lack of detailed report that shows you bandwidth consumption by individual application.

Manage Engine NetFlow Analyzer

 Free Bandwidth monitoring tools for Windows PC

NetFlow Analyzer brandishes itself as a whole traffic analytics tool that uses advanced technology to supply you with real-time monitoring capabilities over the utilization of your network.

Gain better control over your bandwidth use and traffic patterns, furthermore as detailed information about each user using it, allowing better higher cognitive process when it involves limiting or providing access.

For example, you’ll be able to monitor voice, video, and data effectively because of key-performance metrics that help boost connectivity with minimal traffic use.

So these were our list of Best Free Bandwidth monitoring tools that you can use any day and control your network traffic. Hope you like these Free Bandwidth monitoring tools that we have added to our list and in our use manage Engine NetFlow Analyzer comes on top but you should use all of them and tell us in the comments which of these Best Free Bandwidth monitoring tools you loved them the most.

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