10 Best Wi-Fi Speed Test Apps for iPhone in 2022

Wi-fi speed test apps are here to save the day, whether you want to keep track of your internet usage or monitor the connection for ping time. However, not all speed testing websites and apps are created equal.

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Before doing a speed test, you must consider a number of factors, including the distance to the route being tested, available server bandwidth, and the method used to determine the speed. This is why doing multiple speed tests to obtain a better picture of your internet speed is recommended. Let’s take a look at some of the best.

Best Wi-Fi Speed Test Apps for iPhone in 2022

SpeedTest Master

Wi-Fi Speed Test Apps for iPhone

SpeedTest Master is an iOS speed test app with a lot of features. It has a variety of features beyond conventional speed testing, such as the ability to evaluate ping response times for PlayStation Network, Steam, YouTube, TikTok, and other social media networks.

It can also assess Wi-Fi signal strength and tell you where you should stand for optimal connectivity. Another unique feature is the ability to examine different Wi-Fi signals and determine which ones provide the greatest connection. If you’re in a crowded place with multiple signals, this software will tell you which one is the best to ping from, presuming the Wi-Fi connection is public.

The only disadvantage of SpeedTest Master is that it isn’t free. While you can use it for a limited number of times with advertisements, it will cost $1.99/month, $7.99/year, or $14.99/lifetime to enable unlimited testing.

Apart from the price, SpeedTest Master is a powerful tool that everyone who is fascinated with connectivity should have.



Wi-Fi Speed Test Apps for iPhone

When you don’t get the promised internet speed, you can use SpeedSmart Speed Test to test it for you. Due to its expertise and large user base, SpeedSmart needs no introduction. The tool assists you in obtaining the best possible result depending on a variety of parameters.

SpeedSmart can tell you how fast you’re downloading, uploading, and how long it takes for your network to ping. You can also compare the current and prior speeds by looking at the whole history of the test. You’ll be able to tell if it’s time to switch carriers this way. 


SpeedTest by Ookla

Wi-Fi Speed Test Apps for iPhone

One of the most popular Wi-Fi Speed Test Apps for iPhone is Ookla’s Speedtest. It has not only been there for a long time, but it also provides reliable tests for free. It provides only the most basic information, yet it does the job. Because the software is free, it contains advertisements. On both iOS and Android, there is an option to remove advertisements for an additional .99 cents. This option is not available in the Windows or Mac versions.

The application also keeps track of your previous results, displays the status of your cellular network on a map, and has a built-in VPN. The strength and usefulness of Ookla’s VPN have not been independently tested by Tom’s Guide.



Wi-Fi Speed Test Apps for iPhone

When you have a shaky internet connection or a slow internet connection, Internet Speed Test by Speed Checker can help you test your data transmission. The tool is one of the most accurate internet speed metres available, providing accurate download, upload, and ping times.

You can save your results for future comparisons using this tool. It makes the list of the top internet speed test applications for Android and iPhone users because to its user-friendly layout and quick reaction time.


Fast by Netflix

We enjoy Netflix’s Fast because it’s simple to use. The app begins measuring your download speed as soon as you switch it on. There isn’t even a button that says “go.”

It’s also a small and simple app, so you can keep it on your phone without taking up too much space. We’re wondering if it’s merely a container for the fast.com website because it’s so basic.

Fortunately, you may display additional precise statistics, such as unloaded and loaded latency, upload speed, and your public IP address. Users can also save their results in order to keep track of them.



On your iOS device, nPerf is one of the best and most advanced internet speed test apps available. What’s more, guess what? In just a few taps, nPerf can display you entire QoS test results.

nPerf can measure your bitrate, latency, browsing speed, and video streaming performance, among other things. Furthermore, nPerf allows users to compare their internet speed to that of others on the same network.


Speed Test: Network Ping Check

You may not only check the internet speed of your WiFi and cellular networks with Speed Test: Network Ping Check, but you can also track and compare previous speed test results.

Speed Test: Network Ping Check is a simple and uncomplicated user interface, and it offers you easy-to-read internet speed reports.


Opensignal Internet Speed Test

For iPhone users, Opensignal, an independent mobile analytics company, includes an internet speed test app.

You can check your internet speed, including download and upload speeds, as well as latency, with Opensignal Internet Speed Test. In addition to the speed test, Opensignal Internet Speed Test can help you identify the finest network provider in your area.


Speedcheck Internet Speed Test

Another wonderful approach to test your Android and iPhone’s internet speed is to use Speedcheck Internet Speed Test. The tool gives you a precise result that tells you whether you have enough speed to stream videos and play online games.

You can check your download and upload speeds as well as ping latency with Speedcheck Internet Speed Test. In addition, the tool is intelligent enough to give you with Wi-Fi and LTE speed test results. If you’re not getting the claimed speed or are having difficulties maintaining a continuous decent connection, you can set up an automatic check to monitor and check your internet connection and speed.



Meteor is another excellent tool for checking your internet connection and speed. The tool is specifically designed to determine whether or not you are receiving the promised download and upload speeds.

One of the best things about Meteor is that it never gives you the top (highest) speed, instead opting for the average speed, which you usually get. Meteor uses Facebook and Twitter speed tests to assess the performance of your Wi-Fi and mobile internet. It may also assist you in determining the video streaming speed test.


Overall, Wi-Fi Speed Test Apps for your smartphone not only show bandwidth but also assist you in determining the strength of your internet connection in a certain place. To have a better understanding of a place, you can check the internet speed and signal quality of the area you’re visiting.

This manner, you can figure out whether you’ll be able to stream an online web series from Netflix or if you’ll have to rely on your downloaded collection when travelling. It’s time to define your zone and verify signal strength now that you have a list of the top internet speed test apps for Android and iPhone.

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